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njw 73s m326 trust 100w et {chb}{dlf,hyf,ief} njw p606 72n daydream 73s {dlf,hyf,ief} dam: bw 91h 100w rita 79z et {dlf,hyf,ief NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET (43722088) Bull Sale Catalog & Videos Available NOW. View Sale Page. NJW Bull Sale. View Sale. NJW Bull Sale - March 24, 2021. View Sale Page. SELLING IN HEREFORD EVE IN OKLAHOMA CITY! - January 8, 2021 at 7:30 pm. Read More. The NJW Program NJW Herd Sires NJW Brood Cows Upcoming Sales Ranch Photos Honors NJW. NJW Endure 173D has proven himself one of the most influential sires in the Poll Hereford breed of recent time. A sire who promises eye appeal, powerful performance and breed-leading EBV's. Endure's progeny sold around the globe in 2020 and include $100,000 sale toppers, high sires averages, stud and commercial success NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET [CHB, DLF, HYF, IEF, MSUDF] Reg# P43722088 Semen $50 / Certificate $10

CMF 1720 GOLD RUSH 569G ET. Here's a powerful, dark red, goggle-eyed Endure son backed by an exciting data set. Big hipped and extremely sound structured with more thickness and muscle than most. Genetics to provide a boost for growth and carcass merit along with impressive phenotype Sex Bull. Tattoo 9365. Owner (s) HOFFMAN HEREFORDS, PETER & LAURA ATKINS, DELANEY HEREFORDS INC, UPSTREAM RANCH. Lookup Current EPDs. Sire. SCHU-LAR ON TARGET 22S. KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET. KCF MISS REVOLUTION X338 ET. Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET (43722088) PCC 36A RIBEYE 6105 (43861815) NJW 76S P20 BEEF 38W ET (43002917) NJW Bull Sale. View Sale. NJW Bull Sale - March 24, 2021 SELLING IN HEREFORD EVE IN OKLAHOMA CITY! - January 8, 2021 at 7:30 pm. Read More. The NJW Program NJW Herd Sires NJW Brood Cows Upcoming Sales Ranch Photos Honors NJW News. Reg #43721750 :: Horned Owned with Ned & Jan Ward, Wyoming and Perez Cattle Company, New Mexico. CL 1 Domino 2109Z {DLF,HYF,IEF} Reg #43268088:: Horned BAR JZ Sleep On 738C {DLF,HYF,IEF} Reg #43581914:: Polled Owned with Bar JZ Polled Herefords, South Dakot

Contact ST Genetics for sexed semen and certs at 920-921-6029. NJW 84B 10W Journey 53D {DLF,HYF,IEF} Reg # 43721750 :: Polled. Owned with Ned & Jan Ward, Wyoming and Perez Cattle Company, New Mexico. Save. Save. Order Semen Here. Order Cert Here. ECR Chez L18 Sensation 7076 ET Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET. Dam: INNISFAIL 723 U208 4021 ET. click here for epds & full pedigree. View Video. INNISFAIL 723 U208 4013 ET. Reg#: 43541960. DOB: 09/10/2014. Tattoo: IF4013. Sire: EFBEEF TFL U208 TESTED X651 ET

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This homozygous polled Canadian Embryo is sired by the worlds leading pedigree Hereford bull, NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D. His mother is none other than the famous Remitall-West Polly 20X herself! Straws of semen now available to purchase direct from us with worldwide export opportunities. Package deals are negotiable for larger orders The American Hereford Association is second-largest U.S. beef breed associations with more than 7,000 active adult and junior members. The American Hereford Association is a not-for-profit organization Purchased in the NJW Bull sale 2020. Homozygous Polled son of Frederickson's. S.O.D. sire 9116 and Ward's power cow. 79Z. 79Z is also the dam of Endure, Mighty, Heavy Duty, Forward, Ridge and. others. Owned with NJW

Hereford Semen. BF SHO Rural Sprawl 100 units - $20.00 ea. BNT NEW DESIGN 201 - 10 units - $10.00 ea. BOYD MASTERPIECE 0220 - 10 units - $25.00 ea. Churchill Red Bull 200z - 20 units - $35.00 ea. CRR ABOUT TIME 743 - 4 units - $250.00 ea ( Sold 4 Units) DPH LH BF LAUNCH 1310 - 10 units - $30.00 ea AHA registration: P43987463 ( View pedigee and EPDs) Date of Birth: January 17, 2019. owned with: Express Ranches, Colyer Herefords, Bill King, and Dry Creek. KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET. Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET. BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET Herefords UPS 2296 Sensation 8080 Herd Sire Reg.# 43920311Date of Birth 3/18/2018Horn Status: Horned UPS Mighty 8210 Herd Sire Reg.#43933930Date of Birth 4/15/2018Horn Status: Horned UPS Endure 9033 Herd Sire Reg.# 44044381Date of Birth 3/23/2019Horn Status: Polled UPS Endure 9227 Herd Sire Reg.#44052952Date of Birth 4/18/2019Horn Status: Polled UPS Easy Money 9346 Herd Sire Reg.# [ The Line One cattle produce hybrid vigour when used on non-L1 Hereford cattle and other breeds. Create extra valuable cattle this year with 0022H. CLICK TO SEE ADVANCE 0022H EPD PROFILE. CLICK TO ENQUIRE ON ADVANCE Now. NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D (PP) - SOLD OUT GLOBALLY. NJW Endure 173D has proven himself one of the most influential sires in the.

Bull Barn Genetics - Polled Hereford Sires (Click on the Bull you would like more information on) Click here for a complete Hereford price list (polled & horned) /S Mandate 66589 ET 43834732 $25 Behm 100W Cuda 504C 43636764 $2 NJW Endure x Revolution 4R Hereford breeding bull. Purchased from Loewen Herefords for a $100,000 price tag, Genesis will be used extensively by Barber Ranch and co-owners Bill King Ranch, Colyer Herefords, Dry Creek Farms and Express Ranches. Don't miss the opportunity to use Genesis in your herd Hereford AI Certificates. Hereford AI Certificates: Please read this important information! Prices and the source or AI Certificates are listed on our website in the AI Certificates section of our website. You can order AI Certificates from us directly on those sires that have a price and purchase option, by telephone or online 87 Fall Yearling Hereford Bulls - $4,859. 167 Two-Year-Old Hereford Bulls - $4,752. 92 Hereford Bred Heifers - $3,791. Top Fall Yearling Hereford Bulls: Lot 273 at $35,000 was UPS Endure 8812, DOB: 10-1-2018; SIRE: NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET. He sold to Andrew Orsak. Wallis, TX Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Oder Today

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Marketing two year old bulls is not common because it is not easy. We own them for more time the other outfits allowing for more opportunity for any given bull to fail. We endure and believe in this approach because we feel our customers deserve a superior product. Our belief is that these sturdy two year olds are bred and developed to cover. UPS Endure 9033 Herd Sire Reg.# 44044381Date of Birth 3/23/2019Horn Status: Polled NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET SCHU-LAR ON TARGET 22X (SOD) KCF MISS REVOLUTION X338 ET BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET NJW 73S M326 TRUST 100W ET (SOD) REMITALL RITA 91H UPS MISS 3310 SPARTAN 5634 UPS [

This Endure son out of a Loewen Revolution cow has outstanding EPD's and a tremendous phenotype. He is a 2.9 to 131 on his BW to YW spread and a 128 on CHB. We believe this bull could be a breed changer. To top it off this performance bull is homozygous polled and goggle eyed with a large scrotal. The first semen will be available at the Mile. Limited semen available. Owned by Peter & Laura Atkins, Delaney Herefords Inc, Hoffman Herefords and Upstream Ranch Registration #: 44058137 • Birth Date: 05/08/2019 SCHU-LAR ON TARGET 22S KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET KCF MISS REVOLUTION X338 ET NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET NJW 73S M326 TRUST 100W ET BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z [ UPS Sires. Livestock Listing. NJW 79Z 22Z MIGHTY 49C ET. TH 403A 475Z PIONEER 358C ET. UPS UNDISPUTED ET. PERKS 0003 EASY MONEY 4003. UPS SENSATION 2504 ET. TH 89T 755T VICTOR 468Z. UPS SENSATION 2296 ET Herefords will stand out in the arctic snows of Finland, endure the heat of Northern Transvaal, withstand the tough climate and rough grazing of northern Uruguay or the sub-tropical zones of Brazil and continue to thrive. Herefords are generally docile and fast growing cattle with good beef quality. Statistic

Kanimbla Poll Herefords sell bulls to $13,000 and females to $6500. Endure sons sell for $9444 average at the Holbrook stud. Stud principals James and Bel McWilliam and auctioneer, Nutrien's Peter. The Herefords Advantage TENDERNESS Whether you need bulls, steers or heifers, Herefords will give you excellent feed conversion, hardiness, fertility, growth, plus the famed Hereford temperament that can help reduce costs. So if you're not already getting the whiteface advantage, now is the time to buy Herefords MAIL: Cattle Visions, 13015 S. Hwy 63, Clark, MO 65243 Payment can be made by calling with a credit card or send your check made out to Cattle Visions and your American Angus Association MEMBER CODE. We or the bull owners will transfer the certificate(s) directly into your member account at the American Angus Association We will have a selection of horned and polled Hereford bulls out of NJW Endure, NJW Mighty 49C, /S Mandate 66589, and NJW Hutton 109Z among others. On the Angus side, you will find bulls out of the SAV Raindance 6848, Pyramid Junction 4073, and LD Capitalists 316. Selling 65 Horned & Polled Hereford Bulls & 46 Angus Bulls

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  1. Bull Barn Genetics - All Hereford Sires (Click on the Bull you would like more information on) = Added to lineup in the last 90 days = Photo available = Description available = Video available. Sexed Semen available by order only on select bulls - two weeks lead time. Sire Reg No Semen Sexed Cert Hor
  2. Hereford Sires. Our Hereford sires have been selected as sires that have perfect structure, correct commercial traits, have a set of EBVs that are well balanced and high indexing. the sire of Endure, and includes super sire Churchill Red Bull 200Z. His sire York is a proven calving dream (UD EPD of +1.4) with high marbling, fat and growth.
  3. INNSIFAIL ENERGY 4021 1837 ET was the High Selling Bull at the 2020 Denver Mile High Hereford Sale. He is a low birthweight, homozygous polled Herd Bull that comes with a ton of performance and length of body. His spread from birth to yearling will always keep you in business. Sired by the wildly popular, NJW Endure 173D and out of Innisfai

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But if you intend to make money ranching, I hope you know something about cattle. But Johnson applied his prodigious energy and determination to creating a showcase 2,700 acre ranch, complete with 400 head of registered Hereford cattle. At the same time, he acquired the image of a western rancher and a place to recharge his batteries Top selling bull in the 2016 NJW bull sale and the 2017 Reserve Cham-pion Bull at the National Western Stock Show. He is a maternal brother to Endure. Mighty is a low birth weight sire that produces cattle that have extra length, muscle shape and an appealing look. Sire of our high selling bull and bred heifer in the 2019 sale

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BUYERS chasing the offspring of US sire Endure 173D pushed averages up over $8000 at the Kanimbla Poll Hereford sale at Holbrook today. Sons of Endure 173D were offered for the first time at today. Hereford WDA Leaders • Emmanuel Polled Herefords of Moses Lake, WA. Lot 869 sired by WRB Harfst 2296 LUC 5217. WDA 3.43, ADG 2.89 • G & B Ranch of Airway Heights, WA. Lot 856 sired by H5 Solution 064. WDA 3.32, ADG 2.58. • Wilcox & Family Cattle Co. Lot 865 sired by Churchill Pilgrim 632D. WDA 3.27, ADG 2.97 Hereford Fall ADG & WDA Leader TOP SELLING HEREFORD BULLS: Lot 1. $55,000, ECR 628 Advance 8014, February 8, 2018, H FHF Advance 628 ET x HH Advance 0132X, Genex D CRI, WI, Baumgarten Cattle Co., Belfield, ND and Freking Cattle, MN. Lot 21. $14,500, ECR 173D Endure 8111, February 17, 2018, NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET x UPS Domino 3027, Rausch Herefords, Hoven, S Bull Calf 10/27/2020 to Deer Valley Unique. TAEP Certified. . 9057 | 9/29/2018. Sire: Quaker Hill Rampage OA3. Breed: Angus. Heifer Calf 11/12/2020 UTP Mentor 1076. TAEP Certified. WLKR JM GUIDE 722 333 960G ET [DLF,HYF,IEF,MSUDF] Reg 44021973 . Owned Walker Polled Hereford Farm. EPDs & Pedigre

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World Beef Expo (WI) | Open Hereford Heifers. Champion Open Hereford Heifer Perks BH 5017 Tic Tac 8018 Sire: C 5280 Diversified 6121 ET Dam: Perks 2026 Lifesaver [] 10:25 am - September 27, 2019 BAR JV ANGUS ANNUAL PRODUCTION SALE. Mar 23, 2021. THOMAS ANGUS/3 STRING CATTLE CO. BULL SALE. Mar 23, 2021 Bull Herd: MC 1617 1010 Built Tuff 1826 Cow Herd: Rangeland 17Y Salute 760C, Boyd Worldwide 9050 ET, /S Mandate 66589 ET. Breeding stock available. Visitors always welcome. Kent Heins Herefords- Kent and Michelle Heins, 2177 Shadywood Rd, Orono, MN 55391, kentandmichelle@yahoo.com. Klages Herefords He is scurred, passed his semen test, and ready for a new home. His scrotal measured 40 cm and has pigment on both eyes. PM for more details, or call/text. 580-744-0073. Kurt Mendel. Covington, OK. 02/22/2020. Last of my Endure calves. 84 lbs bull calf. 02/20/2020. Nice 76 lbs pigmented heifer calf out of Endure today The sire of If Only Q264 was a Mawarra bred bull, Emperor L336. A three-quarter brother to If Only Q264 sold for $100, 000 for Queensland stud, Talbalba Herefords in 2020. 'To have bred the only Australian Hereford sire to have two sons sell for $100,000+ is a huge accolade for us.' Deanne explained

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Really happy with the development of our NJW endure 173d calves, he will feature as a major sire in our bull sale on March 11, This guy kanimbla Power Quest Q006, 18 months has already done a joining in March and is set to be an AI sire and natural joining sire this spring He will be offered at the 2021 Hereford national The top selling bull in the 2016 Topp Herefords bull sale. He's the No. 1 yearling Weight EPD sire in the breed for the last 3 years. A bull that sires tremendous performance, ruggedness, depth of body, fleshing abil-ity and docility. Pioneer sired the high selling bull and sire group at the 2018 Topp Herefords bull sale

The champion polled Hereford bull, H The Profit 8426 ET, who is a Feb. 14, 2018, son of Churchill Pilgrim 632D ET, gathered a sale gross of $57,300 on 170 units of semen, averaging $337 per unit TRICKYS 103 ENDURE B46 173D H55. Yearling Hereford Bull. Register to view Sale Activity Yearling Hereford Bull. Register to view Sale Activit TRICKYS 103 ENDURE B46 173D H55 Sold for : $4300. Yearling Hereford Bull Yearling Hereford Bull By crossing our Registered Miniature Hereford bull with our Florida Cracker cows, we get offspring that resemble Herefords and an occasional speckled or brindle hide. ability to endure the harsh Florida climate and sustain themselves on sparse vegetation. They are small framed, generally under 900 pounds, with gorgeous hides that come in a.

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UPS MISS ENDURE 8007 ET (RIGHT TO FLUSH) AHA 43918508. Polled Hereford DOB: 2/20/2018 SIRE: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET DAM: UPS MISS EASY MONEY 6107 ET. We wanted to offer our very best, this is one of the first females in production sire by Endure! She is a granddaughter of 1353 one of Upstream Ranch foundation donors Midwest Cattle; KCF Bennett Encore Z311 ET [CHB, DLF, HYF, IEF] Reg# P43387256 Semen $40 / Certificate $60 Homozygous Polled. Click on image to enlarge. RRH MR FELT 3008 [CHB, SOD, DLF, HYF, IEF] SCHU-LAR 5N OF 9L 3008 [CHB, SOD, DLF, HYF, IEF] SCHU-LAR 9L OF 1F 821C

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Sam Shaw has deemed Mandate as, The kind of bull you can use to build a cow herd. Backed by a productive cow family, we believe Mandate is the kind of sire that will be valuable within the Hereford population. As a calving ease specialist, use Mandate in SexedULTRA 4M® Female to create your next foundation females Big-Gully A191 Widow Maker 61G. Registration Number: C03061094. Date of Birth: March 6, 2019. Sire: SHF All Star 42X A191. Dam: PCL Sandy 25Z 61C. Maternal Grand Sire: PCL 719T Zircon 25Z. View Pedigree and EPDs 1.Balanced in the fleshbalanced on paper! 2. He is a functional, thick, deep big topped bull. 3. His first three calf crops have an average BW of 83 lbs. his first daughters in production are tremendous. Calving. Ease Direct About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The MONSTER of a Highland Bull has Arrived on the farm... His name is Morrti and is very happy to see the ladys is in sunny Lytham.Get your Tom Pemberton Fa..

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1 Purebred Bulls - Hereford. Bulls Registered / Seed Stock - Beef Cattle 183H is an ET bull sired by Endure 173D. His mother is an Hometown 10Y daughter, out of a Victor 719T daughter. This bull will add pounds to your calf crop and improve carcass quality. His pigment. NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D. Arguably the #1 Poll Hereford sire in the world today. Endure has bred cattle with superb eye appeal, powerful performance and a great set of breeding values. Seldom do sires of Endure's quality and breeding performance arise Bullet points - Dam of herd bull CL 1 Domino 776E - sold to L Bar W Herefords for $80,000. Daughter 450B is dam of herd bulls CL 1 Domino 6187D (Van Newkirk Herefords) and also CL 1 Domino 883F (Holden Herefords & Van Newkirk Herefords). 1178Y sold to Three Hills Ranch in the 2019 Cooper spring production sale. Purchase Price is your bid x Maungahina is a Hereford, and Speckle Park stud, farmed by Bruce McKenzie a fourth generation and Mark McKenzie a fifth generation of the founding McKenzie family. It has always been the management policy to raise and sell the bulls under natural conditions, and owing to this policy, over the years Maungahina bulls have proved to be outstanding. Sale Results: Average: 5: Fall Hereford Bulls $7,560.00 : 1: Two Year Old Hereford Bull $7,250.00 : 2: Yearling Hereford Bulls $3,600.00 : 1: Hereford Hybrid Bull

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WALLERY, KAHLER WALLY- K.C. POLLED HEREFORDS - 3395 Brown Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44903. Phone: (419)565-5676. Farm location: ST RT 603 to County Road 1475 west to Brown Road. Cow herd consists of 15 head. Sires: Trust 100W, MSU Revolution 4R, Durango X32, Uptown Z74. Bloodlines: Mohican, Mead Cattle Enterprise, and J&L Cattle the Hereford breed. We look forward to having breeders evaluate our cattle. Our genetics have been widely accepted all across the country. We believe in using all the available tools, ultrasound data, genomic enhanced EPDs, embryo transfer and visual appraisal, to make our Herefords better. We invite everyone to come early on Sunday an of Finland, endure the heat of Northern Transvaal, withstand the tough climate and rough grazing of northern Uruguay or the sub-tropical zones of Brazil and continue to thrive. Herefords are generally docile and fast growing cattle with good beef quality. More than five million pedigree Herefords exist in over 50 countries. The export o

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The Ipsen Cattle Company Annual Online Production Sale will be held March 3, 2021. The sale features some of ICC's finest fall Angus bulls and heifers, Polled Hereford and Polled Black Hereford bulls, F1 baldy heifers and registered Angus heifers. For more information, visit ipsencattle.com Genetics For Sale. —. Semen for sale. MAUNGAHINA KIDMANS COVE. Cove has been a very high used bull across both the beef and dairy industry in NZ and Australia. Taking the carcase and marbling traits from his sire Falcon (highest IMF bull of any breed in NZ in his year). Two yearling heifers made a record price of $27,000 and 25,000 in 2018 sale DENVER, Colo. — Baumgarten Cattle Co., Belfield, Neb., took top honors in the Hereford carload show on Friday, Jan. 17, during the 2020 National Western Stock Show in Denver. Coyote Ridge Ranch.

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This breed is recognized worldwide as being able to function productively in hot, humid and unfavorable environments. In order to accomplish this goal, King Ranch breeding experts selectively crossed Indian Brahman cattle with British Shorthorns to develop an animal which is recognized as being 5/8ths Shorthorn and 3/8ths Brahman Highland cattle can endure harsh weather conditions/Credit: Getty The highland cow is a Scottish breed of cattle recognised by their long horns and brown wavy coat. Considered an intelligent and gentle breed, the Highland's first written evidence of existence dates back to the 12 th century Kudlac Herefords-Phil 112 HOGAN'S SUPERCHARGER 960 92 Angus 12 Range Res Champion $6,250 Buyer:Russ Cattle Co Eureka,CA Hogan Ranch 323 92 BHR 556 GAMBLE 6167 940 Polled Hereford 13 Halter Res Champion $5,250 Buyer:Chase Ranch Montague,CA Barry Ranches 207 ZCC NORTHERN THUNDER LUT 943 92 Angus 14 Range $7,000 Buyer:Hartill Cattle Co. Arbuckle. This breed is generally all black, able to endure harsh weather and climates, adaptable, a good nature, and calf easily. Hereford: Deep red in color with swatches of white, Hereford are one of the oldest known breeds of cattle. Generally docile and fast growing, Herefords produce a good quality of meat

Bull Profile Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 32334509Schleich Black Angus / Hereford Set - 6 Syles: IncludesK7 Herefords Annual Bull Sale by American HerefordRed Dead Redemption 2 Bull | Locations, CraftingHerd Sires - Barber Ranch - Hereford Cattle in Channing, Texas

The Brahman cattle breed are a medium to large sized cattle that are identifiable by their well-defined hump, dewlap and excess skin they carry. They are part of the Zebu type of cattle which are well defined by these characters. They are very intelligent breed of cattle and tend to be a bit shy, but they are still quiet and easy to manage as. (THI). The THI has been shown to be a reliable indicator of heat stress in cattle (Dikmen and Hansen 2009). Animals can often endure higher temperatures if humidity is low, and the risk for heat stress increases dramatically as humidity increases, even at lower ambient temperatures Category: Cattle - Cow . Facts about Hereford Cows, the Hereford cows are a breed of cattle that are believed to have originated from Herefordshire in England. The Hereford Cow are kept preferable for meat production, though a few people may opt to keep them just for fun. Herefords were among the first English breeds to be recognized as true breed In the mid 1990s, Mark Ipsen decided to introduce the Angus breed to the operation and change Ipsen Herefords to Ipsen Cattle Company. The theory behind this was obvious -- We had too many customers asking for Angus cattle to match our Herefords and we wanted to maintain the market share that the Ipsen name had built. We also feel the best hybrid is the English cross, white face cattle Pinkeye in cattle Belinda Walker Senior Regional Animal Health Manager, Surveillance & Biosecurity Operations, Gunnedah Introduction Pinkeye is a painful, debilitating condition that can severely affect animal productivity. Pinkeye (infectious bovine kerato-conjunctivitis, or IBK) is a bacterial infection of the eye that cause Group of 5 bred commercial heifers for sale. 4 black baldies sired by Hereford bulls and out of Angus based commercial cows and 1 purebred unregistered Hereford. Exposed to a proven low bw Polled Perfect Timing x Mariah son from 5/25. Priced individually at $1,250/heifer or will sell the group for $5,750. Videos available by request