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What soft drink product came in tablets that dissolved in water? 2. What food product came in garden salad, Italian salad, seasoned tomato, and celery flavors for a brief period in the 1960s? 3. What soup, sold in the 1960s, came in flavors such as Goofy Cream of Chicken, Mickey Mouse Cream of Tomato, and Donald Duck Chicken Vegetable? 4 Top Quizzes with Similar Tags. Match the Flavors 10; British Sports Cars of 1960s 8; Follow That Lyric ('60s Songs) 6; 1960s Match-Up 5; Inventions by Decade 3 'Pop' Foods 3; Vietnam War Era Match-Up 2; Quotable Slogans II The biggest shame remains that some of the very best snack foods get taken away as time rolls on and brands discontinue your go-to vending machine grab. As a consolation prize, we've concocted this quiz, which tours some of the best vintage snacks from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s

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  1. Trivia and Interesting Information From This Quiz. Yakisoba noodles are made from wheat flour and flavored with a thick sauce and sometimes contains vegetables or meat. First seen as a Japanese street food in the early 1900s, yakisoba (and other Japanese noodle dishes) became popular in the U.S. beginning in the 1960s
  2. Take this quiz to see how well you can hang. The 1960s were a popular decade, even if you weren't born then. The '60s were one of those decades that are highlighted on social media as something people survived in the eyes of people today. But if you lived during the '60s, it was a decade of freedom
  3. Who had hits in the 60s with 'Don't Treat Me Like a Child', 'You Don't Know' and 'Fever'? 3. Which puppet was designed in 1962 and was originally voiced by Ivan Owen? 4. In which year of the 60s was the film of 'The Sound of Music' released? 5.The 'trimphone' was a famous gadget from the Sixties and the first four.
  4. Test your knowledge of the 1960s history with this trivia quiz. The sixties saw the assassination of J F Kennedy, one of the most loved presidents of America. This era also sparked many civil rights protests but ended on a high note with man's first landing on the moon. What else can you remember about this decade? Take the test and find out
  5. At the start of the 1960s, Dutch-Canadian food chemist Edward Asselbergs developed instant mashed potato flakes. Later, Cadbury's launched Smash in the UK, a brand that quickly gained a loyal.
  6. The 1960s was a landmark time for all genres of TV. From drama and comedy to sci-fi and thrillers, the decade was filled with classic moments and beloved shows that have become indelible pieces of the cultural landscape. So, whether you were there the first time or just saw the reruns, we've put together something just for fans of classic TV
  7. By the middle of the 20th century, a confluence of factors-a rise in supermarkets and pre-packaged food, an advertising boom, a renewed fascination with classical European cooking, extreme growth in the middle class, among others-led to a truly singular culinary milieu.Even today, and even if you didn't live through it the first time, chances are you can recognize some 1950s and 1960s.

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  1. The '60s may have been swinging. But as far as food was concerned, the decade was a little bit repulsive. Similar to food from the 1950s, 1960s foods involved more tuna, more Jell-O salads, and cream of peanut soup? Yeah, we're not sure who came up with that dish, either
  2. This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 1960. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, interesting foods, sports facts, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 1960s-themed trivia quiz
  3. 1960's Modern History Fun Quiz. This Quiz covers the 1960s questions include What was the name of the unsuccessful Cuban invasion attempt, what year did the construction of the Berlin Wall begin and many more . Question 1 1. Who did John F. Kennedy defeat in the US Presidential election in 1960
  4. 60s Films Quiz Round 1. On which Side of New York was the musical Story about rival gangs? Who starred as Cleopatra and married co-star Richard Burton? With which country is Lawrence associated in the film with Peter O'Toole? Which role did Warren Beatty play to Faye Dunaway's Bonnie? What type of Cowboy was Jon Voight in the 1969 film
  5. A fast food item that has stood the test of time, this has been on the menu since the 1960s and even has a sauce named after it. In 2018, for a limited time, it was made available in three sizes.
  6. food quiz 1960s cereal. Can you find the ONE cereal that was not introduced in the 1960s? Use your sweet tooth to find the outlier. July 18, 2019, 11:58AM By: MeTV Staff. Share. The Sixties were a revolutionary era, from music to fashion to politics. That societal change trickled all the way down to breakfast cereals
  7. gly everything — be it television, music, movies, or food - was geared directly towards children.If you grew up in the '60s, we bet you recall all of these 15 foods we tracked down

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  1. Win the Super Awesome Great Job Prize by getting a perfect score in the 1960s Trivia Game! 10 quiz questions to test your knowledge of '60s history
  2. g to the UK from former British colonies certainly had an effect on the food us Brits were eating during 1960. It really was the year that Indian restaurants began to flourish and it's when we first got our taste for one of our (now) national dishes.
  3. 30 food and drink quiz questions to test the foodie in your life. We've put together a fun quiz to put your general knowledge to the test - answers included. cambridgenews. Share ; By
  4. 48 different 1960s Quizzes on JetPunk.com. Check out our popular trivia games like 1960s Catchphrases, and Who Did That 1960s Song #
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Can anyone ace this Australian food and drink quiz included in this post? Check whether this deliciously difficult or easy. This is a good opportunity to test your knowledge on Australian Food, meanwhile you will become an expert in Australian food quiz. Kids and adults of any age would enjoy this quiz! Try out General Knowledge Quiz Pre 1920s Quiz 1920s Quiz 1930s Quiz 1940s Quiz 1950s Quiz 1960s Quiz 1970s Quiz 1980s Quiz 1990s Quiz 2000s Quiz 1990s Quiz Music History Quiz Movies History Quiz Sports History Quiz. Which popular fast food chain restaurant was first opened in 1955? Question 33 33. What popular toy was first introduced by Wham-O in.

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  1. Tags: Food Quiz, 1960, America, Available, breakfast, Cereal, Manufacturer. Top Quizzes Today. Top Quizzes Today in Miscellaneous. Sign Spelling Slip-Ups 734; The Either-Or Quiz 337; Liquor Bottles by Picture 196; Clickable Mixables 170; Name 10 in 30: Logos 150; Giant Honeycomb 85; Pick a Deep Fried Food 60
  2. Feb 9, 2017. This was the psychedelic era. Everyone wanted to come up with weird names for their bands. Strawberry Alarm Clock, Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Electric Prunes, 13th Floor Elevators, Blues Magoos, Balloon Farm, Southwest FOB, Bubble Puppy, Mouse and the Traps, The Shadows of Knight and many, many more
  3. Featured in this session - 1960's Interactive Trivia Questions or Quiz - Part 3. Welcome to The Trivia Source. We offer a wide range of interactive trivia on a broad range of subjects! Check out this quiz & let us know what you think
  4. If you were a teenager or young adult in the 1960s, it's fun to answer the trivia questions on your own. It's even more fun to turn it into a game with friends and family. Some places to play are: Your local senior center ; Family gatherings ; A dinner or a party with friends ; A church potluck or small group gatherin
  5. Enjoy Our Range of 1960's Britain Programmes. David Edgerton attacks outdated views of the British nation and the British Empire during the 20th century with his new book. He revitalises discussion about declinist views of empire, and challenges the idea that the new British nation was forged in World War Two by Britain's isolation. Listen Now

The Ultimate Greek Food Trivia Quiz! The Ultimate Vikings History Quiz! Sloth or Goth? The Ultimate Romans Quiz. The Ultimate Plants Trivia Quiz The Ultimate 1960s Trivia Quiz! Play our Ultimate Pasta Quiz. Play our Awesome Celts Quiz? How Well Do You Know France? What Kind of Bread Are You? Do you know the History of Christmas? Would You. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Who was the youngest United States president to ever to be elected. 1960's DRAFT. 5th grade. 339 times. History, Social Studies. 81% average accuracy. 7 months ago. melissahendrix. 6. Save. Edit. Edit. 1960's DRAFT. 7 months ago. by melissahendrix. Played 339 times. 6. 5th grade . History, Social Studies. 81%.

Watching TV in the 1960s. By the early 1960s, only about 10% of the US population was without a television set. Viewers had a whopping three channels to choose from: ABC, CBS, and NBC. With the advent of this relatively new communication method, people got to watch the Nixon-Kennedy presidential debate from the comfort of their couches and see. Kraft Velveeta Cheese (1960) # | » via | buy on eBay. Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Harland Sanders (1966) # | » via | buy on eBay | more restaurant. For a different spin to your run-of-the-mill school quizzes, have a go at this 8th grade test from 1912 or 1895 exam. Don't forget to get your IQ score in this intelligence test . We draw inspiration from food and world travel, to music and movies , helping us create smile-inducing personality quizzes even if you only have just ten minutes away. If you're an old soul who loves the nostalgia of the 60s, then you'll love this Women.com quiz! Do you really know everything there is to know about the history and culture of the 1960s, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Elvis Presley to Beatlemania to Doris Day to the Cold War to John F. Kennedy Take our fun 1950s trivia for seniors quiz and find out if your memory is still as good as it used to be. Bestseller No. 1. Flickback 1950's Movie Trivia Playing Cards: 65th or 70th Birthday. Full 52-card deck. Shrink-wrapped in hard plastic jewel case. $10.95. Read Reviews. Bestseller No. 2

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1960s lyrics quiz: Can you complete the lyrics and name these 1960s classics? THE 1960s gave us some great music from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sir Tom Jones and more - but can you complete the. The 1960s was a time of upheaval in virtually every part of American culture. From music to civil rights, here are just some of the noteworthy events that went down during this incredible decade

The '60s were a time of change. Today is a time for trivia Trivia Quizzes - Food & Drink For registered users tells you you've taken it. Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%) 1 : The 1950s and 1960s: Business, Food & Drink : Samurai Sam: 1,300: 35.4: 15 : French Cuisine Terminology: Food & Drink : grant228: 343: 69.9: 16 : Girl Scout Cookies- America's Favorite Cookie: Food. Every Answer To This Quiz Is A 6-Letter Food - Can You Get 14/20? It's only 6 letters. I'll Be Impressed If You Score 12/15 On This General Knowledge Quiz (feat

Test your trivia knowledge with our selection of 60s music quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best quiz night, check out our free sixties music quizzes with 60s trivia questions regularly updated by Challenge The Brain 1960's Quiz. What was the name of the famous English four piece band that came out of Liverpool? Hint: named after an insect. Join our Newslett... Read More. War Time Song Quiz. Quizzes like this are great to keep minds active and involved in... Read More. Quiz Ball Activity Amendments to food and drug law in 1960 required manufacturers to establish the safety of what kind of additives to foods, drugs, and cosmetics? a. color b. preservative Popular searches : movies, 1960s, science, food. Science Quiz. 7/10 is the score to beat in this Science quiz to put yourself over the average quiz taker. 6/10 is what people on average are scoring in this Food & Beverage quiz so far

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Food and drink answers. In 1991, a court ruled that Jaffa Cakes were a cake and not a biscuit (which meant that a lower rate of VAT applied to them) Gregg Wallace. Mayonnaise, ketchup and. Question 1 (out of 10): The first US combat troops arrived in Vietnam in: From the solar system to the world economy to educational games, Fact Monster has the info kids are seeking. Our site is COPPA and kidSAFE-certified, so you can rest assured it's a safe place for kids to grow and explore. 2000. Tough Trivia Quiz For The Smartest! 6/10 is the score to beat in this General Trivia 06/2019 quiz to put yourself over the average quiz taker. But you're probably going to be able to answer questions Which 1928 D. H. Lawrence novel was banned in the UK until 1960? and What body of water is to the north of North America 23 Incredible Pictures Of Motown In The 1960s During the 1960s, the Motown Record Corporation revolutionized the music industry and transformed the shape of music to come. by Gabriel H. Sanche Feb 14, 2018 - Explore Bonnie Matthews's board 1960s trivia on Pinterest. See more ideas about trivia, quiz, trivia questions

So much so that in the late 1960s, the first Indian and Chinese 'convenience foods' became available: the famous Vesta curries and Vesta Chow Mein, the first taste for many Britons of 'foreign food'. Also about this time a new drink in town appeared - lager. This light cold beer was the perfect partner for the new spicy food Food and beverages are some of the most important factors in our existence, yet they're often overlooked because of their constant presence in our lives. Take these 35 Food and Drink Quiz Questions and Answers to test your knowledge on your favorite food and drinks. Food and Drink Quiz Questions and Answer Mar 11, 2018 - Printable 1960s Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers. Mar 11, 2018 - Printable 1960s Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Are you a foodie looking for a great Pizza Quiz? Perfect! You can find below a 5-round quiz about pizza. This includes a picture round, trivia questions about pizza and multiple choice! It's perfect for people who love food but also history and geography as there are some questions related to that as well

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The '90s were filled with hilarious sitcoms, edgy music, and fashion trends that still hold up today. There's so much to love about the time before the new millennium. As an ode to some of the greatest years of the 20th century, we put together a quiz to see how much you remember about '90s pop culture. The answers are listed at the bottom of. 1960s Trivia Game. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: The s Quizzes There are questions on this topic The science of food; the nutrients and the substances there in; their action, interaction and balance in relation to health and disease; and the process by which the organism ingests, digest, absorbs, transports, utilize and excretes for substances. Projected growth _____ per year from 2014 to 2024. 5%. BS Core Food Science Curriculum. Chemistry

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  1. Popular searches : movies, 1960s, science, food General trivia quiz 6/10 is what people on average are scoring in this General knowledge (01-04-2021) quiz so far
  2. 1960 s Quizzes. Can you recognize this technology of 1966? Can you fill in these blank classic TV episode titles with the correct foods? Try to name all the famous people on magazine covers in 1979. Pick: Do you consider these musicians one-hit wonders? Contact.
  3. Popular searches : movies, 1960s, 5/10 is the score to beat in this Food & cooking 28-07-2020 quiz to put yourself over the average quiz taker. But you're probably going to be able to answer questions What colour is the flesh of a kiwi fruit? and Refried beans are never made out of which bean? easy! Take this quiz now
  4. The 1960s. In February 1962 which UK newspaper became the first to produce a colour supplement? Which famous western leader died on January 24th 1965? Debuting in US TV in January 1968, which TV series introduced Goldie Hawn to the world? Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space in April 1961, what was the name of the craft? Where were the.
  5. From the thousands of fast food locations, one would find around the United States and even around the world, do you know enough to pass this True or False quiz? Fast food was a concept that was created in the early 1920s. What started off as one restaurant would grow into a multibillion-dollar fast food industry
  6. In 1960 there were 4,500 malls in the US, and they accounted for approximately 14% of the country's retail sales; 15 years later the relevant figures had leapt up to 16,400 malls and 33%. In the US, the first shopping mall (the Northland Center) had appeared in 1954 in Detroit and this new type of shopping centre had proven extremely popular

60s music quiz questions and answers: Test your 60s knowledge - can YOU beat the quiz? 60S MUSIC is some of the best of the 20th century - but can you beat Express.co.uk's ultimate quiz The drug LSD became popular in the 1960s, leading the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to designate it an experimental drug in 1962. Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary, pictured here, became an. According to Maggie Valentine's The Show Starts on the Sidewalk, theater owners were successful in their efforts: From 1948 to 1956, despite a 50 percent decrease in theater attendance.

100 food and drink quiz answers. 1. Banana. 2. It was made up by the RAF during the Second World War. 3. Coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma in emergencies. 4. The United. ANSWER KEY. Tally the number of correct answers. 1. b. From 1952 to 1963 parents had to supply real potatoes for the body of Mr. Potato Head, until 1964 when Hasbro introduced a hard plastic body. QUIZZES. Who are these 1970's Actresses? Use Their Hair for Clues. QUIZZES. Name All 10 TV Show Homes from the '70s. QUIZZES. Test Your TV Knowledge and See if You Remember All of these TV Families' Last Name. Go to page 1. Go to page 2

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TV Adverts Quiz - Answers. 1) Stays sharp to the bottom of the glass Harp lager. 2) Hands that do dishes that are soft as your face Fairy Liquid. 3) The sweet you can eat between meals Milky Way. 4) It is. are you? The Independent There's a lot of love about for the 1990s. The Spice Girls, Trainspotting, Harry Potter - what an era it was. But how well do you remember it? Let's put it to the test with our general knowledge. Condé Nast. With her short, slicked down hair, androgynous figure, big eyes, and long eyelashes, Twiggy was the definitive It Girl of the 1960s. Women spent hours in front of the mirror trying applying three layers of fake eyelashes and coating them in mascara to get her signature look. Despite her petite frame, Twiggy's waist-to-hip ratio. Health costs have increased exponentially since the 1960s. So in reality, we have less money to spend on food now, than we did in 1960. From 1941 to 1960, price inflation was very erratic, moving from high spikes to short periods of deflation. In 1960, prices stabilized with relatively mild inflationary rates Print. Last week the Beach Boys, an iconic symbol of 1960s California, announced that the band may reunite for a 60 th anniversary tour. But surf culture was just one small slice of L.A. life.

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could buy all your food in one shop. Houses. In the 1960s, tower blocks were considered a solution to the housing shortage caused by second world war damage and increased population. Computers. 1962 The first computer video game, Spacewar, is invented. 1964 The first successful Minicomputer, Digital Equipment Corporation's 12-bit PDP-8, is. Maxwell House Coffee (1953) # | » via | buy on eBay. Post's Sugar Crisp Cereal Ad Bears (1951) # | » via | buy on eBay. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee's Pizza Pie Mix (1958) # | » via | buy on eBay. Gold Medal's 5 minute Raised Coffee Breads (1953) # | » via | buy on eBay. Burgers (1958 60s Music Quiz Questions Round 1. What was Helen Shapiro Walking Back to in 1961? What was Venus wearing in 1962 according to Mark Wynter? What was the occupation of Lonnie Donegan's old man? In which part of town was Petula Clark in the 19605? Who was Cher's first singing partner with a hit song? Who was lead singer with the Supremes

The 1960s was a time of upheaval in virtually every part of American culture. From music to civil rights, here are just some of the noteworthy events that went down during this incredible decade The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized It's Academic as the world's longest-running TV quiz show. Started in 1961 on NBC4 in Washington D.C., the program continues as America's foremost high school quiz. The school year 2020-2021 is our 60th season of telecasts.. Winner of many broadcast prizes, including eight Emmy Awards, It's Academic is endorsed by the National Association of.

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Chapter 4 quiz. Number of people living below the poverty line in 2012. The level of income that the federal government considers sufficient to meet basic requirements of food, shelter, and clothing. Believed in the myth of individualism. Those in need were viewed as lazy, unintelligent, or as justly punished for their sinful ways The Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds' Quiz. How well do you know The Beach Boys' 11th studio album, 'Pet Sounds'? Test your knowledge with our quiz below! More Music Quizzes Printable 1970s Trivia. Copied! While the 1970s were known as the 'Me' Decade, this was also a time that saw great societal change: The Beatles split, President Richard Nixon resigned, and the Vietnam War finally ended. The period was also known for the birth of disco and punk rock, Sea Monkeys, Rubik's cubes and yes, even streaking Food & Drink. Stay In. for the quiz master's eyes only - so no racing ahead and cheating. Which city centre nightclub was run under a different name by George Best in the 1960s? 3) Opened.

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The 1960s: American Pop Culture History. The 1960s were one of the most creative periods in modern man's history. Whether it was due to experimentation with drugs or anger over the Vietnam War, the 1960s were an overwhelming decade. The Assassinations of JFK and MLK shocked the US. The Beatles came across the pond and changed music forever 4. In 1960, students in what Southern city launched a sit-in movement, sitting at counters in restaurants where black patrons were not served? 5. What brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis. 1960s The first celebrity TV cook, and the first to present food as a form of TV entertainment, was Fanny Cradock. 1970s and 1980s Cradock set the tone for Graham Kerr's The Galloping Gourmet (1969-71) and for Robert Carrier and Keith Floyd (1980s) adventures. 1990s The celeb-chef fest that was Ready Steady Cook and Gordon Ramsay hit our screens

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Pub quiz questions. Question 606. Where would the 1940 summer Olympic games have been held? Answer. Literature(6) 1940s(6) 1950s(6) 1970s(6) 1960s(6) Notes. 1940 through 1970 . Question 626. In which year did the first winter Olympics not happen in the same year as the summer Olympics? Answer. 1994 (Norway) Categories. Sports(7) Olympics(7. With so many straight-laced teens in the 1950s, it was only natural that there would be a backlash. Welcome to the 1960s! Free love, flower power, hippies, psychedelic drugs, and political mayhem -- these were the trends of a decade that saw upheaval of social mores and cultural behaviors.As The Beatles rocked and Bob Dylan rolled, the world saw changes in the political climate (Vietnam War. 1940s 2000s Just For Fun Styles Era Belong. Do you ever feel like you don't belong in this time? You can take this quiz to find out where you feel like you could belong and do you really belong in this era. Add to library 29 Discussion 115 The NFL Quiz Designed to Make Your Head Explode. Take Quiz. Can You Name These Basketball Teams From Just a Portion of the Logo? Take Quiz. Can You Name These Baseball Teams From Just a Portion of the Logo? Take Quiz. Can You Name These Soccer Teams From a Portion of Their Logo? Start sports quiz set bobbelieu: June 22 was National Onion Ring Day, where we learned that this burger joint, which began in 1923 as a drive-in in Sacramento, CA, is credited for popularizing onion rings in the United States in the 1960s The answer is Sacramento, CA but that is totally wrong. A&W started in my hometown, about 40 miles to the south of Sacto in Lodi. Went there regularly

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No matter who you are or where you come from, always remember Auguste Gusteau's words: Anyone can cook.. Whether or not you were born to be a five-star chef, we think you have a lot more in common with Ratatouille characters than you think! Select your birth date and find out which one you're most like: 1 The moment Italy won Euro 2020. Photograph: Carl Recine/R Were you paying attention to the 51 games played in 11 cities in 11 countries from 11 June to 11 July? Last modified on Tue 13 Jul.

Advertisement. After the success we had with 15 Fabulous Ads From The 1960s, we decided to continue our vintage ads series with another decade from The Golden Era of Advertisement -yes, the 1950s. Furthermore, we figured out that you guys will want to see even more cool ads, so we raised the bar from 15 to 20 Trivia quiz show game played against computer opponents. Categories include pop music, movies, geography, science, computer, literature, classical music and mor Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Your Mom? Be honest, how many of you actually know #5? By Lane Moore and Carina Hsieh. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Apr 6, 2016. Quiz: Which Famous. In the 1960s, Allen Chin was a member of Anacostia High School's It's Academic squad. Last month, his grandson Noah Chin competed on the McLean High team — virtually, of course. Story. A dynamic and active Sports Quiz for you! These breathtaking questions are perfect for those who adore sports or do sports! Test your memory and challenge yourself! All the best oldies are here in our 80s Music Quiz! The 80s is the decade rich for music discoveries. Let's see how well you remember the decade: take our enthralling quiz