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  1. Feb 13 The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics discovers the universe's largest known diamond, white dwarf star BPM 37093. Feb 14 In a suburb of Moscow, Russia, the roof of the Transvaal water park collapses, killing more than 25 people, and wounding more than 100 others
  2. Events 2004 Greece -- Summer Olympics . The Games of the XXVIII Olympiad were held in Athens, Greece during August.A total of 10,625 athletes (4,329 women and 6.296 men) from 201 countries participated in 301 sporting and athletic events
  3. The so-called 'Austerity Games' were held in London while rationing was still in force in Britain. Fifty nine nations took part, but the defeated powers of Germany and Japan were excluded. London..

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The 10 Most Important Events in British History: Part One - 43 to 1500 AD . by Andrew Alexander The views represented in this article are solely those of the author and may not be construed as in any way representative May 28, 202 This is a timeline of British history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in the United Kingdom and its predecessor states. To read about the background to these events, see History of England, History of Wales, History of Scotland, History of Ireland, History of the formation of the United Kingdom and History of the United Kingdo Jonny Wilkinson's famous drop goal, scored with 26 seconds left to play, wins the rugby world cup final for England. 2004. February Facebook founded by Harvard university student Mark Zuckerberg. Famous and historic events from 2000. Damilola Taylor Stabbed to Death. First UK Broadcast of Big Brother. Great Yarmouth Showered with Fish. Hatfield Rail Crash. Judith Keppel Who wants to be a Millionaire Winner. Millennium Bridge Opens - and Closes. Millennium May Day Protests. Sierra Leone Hostages Freed by SAS Few parts of Britain have escaped serious flooding, but what happened to Boscastle in 2004 truly shocked the UK. August in Cornwall is one of its busiest holiday periods, but this was when..

15 The Black Death (1346-53) Via quantamagazine. The 14th century epidemic of the Black Death, also called the black plague or bubonic plague, across Europe and Asia, has become one of the most infamous events in history. The plague killed 30-60 percent of the entire population of Europe, claiming a grand total of anywhere between 75 to. Jacinda Arden makes history with baby Neve. The New Zealand Prime Minister made history as the first world leader to attend a UN general assembly meeting with her three-month-old daughter. Jacinda Arden was also the second elected leader in the world to give birth while in office, and the first to go on maternity leave in 2018 Historic and important events from throughout history. Our today in history database contains over 200,000 fully searchable entries. This event was made famous by Théodore Gericault's painting The Raft of the Medusa 1841 British humorous and satirical magazine Punch first 1974 1st quadrophonic studio in UK is open by Moody Blues. Historical Events for the Year 2001. 12th January » Downtown Disney (Disneyland Resort) known as Downtown Disney opens to the public as part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.; 13th January » An 2001 El Salvador earthquakes The January 13 earthquake known as earthquake hits El Salvador, killing more than 800.; 15th January » Wikipedia, a free Wiki content encyclopedia, goes.

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  1. Events. 19 January - Manchester High School for Girls, the first girls' school to provide an academic education in northern England, is founded. 23 January - marriage of The Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria, to Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia, only daughter of Tsarevich Alexander III of Russia
  2. Top 10 Major Historical Events That Completely Changed the World. Some are sudden and unseen, some planned and manipulated, but certain historical events have a long-lasting impact on the entire world. Here is brief information on events of historical importance and their effect on the world
  3. Each year the famous historic Goodwood Motor Circuit recreates the golden era of its glorious heyday, bringing together the most historically significant, priceless machines, along with legendary drivers from past and present. Vintage fashion is at the heart of the event, with many visitors going to great lengths to dress in period style
  4. Important Events From This day in History May 4th. Find Out What happened 4th May This Day in History on your birthday. 1991 U.S.A. Last Dallas Episode Shown. 1991 : Dallas goes off the air after running from Saturday, September 23rd, 1978 on CBS for more than 13 seasons. 2007 - U.S.A Greensburg, Kansas Tornad
  5. The event started in 1980 after a pub landlord overheard two drinkers discussing the merits of men and horses running over mountainous terrain. The course was changed in 1982 to provide a more even match between the man and the horse, but it took until 2004 before a man finally beat a horse

Historical Events for the Year 2006. 2nd January » An Sago Mine disaster or explosion in a coal mine in Sago, West Virginia traps and kills 12 miners, while leaving one miner in critical condition.; 4th January » Prime Minister of Israel named Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel suffers a second, apparently more serious stroke. His authority is transferred to acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Historical Events in 2002. Jan 1 The Open Skies mutual surveillance treaty, initially signed in 1992, officially comes into force. Jan 1 Euro banknotes and coins become legal tender in twelve of the European Union's member states. Jan 1 Taiwan officially joins the World Trade Organization, as Chinese Taipei Famous birthdays, events, top songs, movies, books, astrology, financials, sports, and many more answers to: what happened on my birthday? Also buy a unique birthday gift

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What happened on February 16, 2004. Browse historical events, famous birthdays and notable deaths from Feb 16, 2004 or search by date, day or keyword Historical Events for the Year 2007. 1st January » Bulgaria and Romania officially join the European Union. Slovenia joins Eurozone. 1st January » Adam Air Flight 574 disappears over Indonesia with 102 people on board.; 4th January » The 110th United States Congress convenes, electing Nancy Pelosi as the first female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives or Speaker of the.

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There were so many important financial events in the 2000s that it is hard to choose the top 10—it was a jam-packed decade of financial events in the United States and around the world. Some were good, and some were bad, but all of them were newsworthy. And each of them has been important to small businesses. Here is a top 10 list, ordered by. Historical Events for the Year 1972. 4th January » Rose Heilbron becomes the first female judge to sit at the Old Bailey in London, England.; 5th January » United States President Richard Nixon orders the development of a Space Shuttle program.; 10th January » Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returns to the newly independent Bangladesh as president after spending over nine months in prison in Pakistan Eleven years into the new millennium and it's still interesting (and fun) to look back and remember the history of the previous hundred years. Our current circumstances, both good and bad, find a foundation that was laid in the 20th century. From tragedy to triumph, the 20th century offers up a wealth of timeless memories that helped shape the future. Here are ten of the most memorable days.

The devastating tsunami of 26 December 2004 dominated the news well into the New Year, with a guide to the events, The Tsunami Disaster Explained, January's most read story. Other articles about the tsunami, including Three-minute Silence for Victims and a piece about Britons feared dead also attracted large audiences.. Among other events, it was Prince Harry's apology for wearing a Nazi. Top 10 Most Important Events of the 2000s. A list of the most important events from 2000-2009. The Top Ten. 1 September 11, 2001. 9/11 killed millions of people (about 3,000 in the event itself and millions of others in the Middle East as an aftereffect), ruined relationships between several different countries and some of those countries. The following historically significant political protests include a decisive event in the Civil Rights movement, two history-changing moments that occurred within one year and the medieval.

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The United Kingdom today consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. May 1, 1960 - An American U-2 spy plane flying at 60,000 feet was shot down over Sverdlovsk in central Russia on the eve of a summit meeting between President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Soviet Russia's Premier Nikita Khrushchev July: 2004 Democratic National Convention held. October 27: Red Sox win World Series (for the first time since 1918). Boston Social Forum held. Artists for Humanity EpiCenter built. Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti headquartered in Boston. City's Office of Arts, Tourism, and Special Events and Boston Public Library Map Center. Key events in Northern Ireland history Ireland has been divided administratively since 1922 when the Irish Free State was formed. 12th century First involvement by England in Irish affairs when the Earl of Pembroke, known as Strongbow, intervenes in a local dispute in Leinster in 1170 . King Henry II lands the following year

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  1. A nightclub, music club, discothèque, or simply club, is an entertainment venue and bar that usually operates late into the night. A nightclub is generally distinguished from regular bars, pubs, or taverns by the inclusion of a stage for live music, one or more dance floor areas and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded music. The upmarket nature of nightclubs can be seen in the inclusion of.
  2. Considered one of the finest conductors in American music history, his works included West Side Story, On the Town, and the opera Candide. August 26. August 26, 1883 - One of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in recorded history occurred on the Indonesian island of Krakatoa. Explosions were heard 2,000 miles away
  3. g more votes and parliamentary seats than ever. The debate on immigration has caused some of the most far-reaching events of recent times (like Brexit) and continues to be an important political conversation even in 2019
  4. 2016 has been a huge year for the world, and it's pretty easy to get caught up in its universal drama. New research conducted by the Pew Research Center takes a bigger-picture perspective: they asked the American public to name ten historical events which had the biggest impact on the country, in the public's lifetime. Here's what they sai
  5. ated the war in general, the Nazi Holocaust that occurred during the war, and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan that helped end it, as three of the top five.

Important Events From This day in History May 6th. Find Out What happened 6th May This Day in History on your birthday. 1937 U.S.A. Airship Hindenburg. 1937 : The German airship Hindenburg the largest dirigible ever built burst into flames and collapsed to the ground while attempting to moor at Lakehurst, New Jersey Oxfordshire Past (please note the new URL: oahs.org.uk/oxpast) Oxfordshire Past this year took place online on Zoom. It was held on Saturday 12th June and included the 2021 OAHS Annual General Meeting and a series short talks providing an overview of work and research that has been carried out in the county over the last year Investors have come a long way in the past decade. From Jan. 1, 2004, to Jan. 1, 2010, the S&P 500 generated an overall return of just 0.29%. From that point forward, the next decade of investing.

Jan 01 On this day in history international Year of Elderly . Jan 04 Former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura is sworn in as Governor of Minnesota in the year 1999.. Jan 05 Four US jets fire on and miss four Iraqi MiGs testing the no-fly zone over southern Iraq in the first air-to-air confrontation in more than six years in the year 1999.. Jan 07 In the year 1999 the impeachment trial of President. The People History Site from the Twenties to Current including news, events, popular culture, toys, fashions and our new line of Taking You Back In Time Products July August 2000's 1990's 1980's 1970's 1960's 1950's 1940's 1930's 1920's 1800' The year 1968 remains one of the most tumultuous single years in history, marked by historic achievements, shocking assassinations, a much-hated war and

The 20th century began without planes, televisions, and of course, computers. These inventions radically transformed the lives of people around the globe, with many changes originating in the United States. This century witnessed two world wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Holocaust in Europe, the Cold War, revolutionary social. It's also possible that you are thinking of famous people born on my birthday. These are individuals in all walks of life who shares my birthday and made history or did something great in the past worth remembering. There are 89,170 famous birthdays listed in our database 2010-2019: A Decade In Review - A comprehensive and insightful list of the decade's most memorable events... the breakthroughs, the heartbreaks, the giddying highs, the tragic lows, the. 1066 —The Norman Invasion: King Harold is killed at the Battle of Hastings, and William of Normandy is crowned King of England. Over succeeding decades, Norman French becomes the language of the courts and of the upper classes; English remains the language of the majority. Latin is used in churches and schools


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Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. Infoplease is a reference and learning site, combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and several almanacs loaded with facts This list takes a look at the 10 most seminal, historical, and influential events in the evolution of the United States of America. The lister tried to include 5 good and 5 bad events, but the bad won the numbers game. Readers of other nations are encouraged to submit lists of their own nations' most important events Historical Events for the Year 1970. 1st January » Unix time begins at 00:00:00 UTC/GMT. 4th January » A 1970 Tonghai earthquake named magnitude 7.7 earthquake strikes Tonghai County, China, killing at least 15,000 people. 7th January » The Punjab Legislative Council (Abolition) Act, 1969 comes into effect. 12th January » Biafra capitulates.


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As the setting for key historical events in European history: The Tower has been the setting for some of the most momentous events in European and British History. Its role as a stage upon which history has been enacted is one of the key elements which has contributed towards the Tower's status as an iconic structure Day by day listing of interesting historical events for September. Jump to: September 5 10 15 20 25. September 1. In 1883, she toured the great European cities to study famous historic sites but was deeply moved by the hunger and misery she found among the common people. She then founded Hull House in Chicago to serve the sick and poor and. History. The simple beginnings of documentary photography can be found in the work of the British photographer Philip Delamotte (1821-89), who was among the first artists to use photography as a means of recording important events - such as the disassembly of Crystal Palace - following the invention of calotype photography A chronology of key events: image caption Uluru, a sacred Aboriginal site, is one of Australia's best known attractions 40,000 BC - The first Aborigines arrive from south-east Asia

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One of Britain's most famous horse racing events, The Grand National is held each year in early April at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. Run over a distance of 4 miles 856 yards, there are thirty fences that horses are required to jump. Total prize money on offer for The Grand National winners totals 900,000 (2009 prize fund) 5 Famous Historical Events You Won't Believe Happened Twice Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Reddit. By: Steve Shapiro May 10, 2013. Advertisement. Someone, presumably with a love of tequila and regret, once said that if we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. If that's true, we think we should stop studying it in hopes that. And one of Britain's most famous businesses, Marks & Spencer, began its life as a humble market stall in Leeds Kirkgate Market. 21st Century Leeds . Leeds is a thoroughly wired up place. Leeds IT companies host more than a third of all UK Internet traffic and there are more ISDN lines per head of population than any other major city in the world The civil rights movement was an organized effort by black Americans to end racial discrimination and gain equal rights under the law. It began in the late 1940s and ended in the late 1960s The Drapers' history goes back over 800 years, but most of what you see today dates from the 19 th century. It's one of many impressive historical sights in London, with an interior that is especially magnificent. The highlight is the splendid Banqueting Hall, which is often used for events

The events take place simultaneously on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the August bank holiday weekend, sharing the same bill. The Reading Festival is held at Little John's Farm on Richfield Avenue in central Reading, near the Caversham Bridge. The Leeds event is held at Bramham Park, near Wetherby, the grounds of a historic house What Happened In My Birth Year offers a look into the past and history surrounding your birthday, and was created by Philipp Lenssen. Some content is from Creative Commons licensed Wikipedia with credit to its individual authors; this site is also CC licensed. Covers are reproduced under fair use and copyright to their individual publishers April. Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival Themed on Whisky, Food, Music and the Heritage & Culture of Speyside, the Festival offers a wide array of quality events. www.spiritofspeyside.com. Edinburgh Science Festival The Edinburgh Science Festival is an annual science festival taking place across the Easter school holidays in Edinburgh. Each year it delivers the UK's largest Science Festival.

As you scan the list, think about which events were the most important. After the timeline, this article identifies and briefly discusses what might be considered the 10 most significant economic events of the year. Timeline of Key Economic Events in 2003. Jan 1: One Euro is worth US $1.03 in the world's foreign exchange markets 17th Century Hawaii History Timeline. 1627 - Spanish sailors visit Hawaii, describe volcanic eruption in ship's log. 18th Century Hawaii History Timeline. 1778 - Englishman James Cook of the British navy discovered Hawaii.. 1780's - Other European and US trading ships began to arrive on their way to China. Disease brought from other parts of the world killed many of the Hawaiians People named the top 10 most memorable events of American history in their lifetimes, from the Apollo 11 moon landing to President Barack Obama's election By restoring the historic New Amsterdam Theatre on 42nd Street, Disney became the catalyst for a successful makeover of the famous Times Square area. A musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame opened in Berlin, Germany in 1999. By 1996, there were more than 450 Disney Stores worldwide, and by 1999 that number was up to 725 With Marcus Brigstocke, Danny Robins, Dan Tetsell, Andy Crockett

2004 August - In 14th attempt since 1991 to restore central government, a new transitional parliament inaugurated at ceremony in Kenya. In October the body elects Abdullahi Yusuf as president 361 reviews of Westminster Abbey I remember Westminster Abbey primarily for the tortuously long church services I had to sit through at school. The Abbey is visually and historically fascinating. I however, used to be sternly told off by the deputy head for paying more attention to the grave stones, memorials and plaques of writing adorning the walls than to the sermon going on Sean O'Hagan. Sun 2 May 2004 08.30 EDT. T his year, pop - or, more accurately, rock'n'roll, a term which suddenly seems almost quaint - is 50 years old. Its date of birth, like its trajectory, is. A chronology of key events: 1801 - United Kingdom formed by union of the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland. 1815 - Role in defeating Napoleon's French Empire leads to Britain becoming pre.

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In 1971, two major events the National Steel Band Festival 31 July - 2 August and the reintroduction of the Steel Band Tramp, both organised by the National History and Arts Council and the Steel Band Association, reinvigorated new life and interest in this aspect of Guyana's culture 5 10 15 20 25. February 1. February 1, 1960 - In Greensboro, North Carolina, four African American students sat down and ordered coffee at a lunch counter inside a Woolworth's store. They were refused service, but did not leave. Instead, they waited all day. The scene was repeated over the next few days, with protests spreading to other southern states, resulting in the eventual arrest of over. 1824: The first Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is founded in England by Richard Martin, Arthur Broome, and William Wilberforce. 5. 1835: The first Cruelty to Animal Act is passed.

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Important world events of 2005 1. The failure of the European Constitution. By voting against the European Constitutional Treaty at a national referendum, France caused heated debates on the future of the European Union. 2. A terrorist act in London overshadowed the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, and spoiled Britons' joy over London's election a State Opening of Parliament. Each Parliamentary year begins in May when The Queen officially opens Parliament... Feature. Changing the Guard. Feature. Remembrance Day. The Queen leads the nation in remembering those who have died in world wars and conflicts. Chelsea Flower Show. Corporal Cruachan IV prepares for Changing the Guard

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The World's Most Important Event Every Year Since 1920. Angelo Young, John Harrington. August 30, 2020 8:49 am. Over the past 100 years, we've witnessed some of the most profound changes in. Important Events and People of the Fourteenth Century. Origins of the Cold War. Palin life. People of the Northeast-Teeter's Class . History of Kappa Gamma Chi Sorority. Hillis-Tedder AP Art History Timeline. Medical History Timeline . History of New Mexico. Rights of women, migrants and indigenous 15th Century Georgia History Timeline. 1498 - May 20 - Italian explorer John Cabot leaves Dursey Head (Ireland) and makes a 2nd trip to explore North America. On this trip Cabot have have explored the coast of Georgia . 16th Century Georgia History Timeline. 16th Century - Creek controlled almost all of Georgia. 1526 - September 29 - First colony on mainland America is established by Lucas. The major event of this year was the London Olympic Games, which finished with the USA on top of the medal tally, above China and the UK. The superstar was Usain Bolt winning the 100/200m double again. The biggest story to rock the sporting world was the banning of Lance Armstrong, and stripping of his 7 Tour de France titles Famous February 1 Birthdays including Harry Styles, Stormi Webster, Justin Blake, ImAllexx, Ronda Rousey and many more. Rick James (1948-2004) Funk Singer. 31. Thaddeaus Ek, 13 TV Actor. 32. Alejandro Silva, 19 TikTok Star. 33. Big Boi, 46 Rapper. 34. Lauren Conrad, 35 Reality Star. 35. Natesougly, 2 WWE held a number of UK specific PPVs during the turn of the millennium, most famous being the Rebellion and Insurrextion events that happened four times each. The final installment of the Rebellion PPV in 2002 saw a rare WWE Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Edge in the main event.. The match was technically a 2-on-1 handicap match with Paul Heyman tagging with Lesnar, but it was.