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Latest posts: Blog on Olde Good Things How to Remove Paint from Antique Hardware. July 9, 2021 / 2 Comments. Many have purchased old-period homes with glorious plans to restore them to their initial beauty Antique Furniture Values and How to Sell a Piece. While restoring your antique furniture might be purely a labor of love, when done correctly it can also increase the value of your piece, which might be beneficial in the future. Of course, restored antique furniture rarely if ever will surpass the value of original pieces in exceptional condition The rise and fall of Hong Kong's Hollywood road - Part 1 of 3: The Rise. Posted on January 25, 2017. January 26, 2017. Hong Kong's famous antique street Hollywood Road, was completed in 1844 and was the 2nd road to be built in Hong Kong, after Queens Road Central. These were the very earliest days of the colony, and its role as. Mix & Match Different Antique Finds. One of the best decorating ideas for a room is mixing vintage furniture with your quirky antique collectibles. Build a cohesive look with a bright puffy chair and a compilation of black-and-white photos on the wall, or display a variety of vases as a centerpiece on a coffee table

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Reduces landfill When you buy a new piece of furniture, as soon as it leaves the shop floor, its value immediately drops to almost half. Whereas an antique, with its history and quality of craftsmanship, will hold or increase its value as the years go by. Antique furniture was hand made from properly seasoned timber, so the need to replace due to damage is minimal compared to the average 15. Nixon's The One . . . who gave us Ted Hake. In a simple twist of political fate, Hake became a pop-culture collectibles auction house legend in part because Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968. Sure, Hake never got to meet Elvis, but he's done pretty well for himself. By Paul Kennedy Antique Office furniture at Nimbus Antiques. April 4, 2009. We always have in stock a selection of antiques desk which as well as being practical are a good investment in these hard times, to complement the desk there are office chairs of the same period all fully restored and ready to use. All our office furniture is restored in our workshops.

If you go to a dealer looking for the value of antique furniture (without purchasing an appraisal), the price they give you will most likey be the wholesale value. This is the cost they would be willing to pay for an item, which can be anywhere from 30%-50% less than the retail value Antiques are not always easy to use in modern or contemporary spaces. Here are a few of Alessandra and Maddy's tips for making them work. See how we've incorporated antique furniture into modern spaces here! Start Small: Skip the mahogany armoire and go for smaller-scale antique furniture pieces. Things like accent tables, sewing tables. Antique Furniture by Morison & Co - March 19, 2021 Antique Furniture by Miles and Edwards (C Hindley) - March 19, 2021 English Cabinet Makers - A to Z. - March 18, 202 Antique Brass Handles - A Guide Posted on Posted on March 20, 2013 March 20, 2013 by Belinda Chavasse Brass mounts were used on furniture from the 17th century onwards - the metal was popular because it had a good colour which enhanced the surrounding wood; it was also relatively soft and easy to work - and could be reproduced quickly and. Tips for using spray paint on crafts, furniture, and thrifty home decor. Metallic spray paints like copper and gold add pizazz to any piece and white spray paint is great for updating collections of small objects. When working on small home décor accessories spray paint is the way to go. An upcycle project can be completed in no time

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  1. More antique than vintage at this point. A close look at those curvy feet and beautiful wood. It's always nice to have rollers on furniture. One more close up look at the knobs and the curved edge of the top. On furniture this age oftentimes the top has water rings or scars from years of use but not this piece
  2. e if a piece of furniture is really an antique. Shopping for Antiques and Identifying Their Value. When going shopping for antiques, it's a good idea to bring along a notebook with room dimensions, pictures and fabric swatches. Game Area From Blog Cabin 2012. The glow of natural sunlight illu
  3. The general rule is that anything 50 years old or older is considered vintage, and things older than 100 years are considered antique! As it stands now, most of the time, if you're finding a piece of furniture that is solid wood, it's probably at least vintage if not antique. Most furniture pieces created after the 1950s started.
  4. THE BLOG. What is Vintage Furniture? Lire plus » Kaare Klint: An Architect with Designer Talent The main features of Scandinavian vintage furniture Lire plus » A brief history of Danish vintage furniture Lire plus » History of Scandinavian vintage furniture Lire plus ».
  5. Home, Interior, and Furniture Design Blog by Chairish. Chairish.com makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another

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Bring vintage style to your living space with gorgeous couture clothing, furniture, art, and bedding from the original shabby chic designer, Rachel Ashwell Welcome to Bohemian's! As an online antique furniture store near you and style blog, we love artistic interior design. In fact, we love to delve into the ins and outs of Bohemian style for the home. Vintage Furniture Near You New arrivals of Brass Statues And Many Gift Items Hand-painted, Hand-carved & Solid wood Furniture Available At Very Very Best prices in Art And Craft Furniture. Check out some of our latest arrivals. Our 20,000 sq. ft. Displayed is always filled with great vintage finds, Solid wood Furniture & Antique furniture. A Real Warehouse Shopping.

Chic Antique Chicago Hi, I'm Crystal Blackshaw, owner of Chic Antique here in Chicago. Interior Design has been a lifelong passion of mine since I was 5 pushing and pulling all of my bedroom furniture into the hallway of my childhood home to redesign my room for the 20th time Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain Pottery, Glass, Ceramics, porcelain, china, etc... discuss and post photo

LUXURY FURNITURE COMBINED WITH TECHNOLOGY. One of our masterpiece is 3-level retractable table designed with an automatic system. Modenese Luxury Interiors proves that all luxury furniture following the classic style is timeless and easy to combine with current technology: in fact, the same mechanism employed to the table has been applied to chest of drawers, actally a Tv stand going up, down. Our pieces have been featured in Homes & Antiques magazine. Arthur Hodder 22 June 2018 Vintage, Antique, Bench, Hungarian, Table, Original, Bristol, Photoshoot. Spring at Rag & Bone. Arthur Hodder 21 May 2018. Espresso martinis returning for St Nicks Night Market Furniture styles from different regions and decades can pair well together! Especially as many current design trends are bringing back retro and Mid-Century Modern styles, mixing modern and antique furniture is easier than ever before. Put two plush vintage chairs with an angular modern couch Little Things Loved - Antique & Vintage Furniture - Antique and vintage dollhouses and accessories including furniture, dolls, houses, etc Using a soft cotton pad, apply a thin coat of wax - just enough to smear the surface. Many professionals prefer a pad of 0000 steel wool to one of cloth. Leave it for 60 minutes. Buff with a clean soft cotton cloth, or a lamb's wool bonnet on your electric drill. The softer the buffing material, the higher the gloss

Alex Jhon Martin. Righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee the pain and trouble that are bound to ensue; and equal blame belongs to those who fail in which is the same as saying. It is a long established fact that a reader. WEDGWOOD BLACK BASALT W/GOLD MOTHER PLATE. $39.99. Murano Cased Glass White Bowl Lobed Ruffles. $39.99. Antique Pearl Chinese Lantern Or Caged Dangle Earrings with Filigree brass setting. $42.99. Antique Cast Iron Woodstove Teakettle 1800s Fits Stove Eye. $200.00

Start Small. If you're new to decorating with vintage decor, I recommend starting small. Go to your local antique shop or thrift store and find one or two items you really love, like this old vintage gas can, and use it on your coffee table to display flowers instead of your typical vase. This simple switch will instantly add charm and. There are several things to consider when buying an antique chest of drawers. Perhaps the most important is the condition of the piece - do the drawers glide in and out smoothly, are there any loose veneers or handles, does it have woodworm? A chest of drawers is a functional piece - the drawers need to be robust enough to hol

Antique Furniture Glasgow - Blog. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website Antique furniture and Classic Italian furniture Reproduction designs has been admired and collected throughout the world for centuries.This blog provides a modest description for the common pieces made in the various styles , examples and information on styles, history and biographies that will broaden the knowledge of furniture development Find the top Furniture websites and businesses with reviews and ratings. Offers resources about antique furniture including historical time lines complete with photos. Also, presents information about a traditional woodworking program available for students and an organization that promotes the appreciation of American Period furniture 4. The challenge. Above the hinge you can see damage to the substrate that must be repaired so the veneer has something to bond to. Also, you can see that the veneer is considerably thicker than modern 1⁄32″-thick veneer. Thick veneer is common on furniture made before the machine age. Veneer seems to get thicker the older the furniture Olde Good Things is proud to offer a diverse range of antique furniture for your next residential or commercial restoration project. Our extensive range of vintage furniture includes Mid Century, Classic, Traditional, Industrial, Victorian, Modern, Commercial and French styles

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Period - (1820-1860) Victorian: The first furniture style of mass production (1840-1910), influenced by gothic forms with heavy proportions, dark finish, elaborate carving, and ornamentation. Named for Queen Victoria of England. Arts and Craft: The Arts and Craft style (1880-1910) also referred to as the Mission style is characterized by. Good Ju Ju started the event style antique and vintage shopping back in 2007 in Kansas City's historic West Bottoms area. Several city blocks of Civil War era buildings are now the home to the best shopping (and the most fun) in finding vintage clothes, antique furniture, vintage jewelry, Mid-century furniture, retro style collectibles, industrial design and decorating items from the 1880's. 6. Lauritz: If you're looking for the real thing, Lauritz is a global marketplace for 20th century vintage modern design originals. 7. Ruby Lane: This site's been around since 1998, and it's easy to see why. Stop here for a beautiful selection of art, furniture and lighting. Advertisement

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  1. The Monticello Antique Marketplace is far more than just a normal antique mall. We have an ever-changing inventory brought to you by over 100 antique dealers. For vintage furniture, Portland Oregon homeowners and interior design specialists consider our 20,000 square foot showroom the go-to destination, as well as the perfect spot for other.
  2. The largest collection of important 17th, 18th and 19th century French, Italian and Continental Antique furniture and accessories. Luxuriously showcased in a truly authentic European ambiance of a custom designed two-story 20,000 square foot gallery
  3. The opportunity to breathe new life into something and save it from the landfill. The smell, especially of vintage furniture. Okmaybe the smell isn't the best. But it's something that I've come to associate with a lot of happy shopping memories. Being obsessed with antique furniture also means I've ended up in pretty subpar junker.
  4. g Louis XVI style

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Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles is an economic development institution of the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF). The mission of APEDF is to defend the civil and human rights of the African community and to address the grave disparities faced by the African community in the areas of health, healthcare, economic development and education Comparatively, a modern day chest of drawers has a total carbon footprint of 170.38 kg CO2e in a 15 year lifetime. A breakdown of the total results divided by the lifetime of the piece of furniture show that an antique chest of drawers has an annual carbon footprint of 0.72kg CO2e, compared to 11.36kg CO2e per year for the brand new check of. Thomas Johnson Furniture Restoration Restoration of Fine & Antique Furniture since 1979 187 Flaggy Meadow Rd, Gorham, ME 207 222-2266 thomasjohnsonrestoration@gmail.co What to look for to help determine a piece of furniture's age. Is it an Antique, a reproduction, or a fake. When it comes to recognizing a potential bargain at a Flea Market, antique store or auction house, nothing beats having had to dismantle a chair or table for restoration purposes, analyze it's parts, and then restore the piece using the same materials, tools and techniques used when. Antique furniture restorer Simon Lorkin is very pleased to announce that in 2021 he will be celebrating 30 years running his own antique restoration and French polishing business, having established his business in Shere in Surrey in 1991 (before relocating to Normandy in Northern France in 2004)

Vinterior is the online marketplace where the world buys and sells remarkable vintage and antique furniture across every lifestyle, budget and taste AntiqueFarmHouse features unique farmhouse style décor, vintage reproductions and home decor design sales up to 80% off retail. Antique Farmhouse offers multiple sales events that include furniture, design lines, décor and art products at incredible savings focused around industrial decor, farmhouse decor, shabby chic, industrial vintage and vintage reproductions Antique Trader Furniture Price Guide by Kyle Husfloen retails for under $20 and includes information on all the popular styles of American furniture. Pictures will help you properly identify your piece. British Antique Furniture: Price Guide and Reasons for Values by John Andrews is a respected resource for valuing antique British furniture.

Art Moderne: An American Design. Art Moderne is an influential design style that thrived during the 1930s and 1940s. There is overlap between Art Moderne and Art Deco, so much so that people often confuse the former for the latter or use the two terms interchangeably.In fact, historians themselves often do not agree on the relationship between Art Moderne and Art Deco, with some describing Art. The best vintage furniture stores in Toronto are treasure troves of rare finds. Older pieces have a way of jazzing up any home, and many tend to be made with the kind of oldschool craftmanship you.

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  1. Sep 26, 2014 - Project Nursery My clients want to add some frames in an antique gold finish on the wall opposite the cherry blossom tree mural . You did..
  2. Weavin' Wicker Woman Blog is about chair caning, basket weaving, antique wicker, fiber arts, shabby chic, repurposing furniture and more
  3. Furniture Shop and Decorating Blog by Vintage American Home Janice 2017-02-06T13:54:07-05:00
  4. Blog. DIY DIY Gold Antiqued Frame. DIY DIY Gold Antiqued Frame. DIY Summer Patio Refresh. DIY How To Lighten And Update Stained Furniture. Uncategorized Thrifted Lamp Turned Concrete Lamp. Uncategorized Thrifted Lamp Turned Concrete Lamp. Receive the latest posts from My Vintage Porch via email! E-Mail Address. Join me on Instagram


Estate Finds & Treasures· French Furniture This French chair makeover has to be one of my all time favorites! Almost nine months ago, I found a pair of fabulous 19th c. Louis XVI French gilt wood chairs at one of my favorite monthly estate sales In this bedroom, I kept 60-year-old traditional beds, then dressed them with graphic, modern textiles. It keeps the integrity of the original piece but makes it a lot more hip. Something that's been huge in Los Angeles for a while but now spanning globally is using modern upholstery on older, non-modern chairs A home decor blog that shares all kinds of furniture flips with painted furniture and stained furniture, easy home DIY's and lots of budget decor. I love simple DIY's, budget friendly home projects, refinishing furniture and scoring vintage finds, all on a budget of course! Reach me at. Hello and welcome to my furniture blog. My name is Gerry, and I love home decor. In my spare time, I am always looking for new furniture to add to my home as well as accent items. I love antiques, but I also enjoy a a modern look. In this blog, I will write about all kinds of furniture

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  1. Caring For Antique Wicker Outdoor Furniture. Blog. If you inherit beautiful antique wicker outdoor furniture, you'll want to keep it in good condition. Even very old wicker furniture only needs a little time and effort to keep it looking nice. Here are some simple care instructions on how to look after your antique wicker heirlooms
  2. He or she would blog pictures of furniture in various different interior design styles. My favorite happens to be vintage industrial design. These bloggers would blog tables, chairs and lighting. You name it and they blogged it. You might think it's just furniture but trying telling that to a blog enthusiast
  3. Antique furniture does not always need to be the centerpiece of the room but can instead add more subtle character in the form of accent tables, accessories, and rugs. Colette Van Den Thillart brings a sense of humor to her rooms with avant-garde finds like this monkey console table from Circa Who
  4. Vintage Farmhouse DIY Decor Ideas. Repurposed Farm Tools Wall Hooks. Repurposed Milk Crate Padded Storage Stool. Barn Wood & Bread Tins Wall Bins. Galvanized Vintage Chicken Feeder Candle Centerpiece. Repurposed Antique Headboard Turned into a Coat Rack. Repurposed Chair Side Table. Antique Farmhouse Salvaged Yard and Garden Decor
  5. George Hunzinger was a furniture maker during the later half of the 19th century. He emigrated to the United States in 1855 and began manufacturing furniture in New York City. Like his contemporary furniture makers of the Victorian Age, Hunzinger's pieces are very decorative. What is unique about his furniture is the innovative and distinctive designs he patented. This site contains.
  6. Antique furniture never loses its originality and luster. They hold an emotional and sentimental value. People get attached to their old antique furniture. They often long for their dinner table, their childhood bed because these things have a strong impact even if you look back years later
  7. Life-Size Bronze Ram Covered in Sheep Wool. MSRP: Was: Now: $7,750.00. Quick view. Add to Cart The item has been added. Old Plank Collection

Anthony Short Antiques specialises in period antiques dating from 18th to 20th century, period antique furniture & decorative antiques. Now in UK & Brugge. Anthony Short Antiques specialises in period antiques dating from 18th to 20th century, period antique furniture & decorative antiques Bleaching Wood Furniture. When it comes to bleaching and all of the possibilities, you could say that I've been around the block a time or two, or ten thousand. I'm no expert by any means, but I've learned a thing or 20 in my times around the block. This isn't a great before pic of the dresser but it gives an idea of how it started Mar 27, 2018. Loyal customers are part of the draw for many of the hundreds of vendors that displayed their items March 24 and 25 in Columbus, Ohio at Scott Antique Markets for eager collectors, browsers and decorators. It's been a great show, said Pat Rinehart-Erwin, a long-time vendor ANTIQUE FURNITURE RESTORATION DISCUSSION ARCHIVE III ANTIQUE FURNITURE RESTORATION DISCUSSION ARCHIVE IV: USE YOUR BROWSER BACK BUTTON TO . RETURN TO THIS PAGE. Research Queries: This board is for those trying to find the history of the maker of their watch or Clock. Please do not post any queries for values or repair queries here

I agree with you that hiring professional restorers can help us restore antique furniture with a peace of mind. My daughter loves vintage style and we're planning to decorate her room into the 18th-century style that she likes. I will talk to my husband about buying antique furniture and sending them for restoration by a professional Podcast 22 - How to Examine Antique Furniture. In this episode, we tackle the question of how one approaches studying a handmade object to learn from it. There aren't too many tools (all of them are inexpensive), and there are a few basic categories of things you should be looking to Painted furniture blog featuring DIY tutorials using decoupage, stencil, glaze, DIY, furniture makeovers, wood stain, chalk type paint, non-toxic paint Traditional Rustic Oak Country Kitchen Furniture Ideas. We explore Traditional Country Kitchen Furniture, from antique oak dressers, pine kitchen tables and antique cupboards to cherished vintage china and wall décor. You don't need to live in a sprawling country house to get the look

Burrellsdesks's Blog Antique Office Furniture for Sale. Feeds: Posts Comments. Stock Clearance! 20% off a Selection of Antique library Tables. July 23, 2017 by burrellsdesks. Our small coach-house if full again and with new stock arriving this month we need to make some space. So we are reducing the price of some of our stock by 20% and if you. Call (918) 295-7711 6502 East 51th Street Tulsa, OK 7414 Inessa Stewart's Antiques. 5330 Bluebonnet Blvd. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809 USA One hour from New Orleans Intl. airport! 225-368-8600. 1643 Dragon at Oak Law Insider's Guide to Furniture & the Home Furnishings Industry. Jeff Frank is a 40 year veteran of the furniture industry who is happy to answer your questions about furniture! Ask your question today Use our antique restoration tips to bring an initially shabby-chic piece in line with the surrounding style. 5. Use the 80/20 rule of decorating. When mixing modern and antique furniture, t he 80/20 rule is a simple yet effective dictate. Unless you're a keen antiques collector, in most cases the majority will be contemporary

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Chelsea Mohrman, a frequent vintage seller from Columbus, Ohio, has relied more heavily on selling items online through sites like Poshmark since her antique booth was shut down due to COVID-19. She notes that one of the main perks of buying vintage online is convenience. Going to an antique store takes a lot of time out of your day, and since lots of small antique stores are only open until. Over 270 vendors and more than 50,000 sq ft filled with antiques, estate and vintage items, furniture, china, glassware and decor items. Plus new items, including clothing and jewelry Selling antique furniture can be a little tougher than selling smaller antiques, due to its size and constantly changing market conditions. Your best bet is to specifically target people who are in the market for antiques by shopping your items around to antique stores or auction houses, or putting up listings on e-commerce sites like Ruby Lane.

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The Most Famous Of All The Mid Century Modern Furniture Design The A Team Of Mid-Century Modern Furniture Designers. The below photograph from a 1961 Playboy Magazine article features only a several of the masters of the mid-century modern design, a movement whose practitioners had a large and significant impact on design and décor from the mid 20th century to the present Furniture movements, such as the Early American Style (1600-1700) and the Arts and Crafts Style (1880-1910) fall under the antique category, but more modern movements, such as Mid-Century Modern (1933-1965) and Minimalist Style (1960s-present) are widely sought after and have value A skeleton key is a key on which the inside bit has been hollowed so that the key can open many different locks. On a skeleton key, the serrated edge has been removed to allow the key to serve as a master key to open many different warded locks within a specific system. In popular culture and literature, skeleton keys are strong symbols; they.