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  1. The best album credited to Foals is Total Life Forever which is ranked number 1,239 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 1,466. Foals is ranked number 440 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 4,290
  2. Best album from Foals, great from start to finish. Even a couple of weaker tracks as Stepson and every time don't really spoil it because the others are just awesome. Inhaler, My Number, and Providence are powerful songs, Late Night, Milk & Black Spiders and Moon are really beautiful ones. And Prelude is a great opener as well
  3. ute and a half which, when combined with the crashing drums, creates an atmosphere so taut that the rush of it being broken is absolutely exhilarating
  4. The best album by Foals is Total Life Forever which is ranked number 1239 in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of 1,466
  5. Foals Following the release of the propulsive UK rock band's third and best album Holy Fire last month, frontman Yannis Philippakis talks with Laura Snapes about not hiding behind lyrics, feeling..
  6. WWD is regarded as the worst Foals record in here?? crazy bastards. Each album has been a steady incline to greatness. Their songwriting has continually evolved in the best way possible. All Im worried about is how much of that was due to Walter and if the next album will be able to carry the torch without him
  7. Foals: Their 10 Best Songs - Ranked. By Jazz Monroe. 28th May 2015. We took a break from looking forward to their fourth album to look back on their best tunes so far

The 10 best Foals songs. From Oxford sweatboxes to Wembley Stadium, these songs show how Yannis and co conquered the UK. Written by Al Horner. Foals' acclaimed fourth album The new Foals LP feels like the completion of an unplanned trilogy—Total Life Forever embraced commitment, Holy Fire yearned for liberation, and this is the band recoiling from the blowback 17) Rock Island (1989) As ever with Anderson there are some lovely songs on a record he wrote in part of the Isle of Skye. The title track is a study of isolation, Strange Avenues, according to Anderson's liner notes, a sequel to the Aqualung setting.Kissing Willie was less subtle though, and came with a Storm Thorgerson video based on Benny Hill that Anderson went along with. The official music video for Foals - The RunnerTaken from their sixth studio album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2 released in 2019, which feature..

The official music video for Foals - What Went DownTaken from their fourth studio album What Went Down released in 2019, which featured the singles What Went.. Antidotes is clearly their best album, the most original, upbeat and adventurous. TLF is a good follow-up and maintain the spirit of youngness (it's like Foals' Favourite Worst Nightmare). Holy Fire marks them growing up and exchanging their upbeat style of a DIFFERENT kind of music Explore releases from Foals at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Foals at the Discogs Marketplace Foals' new album: Everything we know so far about 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Pt.2'. The Oxford band's second album of the year is due in October. By Tom Connick. 1st August 2019.

While there are lots of bands dealing in either danceable rock or navel-gazing pop, few bands combine the two quite like Foals.On Holy Fire, the third album from the English band, the post-punk revival is given a newfound sense of depth, creating songs that are rhythmic enough to draw listeners, but hypnotic enough to leave listeners lost in their wide-open spaces Information on Foals. Complete discography, ratings, reviews and more 7. Nirvana, 'Nevermind' (1991) One of the most recognizable album covers of all time features an underwater naked baby reaching for a dollar bill on a string. It's a sad statement about the values. After the international chart success of 2013's Holy Fire, Foals officially embrace that album's rich, atmospheric post-punk revivalism over the rawer math rock tendencies of earlier LPs for their fourth full-length, What Went Down.Only ghostly traces of math rock remain on the album, such as when sustained synths wash over interlocking drum-guitar meters on the closer, A Knife in the Ocean Stream FOALS music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud. Help your audience discover your sounds. Let your audience know what to hear first. With any Pro plan, get Spotlight to showcase the best of your music & audio at the top of your profile. Learn more about Pro

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8/10. In 2015 Foals released their much anticipated fourth recording, What Went Down. That album could be best described as a collection of aggressive intense rock tunes that have come to define Foals' sound. In January of this year, the band announced they would soon be releasing not one but two albums in the following months Alexis Petridis's album of the week Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2 review - grandiose designs. 3 out of 5 stars. What promised to be the state-of-the-nation address to top. Foals is a rock band which formed in Oxford, England in 2005. The band consists of Yannis Philippakis (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Smith (guitar), Edwin Congreave (keyboards) and Jack Bevan (drums). The band has released six albums: Antidotes (2008), Total Life Forever (20 read mor The Fall Albums From Worst To Best. Counting Down February 12, 2015 1:06 PM By Robert Ham. If it's me and your granny on bongos, it's the Fall.. So sayeth Mark E. Smith (MES), the. The Jethro Tull Christmas Album was released during September of 2003 and it proved to be their best album in years. It may not be a traditional Christmas album in the truest sense of the phrase, but in an odd way the music captures the spirit of the season

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Foals. Foals' first four albums all peaked in the UK Top 10 including 2013's Holy Fire. Their Top 40 singles include My Number and Cassius. 22.12 This year promises multiple albums, or swift follow-ups, from Foals, the 1975 and Ryan Adams, the latter of whom has promised three lengthy albums this year, perhaps hoping to bore the world out. Follow & Subscribe for album updates, latest news, tour announcements and more! By submitting my information, I agree to By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about Foals based on my information, interests, activities,. For Foals, the loss has been twofold.Having amicably parted ways with bassist Walter Gervers during 2017, and having seen many of their contemporaries fall by the wayside, it is apparent that Foals have something to prove.. Throughout a career spanning over a decade, the band have retained their success, proving their ability to mould and metamorphose audibly between releases and Everything.

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  1. Interestingly, Foals ' album titling logo has also been removable since 2010's Total Life Forever, as a sticker on the cover or part of the album's exterior wrapping.It's as if to say, HERE IS A FOALS ALBUM once, so you notice it, then never again because you'll never forget it. This towering inevitability rooted itself in patchwork across that capricious sophomore outing and.
  2. Fall Out Boy albums ranked from worst to best by Pete Wentz The definitive ranking of Fall Out Boy's albums from worst to best, according to the band's bassist and lyricis
  3. Elvis Presley's Sun Sessions, which topped Dave Marsh's 1976 album list in The Book of Rock Lists, is missing for the same reason; likewise worthy 1976 best-ofs from Jim Croce, the Eagles, Grand Funk, the Monkees, Ohio Players, John Prine and Linda Ronstadt, and the risqué opium-den Tea Pad Songs Volume Two blues compilation on Stash Records

Features Best Psychedelic Albums: 30 Essential Records To Expand Your Mind. The best psychedelic albums, both sonically and spiritually, are guaranteed to take your head to places it never went. Patti Smith is one of life's rare unique creatures. A poet, author, photographer and all-round force of nature, the 72-year-old changed the face of rock'n'roll in the mid-70s when her debut album, Horses, appeared, sounding like nothing else that had gone before it.It helped to kickstart the punk rock revolution while remoulding the traditional foundations of rock music for her own means Cute Foals of the Week for March 15. The Life. March 15th, 2021 by Melissa Bauer-Herzog. Wikimedia Commons. In this weekly piece, we'll bring you the best of new arrivals to the Thoroughbred world. So sit back, relax, and take in the Cute Foals of the Week for 2021! Need cute baby horses in your life 24/7 Here are the 100 Best Indie Folk Albums of All Time: 100. Stornoway: Beachcomber's Windowsill (2010) With bouncy bass lines and bright vocals, British chamber-pop quartet Stornoway recalls all. In April came the Joshua album with its #1 title track, and in October came the Coat of Many Colors album with two top-20 hits, including the title track, perhaps the best song Parton ever wrote.

Foals | The official website of Foals | News, Tour Dates, Videos, Photos and more Follow & Subscribe for album updates, latest news, tour announcements and more! By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about Foals based on my. Features The Greatest Album Covers: 100 Pioneering Sleeve Designs. From indelible images to perfect portraits, the 100 greatest album covers provoke and awe just as much as the contents inside

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There was alt-pop from incredible artists old and new, another wave of grime excellence and two whole Foals albums. Yes, 2019 was a great finish to the decade, musically-speaking. These are the. Stealin Horses. Profile: Rock - country group from Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. Their name is an ancient Native American rite of passage in which young warriors stole horses from nearby tribes. Members: John Durno, Kiya Heartwood, Kopana Terry, Mandy Meyer. Variations The best trip-hop owed plenty both to the art of mixing and the cut-and-paste aesthetic of the 1980s, which is why a handful of releases on this list are mix CDs rather than albums Omegah by 9 Horses, releases 06 August 2021 1. Omegah 2. S7rophe 3. a new machine 4. the grain of the wood of the frame 5. Max Richter's Dreams 6. the water underdstands 7. all the beautiful Rockwood kids 8. let's just make it me and you Known for its virtuosic improvisations and wide-ranging stylistic flexibility, the experimental chamber ensemble 9 Horses has announced the release of its. Radio X picks the best albums to be released in 2019: from the experimentation of Foals and The S.L.P. to the rise of the singer-songwiter with Sam Fender and Jade Bird. 2019 has been another.

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Live4ever's Best Albums Of 2021So Far: Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend. Live4ever 30 June, 2021. This week, Live4ever is shining the spotlight on some of our favourite albums and tracks of 2021. The Pretty Reckless | Death By Rock N Roll. A five-year gap between albums proved to be more than worth it as Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless returned with one of the best rock albums of the. Settling on even the best 15 indie rock records proved quite the task. The list could easily be hundreds of albums long, and probably should be. Band of Horses' first album is a doozie. And with Manson's 9th studio album, The Pale Emperor, arriving this coming January, I wanted to take the time to rank his albums. This was an extremely difficult [] [From Worst To Best.

The Oxford rock band Foals takes a big swing in one of the group's most ambitious albums to date; and singer Patty Griffin has a beautiful and profoundly moving, new self-titled album on growing. Enjoyed this box set. Heavy Horses is one of Jethro Tulls best album. The booklet is very good reading. The 5.1 mix is not as discreet as usual but the sound is excellent. The bonus tracks are fantastic and a worthy addition. The live show is also very good with a fairly safe 5.1 mix All Taylor Swift albums ranked, from best to worst. 13. Voodoo Lounge (1994) Made without a fifth bandmate on bass (Bill Wyman having left in 1991 and the role being filled on a contract basis), this album was received with a whiplash of feedback. Critics weren't thrilled with it, but the Grammy's felt otherwise 10. 'Live on Two Legs'. Share. Photo : Courtesy of Epic Records. Without a doubt, Pearl Jam are one of the best live bands to emerge in the past 25 years. But for some reason, it took them over.

To celebrate the Rolling stones' 55th anniversary we take on the daunting task of ranking their entire discography. Here are the best Rolling Stones albums from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards. Q Best Live Act . Royal Blood . Q Classic Album. Soul II Soul - Club Classics Vol. One. Q Best Solo Artist . Ed Sheeran. Q Innovation in Sound . Gary Numan . Q Best Act In The World . Foals. - Best Ever Albums score: 15,415 - Best Ever Albums user rating: 80 - Rank all-time: #111 - Rank in decade: #21 - Rank in year: #5 - Year: 1994 Definitely Maybe was the debut album of Britpop's Oasis, with brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher shaking up a music scene filled with grunge sounds at the time. Not satisfied while they were making it, Oasis remade the entire album twice before.

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Title: The Golden Years - The Very Best Off. Mastered by Tim Schuldt. Artwork by A collaboration between Lupo Manaro & MadeInRealtime. Format: 6 pages digipack. Neigh Neigh. We are proud to announce the long awaited album of Hallucinogenic Horses! An album that stretches across five years in the making I will not review it track by track, but try Inhaler for a start. Foals are like no other band, each track builds up to a crescendo of incredible noise. Best album of the year so far. Play the album as loud as possible, turn the volume right up. By the way if you get chance, go and see Foals, they are actually much better live - a real class act More than four decades ago four high school kids from Dublin started a band that would become one of the biggest rock groups in the world. We run down the best U2 albums, ranked from worst to best.

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  1. In 1975, Arista Records released Horses, the first rock album by New York bohemian poet Patti Smith. The stark cover photo, taken by someone named Robert Mapplethorpe, was devastatingly original. It was the most electrifying image I had ever seen of a woman of my generation. Now, two decades later, I think that it ranks [
  2. Horses. January 21, 2018 ·. Head on over to our farm page and check out Alittle Smoke! And own son of Smart Little Lenape grandson of Peppy San Badger standing at our ranch this yer! All of his info is in his album! 5 panel negative, proven producer . 6060
  3. The best indie album ever. July 5 at 10:35 AM ·. Hi indie friends, As you all know, the name of the page/group is the best indie album ever, and beneath all other things, that's really what we're looking for. When we started, the survey was much less representative. today our group is much bigger and diverse, and with over 20K followers, our.
  4. The best horses model - konie do sesji zdjęciowych added a new photo to the album: Sesja Ślubna K&M — with Studio Cyfrowe Video Foto. June 12 at 3:01 AM · Sesja Ślubna Krysi & Michał
  5. 1 Sticky Fingers (1971) ~ 21.7 Million. Many believe Sticky Fingers is The Rolling Stones' best work. The sales figures would agree, as it is their best-selling album to date. This record is filled with recognizable hits like Brown Sugar, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, and Wild Horses
  6. 1992 - U2 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses [Germany 74321 12451 2] 1992 - U2 - ZooTV Tour, Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut [2CD] 1992 - U2 - ZooTV Tour, Forum Di Assago, Milan [2CD

Good, Better, Best looks at three covers and decides who takes home the gold, the silver, and the bronze. Over 40 years after its initial release, the Rolling Stones song Wild Horses still thunders across the forefront of popular culture. Its appeal lies as much in its lyrical ambiguity as in the music itself Listen to Her Very Best by Judy Rodman on Apple Music. Stream songs including Until I Met You, She Thinks That She'll Marry and more. Album · 2010 · 6 Song PopMatters' best albums of the 2000s begin with a series of records that span epic metal, ornate indie folk, and a terrifying work of electronic music. By PopMatters Staff / 28 October 2020 100 The Best of Rob Zombie is a greatest hits album by Rob Zombie, released in 2006 through Geffen Records. It was certified Gold by the RIAA. Track listing. All lyrics are written by Rob Zombie except where noted

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I Don't Live Here Any More marks the War on Drugs' first album in four years, following 2017's celebrated A Deeper Understanding, which won the Grammy for Best Rock Album. The War on Drugs. First Album, First Song: The 150 Best Lead-Off Tracks : World Cafe From rock and soul to R&B and rap, we've collected 150 lead-off tracks into one playlist

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  1. 100 Best Photo Album Covers. Andrew W.K.: I Get Wet**** (2001) Believe it or not, the unsightly cover of this debut album helped propel it to the top of Billboard's Heatseekers chart. But Roe Etheridge's photo of the artist's bloody nose — reportedly obtained by self-flagellation with a cinder block and then the addition of pig's.
  2. ing what makes a great album cover photo is a tricky thing
  3. ism, punk and the avant-garde—which makes this epic debut sound like it belongs on a syllabus for a class few.
  4. All-TIME 100 Albums. The album may be dead, but it's certainly not forgotten. TIME's critics have chosen the 100 greatest and most influential musical compilations since 1954
  5. Rapsody should've won best rap album tho, another fan wrote. Check out the best of the reactions below. See Hip-Hop Fans' Reactions to Kendrick Lamar Winning Best Rap Album at 2018 Grammy Award
  6. The album is half a century old now! Heavy Horses and Stormwatch - regarded as some of the best-hidden gems in the band's catalogue. Honestly, sometimes the best albums come from a.
  7. Antidotes is the eagerly awaited debut album from Oxford, England's Foals. These guys have a high-energy and frenetic sound that brings together a diverse set of influences, including indie-rock, math-rock, post-rock and even some new-wave
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Horses is a document to this epicene mystique, and it plays out like a tug of war: sex and spirituality, life and death, high art and gutter stances. To some degree, Patti Smith simply wants to be a three-chord rock and roll monster wearing wrap-around shades. But she knows well enough that her words and ideas are bound to betray her Crazy Horses, by the Osmonds (Photo: MGM Records) Forty-five years ago, metal hell froze over, and the seemingly unfathomable happened. On Oct. 14, 1972, one of the most unlikely hard rock albums. Horses for Sale. Find horses of all breeds and disciplines for sale across the country! Showing 1-24 of 437 Results, Page 1 of 19. $3,800 REGISTERED ApHC 2 YEAR OLD APPALOOSA GELDING, SUPER GENTLE, PROFESSIONAL TRAINING . FLEMINGSBURG, KY. Private Doves Peptosavvyexps-14.3, 2015 Bay Roan, AQHA, Mare. Here is a list of top 12 best sites to download full albums free in 2021. There are countless music websites on the internet which offer full music album download but when visiting the websites, what we see is completely different from what they claimed List of the 100 Greatest Rock Albums as compiled by digitaldreamdoor.com. Custom Search of DDD More Lists • Albums 2000s • Albums 1990s • Albums 1980s • Albums 1970s • Albums 1960s Horses (1975) - Patti Smith 112. Days Of Future Passed (1967) - The Moody Blues 113. Like A Prayer (1989) - Madonna 114. Here's Little Richard (1957.

50 Years Later: The Rolling Stones' Best Album, Sticky Fingers Was the Clarion Call that Beatles Were Gone But Rock Lived Music by Roger Friedman - April 23, 2021 2:11 p 17. Cease to Begin by Band of Horses (8.7) Not quite up there with My Morning Jacket, but definitely a band that's coming into their own; solid sophomore release. Islands on the Coast 18. Beauty and Crimes by Suzanne Vega (8.7) Yes, Suzanne Vega released an album this year -- and you should be sorry you missed it. Anniversary, Ludlow.

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Advertisement. No Line on the Horizon (2009) The album earns a bronze based on the first 30 seconds of the title track alone: a thick, undifferentiated wall-of-noise attack limned by a snakey syth. Arabian Horses for Sale. No other horse, save Pegasus and the Unicorn, has a more renowned place in mythology than the Arabian. And, our classified ads are full of horses who are direct descendants of these steeds of yore. Whether you believe the story that the five strains of Arabians come directly from Mohammad or not, you can count on the. The Dublin band's fourth album proved their best yet, paying respect to the tradition yet simultaneously laying waste to the rulebook with fierce, beautiful songs like The Young People. 26. It's the first of the month, which means it's time to unveil the results of Part 5 of our year-long Best of the '80s feature, a year-by-year poll of Slicing Up Eyeballs' readers to determine the best albums of each year of the 1980s — and then, when that's wrapped up at the end of 2013, we'll run a monster best-of-the-decade poll to crown the overall champs Here are 101 of the all-time best albums, listed alphabetically by title, that you can stream on Spotify right now. The albums were chosen based on overall critic and fan reception, as well as the input of some of Insider's most music-obsessed reporters and editors. Only one album per band or artist is included in this list

U2 won the Grammy for Best Rock Album by a Duo or Group and producers Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno won Producers of the Year for Achtung Baby. Additionally, the album was nominated for Album of the Year. In the Rolling Stone annual reader's poll, it came No. 1 for Best Album and Best Album Cover Best track: Little Red Rooster. Worst track: Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Going) 11. 11. The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones No.2 (1965) The second album crisis hit The Rolling Stones as well, but although it's less stirring than the debut album, it's still far better than 'With the beatles'

You've Never Heard Patti Smith's 'Horses'?! November 29, 20113:30 PM ET. Charlie Kaplan. Note: This is a recurring series in which we ask our unimaginably young interns to review classic albums. It's their best album since Brother, Sister, and the jump they made from Pale Horses is the most drastic jump mewithoutYou have made as a band since the one from their 2002 debut [A→B] Life to. The 50 best albums of 2016 By VF Team in Features December 14, 2016. The year on vinyl. But as another wise musician once said, competitions are for horses not artists, so selecting and ordering a list of the fifty most important albums of the year has felt as counter-intuitive as ever The 40 Best Albums of 2007. 1/41. 2. Rilo Kiley, Under the Blacklight Using fairy-tale imagery (magical horses, wizards) to talk about her own personal hang-ups (patriarchy, commitment), she. Get your Articles fix with Mojo. Keep up to date with all the latest Articles news, with exclusive features, stories, videos, and opinion pieces

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Playlist: The 10 best Rolling Stones albums. As Keith Richards steels himself to muster enough breath to blow out 75 birthday candles next week, Graeme Ross reveals his favourite LPs by the. Star Stable Horses. Care for your very own adorable foal! Watch as they grow into beautiful horses you can ride and breed! From the makers of Star Stable. • Complete fun daily tasks to keep your foal healthy and happy! • Watch your newborn foal grow up to become a beautiful horse! • Keep up to 5 horses in your stable! • Watch your. The results rate with his best work, by turns reflective and attacking, on which lyrics sparkle and music breathes and flows with a sure touch. Foals' fourth album is an exciting. 10 best country albums of 2015. By Madison Vain. Updated December 17, 2015 at 04:41 PM EST. Image. Chris Stapleton took over, Josh Abbott broke our hearts, and Cam made a brilliant introduction.

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Sputnikmusic's list of the best albums of 2015, rated by users. See which music tops the charts, read reviews, and rate albums With those four points in mind, here are my top five best album-opening lyrics. 5. I'm a street walking cheetah / with a heart full of napalm — The Stooges, Search And Destroy, Raw.

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Cease to Begin, an Album by Band of Horses. Released 9 October 2007 on Sub Pop (catalog no. SPCD 745; CD). Genres: Indie Rock, Folk Pop. Rated #514 in the best albums of 2007. Featured peformers: Band of Horses (songwriter), Phil Ek (producer, recording engineer, mixing), Julian Dreyer (assistant engineer), Jon Ashley (assistant engineer), Cameron Nicklaus (assistant engineer), Christopher. The definitive early punk rock album, Horses is a near-ubiquitous inclusion on lists of the best albums of all time. Commercial Success: 'Easter' and 'Because the Night As we move past the musical halfway pole for 2018, it's time once again to look back in the rear-view mirror and see what has wowed us the most so far. Along with some excellent albums that will go on to be considered for some of the best all year, the spring of 2018 has also revealed itself as one of the busiest release periods for in years On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September, we count down the 50 Best Australian Debut Albums. We've asked music experts from Double J, triple j and across the ABC to weigh in on their favourite. Billie Eilish's Horses! Lizzo's Flute! Surprising Facts About the 2020 Grammys' Best New Artist Nominees There are eight nominees this year for the prestigious prize and you're going to be the.

But we've made the necessary tough calls, and here they are: Our 50 favorite albums from 2018 so far, listed alphabetically. We can only hope the back half of the year is similarly stressful. 03. Whether by leaps and bounds or creeping Darwinian evolution, the 20 Best Metal Albums of 2015 each make attempts at furthering the form and reflect the depraved diversity that can be conjured from. Horses Lyrics: DJ Chose / Oh yeah / Yeah, yeah, yeah / Yeah, yeah / All these horses in my car got me going fast / I just wanna do the dash, put my pedal to the gas (skrr, skrr) / Going so fas

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Listen to She Rides Wild Horses by Kenny Rogers on Amazon Music. Released on May 11 1999 with 10 songs. 38 minute If the next album is 3/4 of a certain genre, what style would you like it to be?. 7 votes. More funky/pop - (Antidotes/Part 1) Heavier - (bit like WWD & Part 2) Melancholic - like TLF/CCTVs. You must be logged in to vote

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Wild Horses - The First Album LP. Japanese white label promotional pressing of 1980 debut album from this UK hard rock band featuring Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Clive Edwards (Electric Sun), Jimmy Bain (Rainbow), and Neil Carter (UFO). Complete with the inserts and the OBI! (ex/ex+, vinyl has some light hairlines on one side and a medium. Autograph Album, Mary B. Kirk, 1835 (Poem by James P. Stabler, 1837) Autograph Album, 1983.0107.0008. The oldest book of friends (album amicorum) on record dates back to 1545. Also known as autograph albums, they were a method of exchanging poems, drawings, and messages among friends, colleagues, and family members This week's pick for Album of the Week brings with it a profound sense of honor and deep joy. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are hometown heroes for me. The Time is the greatest funk band of all time.It's been far too long since this duo released new music and now it's finally here. 80's and 90's R&B with STYLE!

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The 35 best debut albums of all time. These records serve as statements of intent and have the power to change or reshape the industry, inspire fellow musicians, and drive essential conversation.

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