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When you request imagery metadata, the image URL field returned in the response specifies a map tile. This map tile can contain one or more of the following placeholders When you use the Get a Static Map API to request static map image metadata, the response returns a Static Map Metadata resource that contains metadata about the static map including the absolute (latitude and longitude) and relative (with respect to the map) coordinates and size of pushpins, as well as the map area, size and center point

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Get a Static Map: Use these URL templates to get a static map. You can also display a route on a static map. Get Imagery Metadata: Use these URL templates to get metadata for imagery that is hosted by Bing™ Maps, such as imagery tiles. Imagery Metadata: Use this description to understand the results returned in a response that contains. The Bing Maps REST Services uses REST URLs to perform tasks such as creating a static image of a map with pushpins, geocoding an address, retrieving imagery metadata or calculating a route. The Bing Spatial Data Services use REST URLs to geocode and reverse-geocode large sets of spatial data and to create and query data sources

This is a collection of over two hundred code samples an growing for the Bing Maps V8 web control. - microsoft/BingMapsV8CodeSamples. //Loop through each property in the metadata object ad write its property name and value. Object. keys (e. target. metadata). forEach (function (key The URL points to the old Birdseye data, use BirdseyeV2 instead to get information about the new Birdseye imagery. [] [ (e) Bing Maps REST Services API means the Services that enable the use of REST URLs to perform tasks such as creating a map with pushpins, geocoding an address, retrieving imagery metadata or calculating a route, all as part of Applications, as described in greater detail in the Documentation Infobox when Shape Clicked. 02/28/2018; 2 minutes to read; r; v; In this article. Often it is useful to be able to display an infobox when any IPrimitive shape; Pushpin, Polyline, or Polygon is clicked. This example shows how to handle the click events from these shapes and display an infobox on top of them It's highly unlikely you will find the metadata you need through Bing (or Google, for Google Maps). Their basemap is a composite of many, many different data sources, and they have no business incentive to take the time to organize and publish metadata about its geolocational accuracy

Welcome to the Bing Maps V8 interactive SDK. A fun and easy way to learn how to use the Bing Maps V8, Microsoft's modern web mapping SDK. Easily develop with Bing Maps using JavaScript or TypeScript. This interactive SDK provides a number of useful editable code samples that demonstrate how to use the various features of the Bing Maps V8 SDK This example creates a pushpin at a random location on the map and stores some metadata for the pushpin with it. When the pushpin is clicked an infobox is opened and the title and description values are retrieved from the metadata stored in the pushpin. The location of the pushpin is also used to position the infobox The idea being that if the array contained search results, the first/most relevant result would be rendered on top rather than being covered by other nearby pushpins. This is a fundamental change made to improve the user experience from how previous versions of Bing Maps rendered pushpins. Constructor. Pushpin(location: Location, options? Because Bing Imagery is a composite of multiple sources it is difficult to know the exact dates for individual pieces of data. While our metrics show that this data meets or exceeds the quality of hand drawn building footprints, the data does vary in quality from place to place, between rural and urban, mountains and plains, and so on Metadata Open Street Map Tiles - Standard Product Information. Open/Preview. Product Name OSM data is the source of street level maps for all but a few proprietary mapping applications like Google or Bing maps. Screenshot Key Properties. Type data ISO Category base map/imagery Tags OSM map tiles include the following features: 1 Primary.

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  1. I am generating an HTML/Javascript file from an Access365 database which plots pins on a Bing Map. Each of the pins has associated metadata about the location it is pinning which is viewed by clicking the pin. However, there can be pins which are at exactly the same location (lat and long) and only the metadata for the top pin is available
  2. Using this access, Bing Webmaster Tools will display the list of verified sites present in your Google Search Console account along with the number of Sitemaps and corresponding role for each site. You can select the sites which you want to add to Bing Webmaster Tools and click Import. Meta tag authentication:.
  3. Adding Bing Maps to SharePoint. Before we dive into the 'how to' we will first demonstrate how simple it is to get Bing Maps into SharePoint. To start off, go to the Bing Maps V7 Interactive SDK and go to the Traffic Module sample. If you press the View HTML button on the bottom right corner you can get the full HTML for the example
  4. Welcome to the Bing Maps V8 Code Sample project. This is a collection of code samples for the Bing Maps V8 web control which have been made open source on Github. These samples have been collected from a number of different sources. Some of these samples where created to assist developers on the Bing Maps forums many were created for the Bing.

A new REST request should be issued each time the map viewer in the application is instantiated, or whenever the map type is changed (eg. You wish to switch to aerial or hybrid map style) Your platform usage can then be tracked based on the calls to the REST service In V7 Bing map you have provided functionality of custmally add pushpin and infobox in clustering map on below link. you add your metadata nd click event there. To customize the HTML of the infobox you can do that in the pushpinClicked function. - rbrundritt May 4 '16 at 17:09 Metadata for Bing Maps Aerial in ArcGIS Desktop? 3. Can OpenLayers request different language tiles from map providers (eg Bing or Google)? 4. Cache tiles for offline use of Google/Bing aerial maps. 8. Why is using Bing Maps with QGIS free but not with ArcGIS? 1. Bing Map Tiles 3D buildings. 54 HTML pushpins are not supported in Bing Maps V8 as they can't be drawn on an HTML5 canvas. Using SVG would render on the Canvas but there is no DOM element create, which is why you aren't able to use document.getElementById. Using DOM elements with maps really limits performance and is the main reason why rendering is now done with an HTML5 canvas

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Does anyone know if it is possible to access metadata about Bing Maps, especially concerning data quality, resolution and creation date of the data? If so, is there also a description of the content of the metadata and does it comply with any metadata standard? · Yes, you can do this using either the SOAP or the REST services. For the REST service. Metadata for Bing Maps Aerial in ArcGIS Desktop? 4. Cache tiles for offline use of Google/Bing aerial maps. 3. adding bing (with labels) maps to leaflet. 2. Getting Bing imagery to fully load in QGIS? 2. How to get OpenLayers Plugin to render base maps at a large scale i.e. 1:1000 or larger? 1 This is a portable class library which makes it easy to access the Bing Maps REST services from .NET. - microsoft/BingMapsRESTToolki Imagery Metadata - Getting imagery vintage or provider information based on a lat/lon pair. Bing Maps AJAX Control Update - We also enhanced the Bing Maps AJAX Control with some streamlined features and a stripped down mode for light mapping techniques. The new AJAX Control is version 6.3 and has the following changes Bing Maps General https: (Imagery acquisition dates) metadata of the current map view. I would like to know what is the exact meaning of VintageStart and VintageEnd and which one of the images I am actually seeing in my map?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to download Birdseye imagery metadata as JSON format, but i have some troubles. Birds eye imagery is not allowed to be used outside of any of the Bing Maps controls. There are a number of restriction around Birds eye imagery that are in place as requirements from the data provider Description. getMetaData (<LatLng> latlng, <Number> zoom) Promise. Get the Bing Imagery metadata for a specific LatLng and zoom level. latLng or zoom are optional if the layer is attached to a map, they default to current map center and zoom. Returns a Promise that resolves to the metadata JSON from Bing

The metadata includes the room equipment and its precise location (geo-coordinates). A separate arrangement to store and manage location metadata is needed because the mailbox properties don't include this information. However, when you create a normal event with Outlook mobile, it uses Bing maps for its location rather than Outlook. bing-proxy is a Java proxy servlet for the retrieval of Bing™ Maps imagery metadata. The returned imagery metadata includes the urls and dimensions for imagery tiles, ranges of zoom levels, and imagery vintage information. The latest version is 1.0.0, released on April 26, 2019: bing-proxy-1...jar. bing-proxy-1...war

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I found that I got strange errors when using a dev account to get route geometry, it only works on the production server with a production token Sign in or signup for Bing Webmaster Tools and improve your site's performance in search. Get access to free reports, tools and resources By default, a DiscardEmptyTileImagePolicy will be used, with the expectation that the Bing Maps server will send a zero-length response for missing tiles. To ensure that no tiles are discarded, construct and pass a NeverTileDiscardPolicy for this parameter. Documentation generated by JSDoc 3.6.7 {String} Protocol to use to fetch Imagery Metadata, tiles and bing logo Can be 'http:' 'https:' or '' Warning: tiles may not be available under both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Microsoft approved use of both HTTP and HTTPS urls for tiles

Collected by Microsoft, streetside imagery enables users to experience Bing Maps from street level and supplements maps, directions and local search. This type of imagery is collected with a sensor system mounted on a car that captures a 360-degree picture and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data that supports 3D and street level imaging I couldn't think of a good way to break these apart, so I developed both imagery metadata (date of photography / imagery acquisition) and reverse geocoding (converting coordinates to the nearest address) together. Actually, I can think of many ways to get the reverse geocoding working without the imagery metadata - I did so in my Getting Addresses Using Aerial Photo

Hi i am facing difficulty to add my website/blog into bing webmaster tools. I choose meta tag method to add my site map of website. But unfortunately when i put meta tag code in before /head in my theme. It is not verified by bing webmaster tools. Then i try to add through DNS but not successful Bing Places for Business is a Bing portal that enables local business owners add a listing for their business on Bing. Using Bing Places for Business, local business owners can verify their existing listing on Bing, edit or update the listing information, add photos, videos, services and other information that shows their business in the best possible way

Bing Maps APIs. The Bing Maps development documentation provides information on the APIs that power Bing Maps, an online mapping service that enables users to search, discover, explore, plan, and share information about specific locations. By using traditional road maps, labeled aerial photo views, low-angle high-resolution aerial photos, and proximity searching capabilities, Bing Maps. Blocking Bing from crawling a page is likely to remove the page from the index. However, using Disallow does not guarantee that a page will not appear within the index or search results. If you would like to block a specific page from getting crawled or indexed, you should use the noindex robots meta tag instead of disallowing it in the robots.txt

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The BING Map Metadata is available via their API on their REST service . You need an API key (free - I just got one), then you'll need to set up a WMS connection to their developer service. Now EXACTLY how to do all of that I'm not totally certai Bing Maps was originally launched as MSN Virtual Earth, which was released for beta testing on July 24, 2005. It was a continuation of previous Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft MapPoint and TerraServer.Its original stand out feature was the aerial imagery. The original version lacked many of its distinguishing features, including birds' eye view and 3D maps, and the Collections. This module is a wrapper around the Imager::Draw module, which allows you to create Bing map layers using longitude and latitude coordinates. The module will automatically map them to the appropriate points on tile files. It adds the following options to drawing methods: -min_level. The minimum zoom level to draw on

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  1. I KNOW YOU ARE USING BING MAPS, But here is a google solution aswell: Google Map API request and parse DirectionsResponse with C#, change the json in your url to xml and use the following code to turn the result into a usable C# Generic List Object
  2. Moved by Ricky_Brundritt Saturday, March 10, 2012 11:20 AM (From:Bing Maps: Map Control and Web services Development) Friday, October 7, 2011 6:19 PM Answer
  3. HOW TO RETRIEVE OR RECOVER YOUR BING WEB MASTER VERIFICATION CODE. This tutorial is worth your time if you forgot you BING WEB MASER VERIFICATION CODE.On my point of understanding, you already have registered your website on BING WEBMASTER, then you want to see again the verification code because you don't remember it.Below is the step by step tutorial on HOW TO RETRIEVE THE BING WEBMASTER.
  4. This reads the GPS metadata from the iphone-photo.jpg file and writes it to all the files that start with IMG. The new program is called map, and when I call it, map photo.jpg it reads the GPS info from the image file and opens Google Maps in my browser with a marker at the photo's location. Here's the code for map
  5. FMProbe. Dumps metadata from a variety of file formats including MP3, JPEG, MP4, etc. C# Apache-2.0 0 0 0 0 Updated on Dec 26, 2015

TL;DR Microsoft Bing Maps image metadata can be obtained via the Bing Maps API. Microsoft returns the image recording date as Vintage Start/End. Start and End are sometimes several years apart.VintageEnd is rarely the exact image recording date!. This blogpost is about Microsoft Bing Maps.More precisely, it's about the recording dates of the very high resolution images which are available in. See trending images, wallpapers, gifs and ideas on Bing everyday Bing Search API v7. The Bing Search APIs add intelligent search to your app, combing hundreds of billions of webpages, images, videos, and news to provide relevant results with no ads. The results can be automatically customized to your user's locations or markets, increasing relevancy by staying local. It includes 8 features ArcGIS Online is a collaborative web GIS that allows you to use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and data. You get access to content in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, ArcGIS apps, and cloud infrastructure, where you can add items; publish web layers; and create maps, apps, and scenes. ArcGIS Online can be used as an integral part of the ArcGIS system, extending the.

Display Map metadata. 9. Close the Catalog pane. Note: The Catalog pane and the Catalog view are similar, but designed toward different tasks. Both the Catalog pane and the Catalog view can be open at the same time, but they operate independently. In both the pane and the view, you can manage and browse data. As you generate new items, they are categorized by type and appear on the project tab. Bing's branding guidelines states, Bing Maps data provider attribution information can be accessed through the Get Imagery Metadata method in Bing Maps REST.. This metadata information is subject to our disclaimer. Metadata information presented here is maintained manually. Therefore, date-sensitive fields such as feature count and date of last update may not be up-to-date. All metadata is subject to errors inherent in a manual process

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One of the more interesting features of HTML5 is the canvas elements. The canvas provides us with a feature rich, low level 2D rendering panel and is supported by all the major web browsers. In this blog post, we are going to create a Bing Maps module that wraps the standard pushpin class to create a new HTML5 Canvas pushpin class. There are a lot of cool and interesting things we can do with. Bing Custom Visual Search enables you to upload a catalog of images along with meta-data such as product id, category of the product, price, and others to find similar images (products) for a given image. These images could have been taken on the street, from a magazine, or directly from the catalog SIX Maps is supported in Internet Explorer versions 8+, and Apple Safari. However, for best performance the use of the above browsers is recommended. Click on the Map Contents button to open the Map Contents menu. The menu can be closed by clicking the button or anywhere outside the Map Contents pane Install Bing Wallpaper in 6 easy steps. Download the Bing Wallpaper app. Run BingWallpaper.exe. Click Install now. Click Finish. If prompted from your browser, add the extension**. Explore the Bing Wallpaper app in the system tray. Get started Description. This dataset provides locations and technical specifications of wind turbines in the United States, almost all of which are utility-scale. Utility-scale turbines are ones that generate power and feed it into the grid, supplying a utility with energy. They are usually much larger than turbines that would feed a homeowner or business

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Learn how to use the Bing Aerial Image Service in QGIS using Python from this section as part of this preview chapter, Creating Dynamic Maps from QGIS Python Programming CookBook. With 140 short, reusable recipes to automate geospatial processes in QGIS, the QGIS Python Programming CookBook teaches readers how to use Python and QGIS to create and transform data, produce appealing GIS. Takes GPS Exif metadata from image files (or whatever) and creates a GeoRSS file suitable for import into Bing Maps. See http://trustedsignal.blogspot.com/2012/02.

As a valued partner and proud supporter of MetaCPAN, StickerYou is happy to offer a 10% discount on all Custom Stickers, Business Labels, Roll Labels, Vinyl Lettering or Custom Decals The Microsoft 365 Roadmap lists updates that are currently planned for applicable subscribers. Check here for more information on the status of new features and updates don't want to generate tiles beyond level 18, since the amount of tiles required is so large that we run out of memory (and we also don't need it, since Bing switches to a street view mode). When the tiles are not saved in memory, then we can generate higher resolutions. However, Bing doesn't seem to support zoom levels higher than 19 at this time

In the Insert tab, click New Map in the Project group. A new map is opened and added to the project. In the Map tab, navigate to the Layer group > Add Data > Data From Path. In the Add Data From Path dialog box, paste the following URL in Path: Click Add to add the World Imagery basemap. Zoom in and click the desired area to view the metadata Google can read both HTML and XHTML-style meta tags, regardless of the code used on the page. With the exception of google-site-verification, letter case is generally not important in meta tags. This is not an exclusive list of available meta tags, and you should feel free to use other meta tags if they are important to your site You can use the advanced video search options to quickly refine the results to videos that are less than five minutes long, 5-20 minutes in length, or over 20 minutes long. There's also a date filter for videos on Bing so that you can find only videos posted within the last 24 hours, or videos from the last week, month, or year The AutoCAD Map 3D toolset is the leading engineering solution for creating/managing spatial data, bridging the gap between geographic information systems (G.. Many AutoCAD users wish for orthoimagery or aerial photos within their design drawings. There are online resources where these can be found paid and for free. Since AutoCAD version 2014 there has been the ability to overlay Microsoft BING images, right inside AutoCAD! Here is how it's done. Open any AutoCAD drawing and launch the GEO (Geolocation) command. When prompted, elect the Map option.

In this article I'll mention what this field does, a sample of creating and using the field, getting and setting the Bing Maps keys to make sure our maps are properly working and displaying. Update 2013-09-14 : As pointed out by Leon Zandman in the comments, there's a some updated pre-requisites required in order to view the geolocation. Replied on July 18, 2013. To better support your questions, the Bing Search Forums have moved to the Microsoft Community Forums. Here you will find a community that can answer your general questions regarding the Bing search engine Now you need to copy the complete Bing verification meta tag from Bing BWT dashboard and paste it the box that says Bing. In the next step you need to save the settings and go back to Bing Webmaster Tools and click Verify. Once the changes are reflected your site will be verified on Bing We can enter data for Location column or when we create or edit list item we can search for location data either from Bing Map or our organization directory to associate with respective item, in following figure I am searching for Pune location as. Fig 4 - Office 365 - SharePoint Online - adding new Location type column.

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As a valued partner and proud supporter of MetaCPAN, StickerYou is happy to offer a 10% discount on all Custom Stickers, Business Labels, Roll Labels, Vinyl Lettering or Custom Decals. StickerYou.com is your one-stop shop to make your business stick. Use code METACPAN10 at checkout to apply your discount 2. User should generate the Bing map key and add them to the configuration list on the same SharePoint site (one time activity) a. Creating BING KEY. b. When you use any Bing Maps API with a Bing Maps Key (you must have a Bing Maps Account), transactions are recorded. Transactions track API usage and can be billable or non-billable. c 2. Exact keyword usage matters in H1 and H2 title tags, as well as in your meta description. Just like the domain, using your EXACT keywords in the Heading 1 and Heading 2 tags will help you with your Bing rankings. Unlike Google, Bing is about exact word usage, rather than the context and semantics The FRA Safety Map is an interactive map that outlines rail networks for: Users can manipulate data to view maps by topography or street view, and add additional data layers including: FRA's Grade Crossing Inventory provides visual and geographic views of grade crossings. Users can input a Crossing ID and select Generate Map to be taken.

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Create location-aware web and mobile applications using simple and secure geospatial services, APIs, and SDKs in Azure. Deliver seamless experiences based on geospatial data with built-in location intelligence from world-class mobility technology partners. Watch the overview video to learn how enterprises around the world are using Azure Maps. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The geodata underlying the map is considered the primary output of the project. The creation and growth of OSM has been motivated by restrictions on use or availability of map data across much of the world, and the advent of inexpensive portable satellite navigation devices Meta Lake is a lake in Wisconsin and has an elevation of 1627 feet. Meta Lake is situated north of Clearwater Lake. Meta Lake from Mapcarta, the open map The Map control provides two ways of connecting to the Bing Maps provider: manual and automatic. Here they are in greater detail: Manually Connect to the Bing Maps Provider. You can add an image layer and bind it to the Bing Maps service by performing the following steps: Select the Click here to add layer link on the MapControl surface

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Disclaimer: The State makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or adequacy of these data and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in these data. No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, fitness for a. Introduction. The Street View Static API metadata requests provide data about Street View panoramas. Using the metadata, you can find out if a Street View image is available at a given location, as well as getting programmatic access to the latitude and longitude, the panorama ID, the date the photo was taken, and the copyright information for the image

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Getting started with Google Maps Platform is fast and easy. Create a billing account. Enable the features you want. Get an API key. Start building. Learn more in our getting started docs and videos. Documentation Video walkthroughs. Stack Overflow Ask a question under the google-maps tag Map Radius Calculator Google Review Link Generator Business Schema Generator Meta Tag Tool All tools » Recent Articles Customer Review Building Tips Citation Sources: Directories to Hyper-local Claim Your Health & Safety Badge on EZlocal 10 Ways Small Businesses Are CRUSHING It During the Coronavirus Crisis Q: It is 2020 Using Maps URLs, you can build a universal, cross-platform URL to launch Google Maps and perform searches, get directions and navigation, and display map views and panoramic images. The URL syntax is the same regardless of the platform in use. You don't need a Google API key to use Maps URLs

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