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Disability Aids Tables. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Huge Selection on Second Hand Books. Low Prices & Free Delivery. Start Shopping! World of Books is one of the largest online sellers of second-hand books in the worl Hearing Loss Affecting Your Functional Capacity. If you don't qualify under one of the above official SSA impairment listings for hearing loss, as the next part of the disability determination process, the SSA is required to consider the effect of your hearing loss (and any other symptoms) on your capacity to do daily activities and work, and will then determine whether there is any kind of.

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Hearing Disability Percentage Calculation The hearing loss percentage is calculated by taking the average of the pure tone thresholds at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz and 4000 Hz. Whenever there is no response at any of the four frequencies (500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz) then it is considered as equivalent to 95 dB loss for the calculations CERTIFICATE OF HEARING DISABILITY Govt. of A.P., G.O.Ms.No. 31, Women's Development, Child Welfare & Disabled Welfare (DW) Department, Dt: 01.12.2000. should be considered as total loss of hearing. III) Wherever there is no response (NR) at any of the 4 frequencies (500, 1000, 2000 and 4000HZ), it should be considered as equivalent to 100. In order to qualify for social security benefits your hearing loss must reach one of the following thresholds: Average hearing threshold must be below 90 dB when measured by air conduction. Average hearing threshold must be below 60 dB when measured by bone conduction. Failure to repeat at least 40% of words in a word recognition test

Moderate Hearing Loss 46 to 55 Moderately-severe Hearing Loss 56 to 70 Severe Hearing Loss 71 to 90 Profound Hearing Loss 91 and more The level of normal conversational speech is approximately 65dBSPL. Thus, for a person with hearing impairment of 60dBHL or more, verbal communication would be difficult. This level of hearing impairment has been. To decide if your vision or hearing impairment rises to the level of a disability that prevents you from working, Social Security will give you a residual functional capacity (RFC) rating. If your best-corrected vision is 20/50 or worse in your better eye, or your pure tone average is worse than 40 db in your better ear, you should get an RFC. Assuming this is your only service-connected disability rating, your service-connected disability rating would be 10%. This is determined by looking at your efficiency, which is 90% (efficiency rating of 100, times 10% disability rating = 10%. You subtract 10% from 100% and end up with 90%)

Most states use or permit the 1979 AMA method, a few use the 1959 method, and some have their own idiosyncratic formulas. Here is an example of HH calculated by the 1979 AMA method: Right (better ear) impairment = 1.5 (30-25) = 7.5% Left (worse ear) impairment = 1.5 (40-25) = 22.5 A.N.S.I. 1969 Monaural Hearing Loss Formula:([([500 Hz + 1000 Hz + 2000 Hz + 3000 Hz] ÷ Hours since last exposure to noise(must be more than 14) 4) - 25] x 1.5) = % of loss Hearing loss on discharge, the following dialog box will appear. If you click on No, the Veteran did not have hearing loss upon entry into service, you will return to the main calculator screen. If you indicate Yes , the Veteran did have hearing loss upon entrance into service, the following pop-up box will appear 38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities. Supplements. Appendices. 4.1 - 4.31 - Subpart A - General Policy in Rating. Subpart B - Subpart B - Disability Rating. 4.40 - 4.73 - The Musculoskeletal System. 4.75 - 4.84a-5 - The Organs of Special Sense. 4.85 - 4.87a - Impairment of Auditory Acuity VA Auditory Injury Disability Ratings. The VA takes auditory test results and uses a numerical formula to determine the actual disability rating to assign. This rating is the degree of disability caused by the hearing loss or tinnitus. Ratings range from zero to 100 percent, and determine eligibility for cash benefits and treatment

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Hearing handicap means the disadvantage imposed by a hearing impairment on a person's communicative performance in the activities of daily living, and hearing disability means the determination of a financial award for the loss of function caused by any hearing impairment that results in significant hearing handicap Therefore, veterans can receive up to a 100 percent disability rating for hearing loss; however, this is rather uncommon. Most often, veterans receive a 10 percent rating for hearing loss. Again, disability ratings are based off of specific hearing tests thereby invoking a very literal application of the rating schedule

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Objective: To test the assumptions of the 1979 American Medical Association (AMA) method for estimation of hearing disability. Design: One thousand and one patients attending five regional audiology centers competed conventional audiometric testing and the Communication Profile for the Hearing Impaired. A Communication Performance (CP) score calculated from scales of the Communication Profile. Hearing protection is required whenever workers are in the production area, and the earplugs provided to the employees have an NRR of 27. Applying the dBA de-rating, 27-7÷2=10, the worker's actual exposure would be 88-10=78 dBA at the employee's ear formula: BHI = [4 x (better ear hearing loss)] + worse ear hearing loss ÷ 5. 9.10 Presbyacusis correction ( NAL publication, p 24) only applies to occupational hearing loss contracted by a gradual process (eg occupational noise-induced hearing loss and/or occupational solvent-induced hearing loss) (2) If the average hearing loss in the 4 frequencies determined under subsection (b) of this section is 91.7 decibels or more, the covered employee has a 100% compensable hearing loss. (3) For every decibel that the average hearing loss exceeds 25 decibels, the covered employee shall be allowed 1.5% of the compensable hearing loss, up to a.

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Hearing Loss in Percentages and Decibels. For years, I've been mystified when hearing people refer to their hearing loss in percentages. I have lost 37% hearing in my left ear.. Since I was thirteen and had my first audiogramme, that is how I've been thinking of hearing loss. In decibels, presented as a graph of how loud a sound needs. Quantification of hearing disability for medicolegal purposes based on self-rating. Br J Audiol 1992;26:297-306. 28. Schow RL, Gatehouse S. Fundamental issues in self-assessment of hearing. Ear Hear 1990;11(5 Suppl):6S-16S. 29. Stewart M, Pankiw R, Lehman ME, Simpson TH. Hearing loss and hearing handicap in users of recreational firearms

To calculate age from the patient's birth date to the audiogram's test date, use the Find Years From Dates screen button. If the Projected Audiogram's age is left blank only the hearing impairment for the Initial Audiogram is calculated. Use ISO 1999 Compression Factor. Reduce Offset By 50% Hearing loss is a partial or total inability to hear. Hearing loss may be present at birth or acquired at any time afterwards. Hearing loss may occur in one or both ears. In children, hearing problems can affect the ability to acquire spoken language, and in adults it can create difficulties with social interaction and at work. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent Total loss of hearing of both SAWW x 77 ARMS Section 36, paragraph (e) For amputation or permanent of loss use - major arm SAWW x 43 For amputation or permanent loss of use - minor arm SAWW x 39 For amputation or permanent loss of use - both arms SAWW x 96 Elbow joint - 65% or arm Shoulder - 60% of arm formula for calculating the level of a claimant's hearing loss during a single audiogram, firefighter's total average hearing loss by counting the number of years between each The Commission erred in awarding permanent partial disability benefits to the firefighter. Whereas compensation for occupational deafness may be awarde

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Disability Compensation — 2009 Rates 10 percent . . . $123 60 percent . . . $974 loses one or more of the senses of sight, hearing or speech; or experiences loss of a reproductive organ or its use, or loss of breast tissue by a female veteran. a formula described in federal regulations calculates the overall rating. A veteran may be. Decibels, or dB, describe loudness. The term dB HL describes your hearing loss in decibels. The table below shows a common way to classify hearing loss. Degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss range (dB HL) Normal. -10 to 15. Slight. 16 to 25 Hearing loss, however, is a very objective VA claim, and an audiologist will measure your hearing loss at various decibels and frequencies to determine your VA rating for hearing loss. Tinnitus is the #1 easiest VA disability claim to win by the way

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Hearing impairment with attacks of vertigo and cerebellar gait happening one to four times per month with or without tinnitus is VA-rated at 60%. Hearing impairment issues that include vertigo less than once per month, with or without tinnitus is rated at 30%. Condition: Loss of auricle (ear Understanding your hearing disability rights is the first step in effectively advocating on your own behalf and enjoying a long, productive career in spite of any hearing loss. Where to find information on your hearing disability rights . The most comprehensive disability legislation in the U.S. is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Loss of Hearing. The Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act allows for claims related to occupational deafness. Occupational deafness is defined as: permanent partial or permanent total loss of hearing of one or both ears due to prolonged exposure to noise in employment Wis. Stat. § 102.555(1) III. Hip Ankylosis, optimum position, generally 15° to 30° flexion 50% Mal position Grade upward To compute disabilities for loss of motion relate % of motion lost to average range Shortening of leg (no posterior or lateral angulation) No disability for shortening less than 3/4 inch 3/4 inch 5% 1 inch 7% 1 -1/2 inches 14% 2 inches 22% Greater than 2 inches of shortening results in greater. Most people that are having hearing loss normally don't need to think about Sonavel Supplement Trial the harm that low or higher frequency hearing aids may cause. Unfortunately, a lot of men and women have a tendency to suppose that any sort of hearing loss must lead to permanent disability, once the reverse is really correct A worker who has permanent hearing loss shall receive permanent partial disability compensation based on a benefits schedule. The benefit is calculated at 70 percent of the employee's average weekly wage, capped at a maximum of $323, multiplied by 110 weeks for hearing loss in one ear, or by 330 weeks for loss of hearing in both ears

PPD rating by doctor: 2% loss of use to left wrist: 2% X 400 weeks (per schedule) = 8 weeks. Multiply 8 weeks by PPD rate. 8 weeks X $362.00 = $2,896.00. PPD rating by the doctor: 5% to the body as a whole. 5% multiplied by 1000 weeks (for nonscheduled injury) = 50 weeks. Multiply 50 weeks by PPD rate. 50 multiplied by $362.00=$18,100.00* Hearing Impairment Calculator - AAOO 1959 : 500 Hz: 1000 Hz: 2000 Hz: All frequencies must be filled in with values in dB. If hearing threshold is greater than 100 dB enter 100 dB. If hearing threshold is less than zero dB enter 0 dB. Patient's age must be greater than 18 yrs to calculate presbycusis Hearing Loss: Determining Eligibility for Social Security Benefits reviews current knowledge about hearing loss and its measurement and treatment, and provides an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the current processes and criteria. It recommends changes to strengthen the disability determination process and ensure its reliability.

The Ear is a unique sensory organ. While the main function of the Ear is to control hearing, it also controls the body's balance. Because of this, the VA focuses the disability rating system for conditions of the Ears primarily on hearing loss, with additional rating options to cover conditions affecting balance, infections, etc The trial court initially assigned a 10% permanent partial disability rating on Lambdin - not taking into consideration the alternate hearing loss formula. Lambdin appealed, and the trial court reconsidered. It increased the permanent partial vocational disability to 30% based on the results of the alternate test Permanent partial disability attributable to an eye injury is assessed using a number of factors including the effect of the injury on acuteness of vision, field of vision, and muscle function. Loss of Hearing. Loss of hearing attributable to an acute accident is governed by R.S.Mo. § 287.190.1 The VA takes the auditory test results and, using a numerical formula, determines the actual rating to assign. This formula is laid out in Section 4.85 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Typical ratings for hearing loss are 0% or 10%, but severe or profound hearing loss can qualify for a higher rating

Permanent Impairment Rating for Hearing Loss - Schedule B Page 4 Left Ear: Hearing loss at 500 cps 50 Hearing loss at 1,000 cps 60 Hearing loss at 2,000 cps 70 Hearing loss at 3,000 cps 75 TOTAL 255 Average = 255 divided by 4 = 63.7 dBs For age over 60 deduct 6 x .5 = 3 dBs Compensable hearing loss = 60.7 Percentage of disability (60 dBs) = 2.3 AMA Hearing Loss/Tinnitus Guidelines. Colucci, Dennis A. AuD, MA. Author Information. Dr. Colucci is a clinical and forensic audiologist in private practice in Laguna Hills, CA. The Hearing Journal: February 2016 - Volume 69 - Issue 2 - p 40. doi: 10.1097/01.HJ.0000480890.25214.bb. Free. Figure. The Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent. Basic definition. If an employee's hearing test (audiogram) reveals that the employee has experienced a work-related Standard Threshold Shift (STS) in hearing in one or both ears, and the employee's total hearing level is 25 decibels (dB) or more above audiometric zero (averaged at 2000, 3000, and 4000 Hz) in the same ear(s) as the STS, then the case must be categorized as OSHA recordable (r) For the complete permanent loss of hearing in both ears, sixty-six and two-thirds percent (662/3%) of the average weekly wages during one hundred fifty (150) weeks; (s) For the loss of an eye and a leg, sixty-six and two-thirds percent (662/3%) of the average weekly wages during three hundred fifty (350) weeks In the evaluation of occupational hearing loss, only the hearing levels at the frequencies of 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 cycles per second shall be considered. Hearing losses for frequencies below 500 and above 3,000 cycles per second are not to be considered as constituting compensable hearing disability

Under the old program the system would prompt the decision maker to check for this to make sure that the highest evaluation was being awarded since in certain situations the calculation under the special rule for an exceptional pattern of hearing loss can produce a higher evaluation than the normal way of calculating a hearing loss evaluation Currently, it's estimated that around 45 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, although many of them do not report hearing loss. About 25% of those with the condition describe their tinnitus as loud, and around 20% claim that it is disabling. Tinnitus affects more males than females and is more common in older populations Age-related hearing loss - Hearing loss often occurs around age 60 and progresses over time. Such hearing loss may cause tinnitus. Exposure to loud noise - Loud noises (e.g., heavy equipment, firearms, etc.) can contribute to tinnitus and hearing loss. Both short-term and long-term exposure to loud sound can cause permanent damage

The disability-adjusted life year (DALY) is a measure of overall disease burden, expressed as the number of years lost due to ill-health, disability or early death.It was developed in the 1990s as a way of comparing the overall health and life expectancy of different countries. The DALY is becoming increasingly common in the field of public health and health impact assessment (HIA) 2021 VA Disability Calculator. Use our VA disability calculator to determine your combined disability rating and annual or monthly compensation. The amount of compensation veterans are entitled to depends on the combined rating and the combined rating may be different from the sum of the individual ratings. A rating for multiple.

Requirement that disability be rated based on loss due to industrial injury means that specified method for measuring hearing loss cannot include pre-existing loss. Nomeland v. City of Portland, 106 Or App 77, 806 P2d 175 (1991); Papen v The average workers comp settlement is $21,800. One national study by Martindale-Nolo indicates that almost three-fourths of workers receive some payout on their claims. Most workers received between $2,000 and $20,000. You need to go into this realizing that workers compensation isn't like winning the lottery

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Loss of uncorrected vision means the percentage of vision actually lost as the result of the injury or occupational disease. For the permanent and total loss of hearing of one ear, twenty-five weeks; but in no case shall an award of compensation be made for less than permanent and total loss of hearing of one ear This kind of hearing loss sneaks up on you, or it may be sudden such as in the case of being close to an explosion. Do you have questions on OWCP schedule awards for hearing loss? Please call our federal workers' compensation attorneys today on 1-855-233-3002 to learn more about what we can do for you 3 Considerations of NC Workers' Comp Benefits for Hearing Loss: If the worker had a partial hearing loss before taking the job, the employer is only liable for the difference between the hearing loss as of the date of disability and the percent of hearing loss existing before the claimant first started working for the employer Roughly 20% of adults in the US, or about 48 million people, report some degree of hearing loss. By age 65, 1 out of 3 people have hearing loss. (2) Many of these suffer tinnitus. According to the American Tinnitus Association, tinnitus is the leading service-related disability among US veterans, with 9.7% of vets receiving service-related.

There are 12 million people with hearing loss across the UK and this is expected to increase to 14.2 million by 2035. Hearing impairment can have a major impact on daily functioning and quality of life. It can affect communication, social interactions and work leading to loneliness, emotional distress and depression. The toolkit supports GPs and trainees implement the latest NICE Guidelines. The hearing and vision calculators will compute impairment only. If the worker's return-to-work status does not satisfy the criteria in ORS 656.726(4)(f)(E), permanent disability must include a value for work disability. See OAR 436-035. Use the whole-person calculator to compute awards that include work disability OWCP Hearing Loss Requirements. In order to file a successful hearing loss claim, you must first let your supervisor know about your condition. This will lead to the preparation of forms CA-1, CA-2 and CA-7, depending on the nature of your hearing loss. You as the employee will be required to provide vital information such as your employment. The judge said the Green Book which was introduced by legislation earlier this year was a method of calculating impairment in terms of percentage disability. Hearing loss was calculated by way of.

Hearing loss coverage under the New York State Workers' Compensation system may include medical care and cash benefits as well as a Schedule Loss of Use award for permanent hearing loss. Cash benefits will vary depending on the extent and duration of disability, to a maximum of 2/3 of the workers' average weekly wage for life General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders, the VA rating schedule provides for six different levels of disability assessment: 0 percent, 10 percent, 30 percent, 50 percent, 70 percent, and 100 percent. To be rated 100 percent on a schedular basis under this formula, a veteran must meet the pertinent criteria from among the following For example, adding a cognitive disability or a psychologi-cal condition such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depres-sion, anxiety, or suicidal ideation to hearing loss would increase the whole person impairment (WPI). A patient with hearing loss and tinnitus has ratings for each, with the possi Tuition Waiver. Students who meet certain criteria can apply to have their tuition waived at state-supported, post-secondary schools in Texas. It is called the Certification of Deafness Tuition Waiver (CODTW) program. an unaided average hearing loss in the better ear of 55 decibels (dB) or greater, using 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz, as verified.

Statutorily, however, disability means impairment in the case of retiree occupational disease cases and hearing loss cases. Impartial Specialist . A physician, usually a medical doctor of outstanding capability and often certified in a specialty by a national board, selected to perform a medical evaluation or provide treatment of an injured. BFinNH wrote: I have significant hearing loss. Using the VA rating formula for hearing loss, I figured it to be 20%. I filed for an increase, and had a C&P, resulting in a near miraculous improvement from 78% speech recognition to, now, 98% speech recognition 2 - Hearing Loss with Meniere's is usually experienced as fluctuating sensorineural hearing loss. It typically shows up first in the lower frequencies, with an audiogram often showing mild or moderate low-frequency hearing loss. In most cases the loss will eventually affect all frequencies Partial disability may be received up to 300 weeks. Permanent Impairment Benefits. When a job-related injury or illness results in a permanent partial disability, benefits are based upon a percentage of certain scheduled or nonscheduled losses. A scheduled loss is one involving arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, eyes, and. We prepare a clinical report with all the information collected during the consultation! We evaluate your hearing, identifying whether you have an associated proble

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for further injury hearing loss claims, using the formula for the current hearing loss and for the prior hearing loss. Note: The converted whole person impairment amount must be rounded up to the next whole number for the further injury hearing loss and prior injury hearing loss impairments greater than or equal to 10% NAL The Blue Book contains all of the conditions that could qualify an individual for Disability benefits, along with the criteria that must be met in order to qualify for each Blue Book listing. Hearing loss is considered disabled when you qualify these rules Loss of hearing in both ears-175 weeks Permanent disfigurement of the face or head-150 weeks For example, if your disability rating is 50 and you lost your arm, then you'd receive benefits for 125 weeks

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  1. 50. Complete loss of one. 30. Deformity of one, with loss of one-third or more of the substance. 10. 6208 Malignant neoplasm of the ear (other than skin only) 100. Note: A rating of 100 percent shall continue beyond the cessation of any surgical, radiation treatment, antineoplastic chemotherapy or other therapeutic procedure
  2. If you suffer from hearing loss as a result of your military service, you may qualify for veterans disability benefits. In 2019, the VA approved 88,055 new disability compensation claims from veterans with hearing loss.More importantly, hearing loss is #2 on the list of service-connected disabilities that vets get payments for today
  3. eVect on disability and handicap associated with hearing loss. This eVect lasted for several months. Only the eVect on disability persisted after 1-year of follow-up. Self-reported beneWt from hearing aids was comparable for both Wtting procedures. Unaided hearing disability was more pronounced in groups of participants with greater hearing
  4. Hearing loss benefits are considered a specific loss under the Workers' Compensation Act. If an employee has been exposed to hazardous occupational noise, which has caused at least 10 percent binaural (both ears) hearing loss, the employer is responsible to pay benefits under the Act. While a single episode of hazardous noise, a blow horn or.
  5. (13) Loss of hearing--(A) complete loss of hearing of one ear, 52 weeks' compensation; or (B) complete loss of hearing of both ears, 200 weeks' compensation. (14) Compensation for loss of binocular vision or for loss of 80 percent or more of the vision of an eye is the same as for loss of the eye
  6. Component 1: Mobility. Sub-component 1: Loss of range of motion (ROM) Three joints - hips, knee, and ankle are evaluated. Each is weighted equally (30%, adding to a total 90%). We can assume the hips and knee are unaffected in this case. The disability of the ankle is quantified as -. Sub-sub-component
  7. The most common conditions are tinnitus, hearing loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, diabetes and joint problems. The VA uses a formula that combines a veteran's conditions into a rating of 0%.

  1. OWCP uses a formula for figuring your Schedule Award, relying on a table that gives specific award amounts and numbers of compensated weeks for different body parts. If you injured your leg, for example, the OWCP will look up the award amount for a leg and multiply it by the specified number of compensated weeks
  2. There is no evidence-based formula to convert the logarithmic dB scale to a percentage of hearing loss with any meaning. There IS a formula to calculate percent disability for disability pension eligibility
  3. istration will send you written notification telling you the amount of the disability benefit you will receive and the date the Social Security Disability benefits will begin
  4. A 10% loss of hearing in both ears would be 20 weeks. The weekly compensation would be two-thirds or three-fourths of the relevant pay rate. Sometimes, if there is a big difference in the loss of hearing between the two ears, the loss will be computed separately for each ear if the length of overall award would be longer
  5. ing disability of whole body due to hearing loss, and other standards.

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Their measure of disability was based on the United Kingdom's % disability method, which expresses the magnitude and duration of hearing loss disability in units of %-disability life-years, where one %-disability life-year is equal to the loss of one percent of overall hearing ability for one year (Ex. 2-5) disability payment If you get a lump-sum workers' compensation or other disability payment in addition to, or instead of a monthly benefit, the amount of the Social Security benefits you and your family receive may be affected. Let us know right away if you receive a lump-sum disability payment

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a) Percentage of Permanent Partial Disability or Increase of Permanent Partial Disability (%PPD) A %PPD examination is an examination of an injured worker for the purpose of determining an initial percentage of whole person impairment as a result of the recognized allowed condition(s) in In this case, the right ear does qualify for a higher numeric designation of IX since you would have hearing loss of 30 dB or less at 1000 Hertz and 70 dB or more at 2000 Hertz. Using Table VI , the left ear would be designated as VIII based on a puretone threshold average of 66 and a speech discrimination score of 48 Hearing Loss Workers' Compensation - Hearing Loss Lawyer Free Consultation. The New York workers' compensation system uses a Schedule Loss of Use Award that can become quite complex. Those who have job-related hearing loss may be awarded monetary benefits based on the percentage of hearing loss in each ear, as well as the duration. Facts about deafness. In this site, deafness means complete loss of the ability to hear from one or both ears; this is profound hearing impairment, 81 dB or greater hearing threshold, averaged at frequencies 0.5, 1, 2, 4 kHz. Hearing impairment means complete or partial loss of the ability to hear from one or both ears; this is mild or worse hearing impairment, 26 dB or greater hearing.

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The FERS basic annuity formula (1 percent of your high-3 average salary multiplied by your total years and months of based on a disability resulting from the loss of a function or member of the body, such as a hearing loss or the loss of an arm. You do not need to notify OPM of the receipt of a scheduled award. However The whole body disability attributable to this injury is 25 percent multiplied by 71 percent, which equals 17.75 percent. After 1984, a second back injury is rated at 24.5 percent under parts 5223.0300 to 5223.0650 (24.5 percent minus 17.75 percent equals 6.75 percent). Six and three-fourths (6.75) percent is the amount assigned to the impaired. Hearing Loss Workers Comp. Workers' compensation statutes are different in each state. Some states recognize hearing loss as a compensable work injury covered by workers' compensation. For instance, Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Act states that a hearing loss of 10 percent or more in both ears is covered by workers' compensation. If you. Schedule awards are given only to employees with accepted federal workers compensation claims. They are dispersed for regional permanent partial impairment to a body part that is listed on the schedule The VA rates this mental illness based on how much it impairs the veteran's occupational and social ability. So, the greater the occupational and social impairment, the higher the rating. The rating formula for mental disorders goes from a 0 percent to 100 percent disability rating

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