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Compression fractures in the spine are due to osteoporosis, a common condition causing progressive bone loss and increased fracture risk. A new study found that patients who wore a brace as.. One more type of back brace for compression fractures could be the Molded jackets. These are more rigid braces that cover the entire upper and lower back, including the sacrum. Such types of braces are custom made for individuals. Molded jackets are made of hard, lightweight plastic with a soft lining for comfort Most mild to moderate compression fractures are treated with immobilization or braces for anywhere from six weeks to three months, notes Dr. Thomas A. Zdeblick at SpineUniverse 1. Braces are utilized to alleviate the pain, reduce the chance of further injury, prevent deformity, compensate for muscle weakness and allow injuries to heal A back brace is usually recommended to help manage pain and stabilize the spine as it heals. The brace is designed to hold the spine straighter than usual, relieving pressure on the damaged vertebrae and reducing the chance of further collapse. Healing can take up to three months The catheter is used to inject the fractured vertebrae with bone cement, which hardens, stabilizing the vertebral column. This procedure has been shown to reduce or eliminate fracture pain, enabling a rapid return to mobility and preventing bone loss due to bed rest. However, it does not correct the spinal deformity

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  1. Some fractures may be helped by a supportive brace. Your consultant will have discussed this option with you. There are several different types of spinal brace, below are three braces commonly used by North Bristol NHS Trust: Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (CTLSO). Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO). Lumbar Sacral Othosis (LSO)
  2. The brace used to treat a compression fracture of the spine is designed to keep you from bending forward. It holds the spine in hyperextension (meaning more extension, or straightening, than normal). This takes most of the pressure off the fractured vertebral body, and allows the vertebrae to heal
  3. A fractured vertebra, which is also known as a vertebral compression fracture, occurs when the vertebra of the spine gets compressed as a result of a forceful trauma. 1 A vertebra has a thick layer of bones and thus for a vertebra to break or fracture it requires significant force. Thus, fractured vertebra can occur after a severe motor vehicle crash, a fall from a height landing on the feet.
  4. Bed rest may be needed for a mild fracture. A back brace may be needed for 8 to 12 weeks. A brace may decrease your pain, and help your vertebrae heal. A cane or walker can help you keep your balance when you walk
  5. Thoracolumbar burst fractures occur in the spine where the end of the 12 thoracic vertebrae meet the start of the five lumbar vertebrae. A high-energy load through the spine causes the vertebra to break or shatter into many tiny pieces. That's why they call them burst fractures. Burst fractures are most often caused by car accidents or by falls
  6. The best way to sit with a fractured vertebrae is sitting tall in a perch position, using a straight-back chair. Additionally, wearing a back brace during the first few weeks following your fracture can also be helpful to keep the spine upright. Don't sit for long periods of time. Still, there are other factors to consider when teaching.

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A back brace might be used to limit spinal motion in the affected area. Physical therapy will be used to rehabilitate the region once the bone has healed. Back surgery is sometimes required to correct a serious fracture or multiple fractures. The procedures most commonly used are vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty A broken vertebrae back brace are designed to limit movement of the spine which should reduce pain and strengthen the spinal structure. This can help the healing process by preventing further injury or damage while minimising discomfort for the patient

Compression fractures are a common source of back pain, particularly for individuals over age 60. They most often occur in the thoracic spine (middle back) but can also occur in the cervical or lumbar spine. This page discusses the causes, risk factors and treatments of compression fractures in the thoracic spine (middle back) A rigid or semi-rigid back brace may be recommended for vertebral compression fractures in order to reduce micro-motions at the fracture or affected vertebral level, as well as reduce pressure on the spinal column. Degenerative disc disease/lumbar herniated disc Spine bracing basics. Back braces are routinely recommended to patients during rehabilitation from back injuries and surgeries. In particular, braces are usually assumed to be necessary either as the primary treatment method for a minor spinal fracture, or as a key factor in rehabilitation after surgical repair of a more serious fracture A spinal brace is a device designed to limit movement of the spine. It is most commonly used to manage spinal fractures but can also be used for other reasons such as supporting your spine after surgery. Limiting the movement of the spine through wearing a spinal brace helps the healing process

The spine is made up of thirty-three bones or vertebrae which sit on top of each other like building blocks to support the back. The lumbar spine (lower back) consists of five vertebrae and these are the strongest least mobile of all of the vertebrae. Fractured vertebrae in the lower back are most commonly caused by road traffic accidents or a. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. Find Your Right Fitness Gear Today Thoracolumbar burst fractures occur in the spine where the end of the 12 thoracic vertebrae meet the start of the five lumbar vertebrae. A high-energy load through the spine causes the vertebra to break or shatter into many tiny pieces. That's why they call them burst fractures. Burst fractures are most often caused by car accidents or by falls 7 weeks post fracture of T12 vertebrae . I am 46 and while I have fractured 4 bones in 3 years, this is my first spinal fracture. I opted out of surgery (kyoplasy?) when given that option while hospitalized and have a back brace instread. I was told to use it when ambulatory or as needed to help with pain. However

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  1. Compression fractures in the spine are due to osteoporosis, a common condition causing progressive bone loss and increased fracture risk. A new study found that patients who wore a brace as.
  2. Nonsurgical Treatment for Spine Compression Fractures. Most people with spine compression fractures don't require surgery. Spine specialists at NYU Langone recommend medication, custom-fit back braces, and a combination of exercise and activity modification to relieve pain and help you remain active. Our experts in orthopedics, neurology, and.
  3. They may also be helpful for treating compression fractures of the spine, and can help prevent hypertension by immobilizing the pelvis (3, 4). Rigid braces are typically made from hard plastic or metal. These stiff materials hold the spine in place to promote healing and alignment. Semi-rigid back braces can be prescribed after spinal fusion
  4. Most spinal stress fractures occur within the lower (lumbar) back area, since this is one of the most mobile and vulnerable parts of the body. If you do have a lower back stress fracture—referred to as spondylolysis if spinal bones (vertebrae) are affected—you may have few or no symptoms
  5. A fractured back or spinal fracture is often due to an accident or osteoporosis. The following exercises for fractured vertebrae will strengthen your core, enhance your balance and improve overall bone health. You should also know what exercises to avoid to prevent further injuries
  6. A spinal fracture is a painful and potentially serious injury. Both trauma, such as from an accident or fall, and diseases that weaken bones, such as osteoporosis, can fracture the spine.1 Some of the symptoms associated with a spinal fracture may include: Sudden back pain; Increased pain with standing or walking; Limited mobility in the spin
  7. BraceAbility offers back supports and braces and lumbar belts for various back conditions and injuries. Get quality back braces from top manufacturers. Shop back braces for men and women, back support belts, elderly braces, clavicle braces, TLSO back braces, pregnancy back pain supports and more

Summary of Orthotic Back Brace for Osteoporosis Posture. Here is a brief summary of the various brace options available to you. They are categorized by client condition. Individuals with acute vertebral fractures and minimal kyphosis. For individuals with acute vertebral fractures and minimal kyphosis, a rigid brace is appropriate Treatment for a vertebral burst fracture due to trauma ranges from a back brace or body cast for stable fractures to open surgery for unstable fractures, according to SpineUniverse. Options for a vertebral compression fracture range from over-the-counter pain medications and activity modifications to open surgery, as described by WebMD The lumbosacral corset provides great back support for people who have osteoporosis or who have suffered a fractured or dislocated vertebrae. This corset style back brace is rigid yet ergonomic; it has a hard, rigid plate for maximum back support and adjustable straps for comfort

Recovering from a spinal fracture. A spinal fracture is when a bone in your spine becomes compressed or squashed after losing strength. It's not the same as a broken back, so be reassured it doesn't lead to a risk of being paralysed. A spinal fracture takes between six and 12 weeks to heal. During the healing process, spinal bones don't return. A compression fracture in your spine, officially called a vertebral compression fracture, is a serious injury that happens when part of the vertebrae in your spine collapses. Your vertebrae are what allow you to do everything from stand upright, bend over, and lift objects, so any injury that occurs in your spine can affect your ability to move. I was diagnosed with a L1 compression fracture (anterior is compressed by 37%), was hospitalized for a week, and had to wear a back brace. November 11th, dr did an MRI because I was in so much pain. It showed oedema in the fracture which meant that it hadn't healed entirely (that's what he told me), also showed minimal deviation of posterior. A brace will support your spine and help the vertebrae (bones) heal from a spinal compression fracture. A brace works by essentially restricting movement to the affected area. Your back is supported primarily by your vertebrae and back muscles. When osteoporosis weakens your vertebrae, your muscles have to work overtime to support your back A narrow or trefoil spinal canal will expose traversing and exiting nerve roots to trauma and the potential for isolated root injury in burst fractures or fracture dislocation. The seating of the lumbosacral junction within the pelvis, the ilio-lumbar ligaments and the major muscle support groups require high level energy transfer to result.

Braces offer a safe, non-invasive way to prevent future problems or to help you heal from a current condition. The use of braces is widely accepted. They are effective tools in the treatment of spine disorders. In fact, more than 99% of orthopedic physicians advocate using them. Braces are really nothing new Spinal compression fractures can be insidious and may produce only modest back pain early in the course of progressive disease. Over time, multiple fractures may result in significant loss of height Back bracing can provide external support to limit the motion of fractured vertebrae, similar to the support a cast provides on a leg fracture. The rigid style of back brace limits spine-related motion greatly, which may help reduce pain. While immediate treatment is essential to helping the pain and risks of the fracture, prevention of. Meshell Powell Back braces may be worn to treat a compression fracture. Lumbar compression fractures affect the small bones in the lower portion of the back and may occur due to traumatic events, like automobile accidents, or natural disease processes, such as osteoporosis.Treatment options for these fractures depend on the extent of the injury, the severity of the symptoms, and the overall. TLSO back brace for compression fracture, lordosis, osteoporosis, herniated lumbar discs and spinal injuries. Made with humanized design. Helps in preventing and correcting bad posture, backaches, kyphosis and slouching. Main feature of this TLSO back brace includes: Easy compression adjustment, premium build, light weight and medical grade material

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  1. Treatment. When an injury to the pars is found, the first line of treatment is bracing. The exact type of brace and the length of brace treatment is somewhat controversial, but I have had great success with using a rigid lumbo-sacral orthosis (LSO, Figure 2, from optecusa.com) for between 8 and 12 weeks. Generally the brace is worn at all times.
  2. Nerve complaints are unusual in compression fractures because the spine and its nerves are behind the vertebra, and, as mentioned above, the front of the vertebra is compressed, and the back remains normal. In some serious traumatic fractures, called burst fractures, the compression occurs around the spinal cord and nerves
  3. Nonsurgical Treatment of Spinal Compression Fractures. Many who suffer a spinal compression fracture heal with nonsurgical treatments. Your orthopedic/spine specialist may recommend physical therapy, a well-fitted back brace, pain medication, bone density stabilizing medication, and activity modifications. Your doctor will also help advise how.
  4. Spinal Stenosis; Fracture management; Deconditioned or postural back pain; Degenerative Disc Disease; Types of Back Braces: There are many types of back braces on the market today: good quality, bad quality, expensive ones, inexpensive ones, braces for different parts of the back: mid-spine and lower lumbar spine, and the tailbone or sacrum
  5. Axial burst fracture: An axial burst fracture is caused by the loss of height on both the front and back of vertebra due to a fall or vertical impact. Chance fracture: Fracture caused by the pulling apart of the vertebrae due to a violent forward flexed injury. A chance fracture usually occurs as the result of a car accident. Symptoms of a.
  6. Spinal fractures are different than a broken arm or leg, a fracture or dislocation of a vertebra can cause bone fragments to pinch and damage the spinal nerves or spinal cord. Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment info. about. The spine is kept in a neck or back brace until appropriate diagnostic tests are completed
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A brace is a useful tool to assist in supporting a fractured vertebrae or to aid in the healing after back surgery. Some specialty braces are especially useful at creating limited motion in the vertebral column after spinal fusion surgery, in order to create a more solid fusion of the newly operated spinal bones A compression fracture of a vertebra is like what happens to a cardboard box if you put too much weight on top of it. The combination of a compression fracture, tingling and numbness is concerning. It's time to go back and get re-examined. Compression fractures can lead to nerve compression Watch: Spinal Compression Fracture Video These compression fractures can occur in vertebrae anywhere in the spine, but they tend to occur most commonly in the upper back (thoracic spine), particularly in the lower vertebrae of that section of the spine (e.g. T10, T11, T12).They rarely occur above the T7 level of the spine A compression fracture is a type of broken bone that can cause your vertebrae to collapse, making them shorter. This often happens to the front of the vertebrae but not the back, causing you to stoop forward over time.Compression fractures are caused by: Osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones that can occur in postmenopausal women and older men The pain associated with osteoporosis occurs because of fractures (broken bones). When they occur in the spine they are called spinal or compression fractures. Although these fractures can be painless, for some people they cause severe pain when they first occur. The pain usually gets better as the fracture heals over six to 12 weeks

The doctor may recommend wearing a brace that helps support the back and prevents bending forward, and therefore removes pressure from the fractured vertebrae. There's a good chance you won't need surgery Shop back supports for both men and women. Designed for effective pain relief, optimal protection, and superior comfort. Compression and support to help prevent injury during movement and activity. Supports for hips, lower lumbar back, and upper back to reduce strain to your spine and ligaments A neck or back brace will be used to stabilise a suspected fractured spine while diagnostic tests are being carried out. These include x-rays, which will show the vertebrae in your spine and reveal any potential fractures

Dr. Frazier ordered X-rays of the patient's lumbar spine, which revealed spinal fractures at the first and second lumbar vertebrae (known as L1 and L2). The vertebra at L1 had suffered from a compression fracture, meaning that the vertebra had caved in on its front side. At L2, the situation was even more dire A back brace prevents unnecessary movements that further damage the back. This helps align your spine and strengthen your back muscles. Your back can heal and your back pain will decrease. Back braces also take support away from the vital areas of your back, such as the spine, invertebral discs, and vertebrae A back brace provides external support to your spine. It limits movement of the fractured vertebrae and helps reduce your pain. However, braces should be used with caution since they can cause muscle weakness in your back. Osteoporosis treatment with medications known as bisphosphonates (Actonel, Boniva, and Fosamax) prevents further bone.

Although I was hopeful physical therapy would help, I knew there was a chance that it wouldn't. With an injury like a fractured vertebra, there's always a chance you'll live your life with a certain level of pain once the break heals. I was hoping this wouldn't be my reality. 7 Best Exercises for Fractured Vertebrae Visit https://www.braceability.com/products/postural-kyphosis-tlso-brace to learn more and shop now!Injuries to the spine, especially the thoracic back, are.

A spinal vertebral compression fracture causes low back pain and weakness. A vertebral compression fracture occurs when the block-like part of an individual bone of the spine (vertebra) become compressed due to trauma. Usually the trauma necessary to break the bones of the spine is quite substantial. In certain circumstances, such as in elderly. Doctors may treat a minor compression fracture in one vertebra with a cervical or neck brace. A person may need to wear the brace for several weeks or months. They may also need pain medicine. When the front part of a bone in the spine breaks and collapses, it is called a compression fracture. A fall or car crash can cause this kind of break. Treatment will focus on controlling pain. Some children need to wear a brace. Surgery may be done if the pain does not go away or if the bone presses on the spinal cord or nerves

NATURAL TREATMENT - Use for pain stemming from kyphosis, osteoporosis, bad posture, hyperextension, spinal compression fractures, spinal stenosis, mechanical back pain, and more. Use at many stages, including before and after surgery, thanks to its removable panels. It's great for all ages. EASY TO USE - Soft padding, breathable materials, and a spinal cutout make the TLSO comfortable to. Typical costs: Without health insurance, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of a broken back/fractured vertebrae/spinal fracture typically cost from $5,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on the treatment.A spinal X-ray costs an average of $280, according to NewChoiceHealth.com [], but some radiology centers charge $3,000 or more. A typical doctor fee for non-surgical treatment of a fracture. Spinal Bracing: A Treatment Option for Spondylolisthesis. With spondylolisthesis, it may be more difficult for your spine to provide proper support because the vertebrae are out of alignment. That can make your muscles work harder, which fatigues them and can lead to pain. To support your lower back, your doctor may want you to wear a brace or. The brace supports the back and restricts movement, just as an arm brace would support a fractured arm. Braces are molded to conform tightly to your body, like a cast for any other fracture. Braces used to treat a compression fracture of the spine are designed to keep you from bending forward. They hold the spine in more extension (straightened) One or two needles are advanced under x-ray guidance into the fractured vertebra through the skin in the back. After the x-ray confirms good needle placement, the surgeon injects bone cement into the fractured vertebra. The cement hardens in a few minutes, providing immediate stability to the bone and relief of pain

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A good physical therapy program started six to eight weeks after the fracture is often enough to treat the injury and prevent further problems. Therapies such as ice, electrical stimulation, rest or gentle stretching can relieve pain and inflammation. An orthosis, a special kind of back brace molded to your body, will protect your spine as it. Recovery & Support for Spine Compression Fractures. After treatment for a spine compression fracture, NYU Langone specialists offer continued care and can help you prevent another fracture from occurring. Often, physical therapy is needed to build muscle strength, improve coordination, and provide the back with stability that can protect the. Pain Medication: $50-$125+. Back Brace or Physical Therapy: $10-$350. Surgery: Up to $15,000. Post. Tweet. Comments (4) Spinal compression fractures [ 1] otherwise known as a broken vertebrae, occur when the normal vertebrae of the spine collapse in height. The condition is most commonly caused by osteoporosis, but may also be the result of. A vertebral compression fracture (VCF) is a type of fracture that collapses one or more spinal vertebra because a bone has been compressed. This issue leads to the collapse of the vertebrae. It may occur without immediate pain. However, this kind of fracture can result in a band-like pain that moves from the spine to the sides of the back. A stress fracture occurs when the vertebrae take on too much stress, and tiny cracks form in the bone. Spinal stress fractures, also called spondylolysis, most commonly occur in the lower back, especially in the fifth lumbar vertebra. Stress fractures can also occur in the fourth lumbar vertebra, but this is much less common

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Some patients may need to wear a back brace for a period of time to limit movement in the spine and provide an opportunity for a recent pars fracture to heal. Over the course of treatment, your doctor will take periodic x-rays to determine whether the vertebra is changing position Back braces can provide some stability to the spine and thereby reduce pain. However, back braces are most effective when the fractures are the lower back (lumbar spine) or in the lower portion of the midback (thoracic spine). Physical therapy is important in maintaining range of motion and promoting strength and flexibility of the soft tissue

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Spinal orthoses, which include neck braces and back braces, are used to support and stabilize areas of the body from the jaw to the lower back, including the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. These types of orthoses may be used postoperatively to promote proper and safe healing, to treat a chronic disease or condition such as arthritis, or. Recovering from Broken Bones in the Spine. Broken bones in the spine are also known as vertebral fractures or compression fractures. If you have a broken bone in the spine, it will take several weeks or more to heal. You probably won't need surgery, but you will need to exercise and get rest

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D. Jeffress Back braces may be worn to treat a compression fracture. A thoracic compression fracture is a break of one or more bones in the middle section of spinal vertebrae, called the thoracic spine.Most fractures are the result of traumatic injuries, as can happen with a bad fall or a car accident Back Brace, Chairback Lumbosacral Orthosis Purpose of the Device • Provides rigid support of the lumbosacral spine in the coronal plane and maximum resistance to extension Indications • Instability of spinal levels L 2 - L 5 • Lumbar spinal fractures • Osteoarthritis • Spondylolisthesis • LBP (lower back pain) • Degenerative disc diseas If you fracture your neck, you'll feel extreme pain, swelling, and a loss of feeling in your arms and legs. You shouldn't be moved, and you should go to the hospital right away. The First Step After a Neck Fracture. After neck trauma, we want to keep the injury from getting worse. To prevent a spinal cord injury, we'll need to first The brace supports the back and restricts movement; just as an arm brace would support a fractured arm. Braces are molded to conform tightly to your body, like a cast for any other fracture. Braces used to treat a compression fracture of the spine are designed to keep you from bending forward Most people have 7 vertebrae in the neck (cervical spine) (diagram), 12 vertebrae in the chest part of the spine (thoracic spine) (diagram), and 5 vertebrae in the lower back (Lumbar spine) (diagram). If a vertebroplasty procedure is being considered it is very important to try to be certain which of the vertebrae are causing the pain

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SKU: 4803088777251 Category: Spinal Bracing Tag: Orthopedic Bracing. Description. The patented Spinomed IV and Spinomed IV A/P are the only evidence based, as proven in a randomized peer reviewed and published medical study, spinal orthoses to increase core muscle strength, reduce kyphosis, decrease pain, increase vital capacity and improve. A back brace is a medical device specifically designed to limit the motion of the spine to provide external support and help enhance the healing process from an injury or surgery.. Back braces, also referred to as abdominal supports, are available in two basic styles; rigid and soft. Rigid braces are generally constructed as form-fitting plastic molds that will restrict motion up to 50%, while. Spinal compression fractures occur when a bone in the spine has lost 15 - 20% of its height. Patients suffering from such fractures aren't just in pain. The fractures often lead to deformity, such as kyphosis (a hunched back) or height loss, and they can also crowd internal organs. Spinal compression fractures are common

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Lumbar spine fractures, as the name suggests, always locate in the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is the part of the spine located in the lower back and is an often seen source of pain in physiotherapy. It is situated in between the thoracic and the sacral part of the spine and it is characterised by lordose I had a compression fracture (pretty severe but stable) in an accident 5 years ago. I haven't worked since. It was my L1 and I was in a brace for 4 months and then weaned off it for another 2. I have pretty bad chronic back pain. I couldnt stand or sit for more than 10mins-30mins the first year Introduction. Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) of the thoracolumbar spine are common in the elderly, with approximately 1.5 million VCFs annually in the general US population.1 Approximately 25% of all postmenopausal women in the US get a compression fracture during their lifetime.2 The prevalence of this condition increases with age, reaching 40% by age 80.3 Population studies have. A forceful jolt may fracture sections of the spine. In the same manner, an gymnast tailbone, the physes and sacrum, is also susceptible to fractures. Incurring blows to the back, or taking a hard fall, is the major cause of spinal fractures Stable fractures may only require stabilization with a brace, such as a rigid neck collar (Aspen collar) for cervical fractures, a cervical-thoracic brace (Minerva brace) for upper back fractures, or a thoracolumbar-sacral orthosis (TLSO) for lower back fractures. After 8 to 12 weeks the brace is usually discontinued

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Compression fractures can occur suddenly. This can cause severe back pain. The pain is most commonly felt in the middle or lower spine. It can also be felt on the sides or in the front of the spine. The pain is sharp and knife-like. Pain can be disabling, and take weeks to months to go away. Compression fractures due to osteoporosis may cause. Spondylolysis occurs when a problem in the spine causes a small crack, or fracture, between two vertebrae (the bones in the spine). Spondylolysis causes back pain but is treatable, usually without surgery. Treatments such as medication and physical therapy are most successful when started early, so see your doctor if you or your child has back. Be the first to review Superior Spine back brace - L0456 L0457 for posture correction, Thoracic compression fractures, degenerative disc disease, post surgical stabilization, Spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, Scoliosis, thoracic spine Cancel repl Spinal fusion is typically an effective treatment for fractures, deformities or instability in the spine. But study results are more mixed when the cause of the back or neck pain is unclear. In many cases, spinal fusion is no more effective than nonsurgical treatments for nonspecific back pain

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Fractures of lumbar vertebrae occur in the setting of either severe trauma or pathologic weakening of the bone, see image R L4 compression fracture.. Osteoporosis is the underlying cause of many lumbar fractures, especially in postmenopausal women.; Osteoporotic spinal fractures are unique in that they may occur without apparent trauma. Any injury that changes the shape of a lumbar vertebra. Spinal Orthotics In Chicago: Back Braces & More. Whether you are planning spinal surgery, struggle with a back injury, or need corrections for a spinal disorder like scoliosis, Scheck & Siress offers custom-made and custom-fit spinal orthotics for all your needs. At Scheck & Siress, excellent patient care is a company priority The TLSO Medical grade Back and Lumbar Brace is commonly prescribed for patients as a pain relief solution for post operative support, kyphosis secondary to osteoporosis, degenerative disk disease, herniated or bulging disk, fracture management and other spine related issues. The TLSO supports T8-SI vertebral bodies during the recovery process Broken Back Overview. A broken back is a serious injury that occurs when the individual vertebrae of the back section of the spinal column become fractured or dislocated. The most common causes are vehicle accidents, falls, sports accidents or violent acts such as gunshot wounds. Not all fractured spines are due to trauma, however A spinous process fracture is a break in a part of the spinal bone. This part of the bone is located toward the back of each spinal bone. Older adults are at higher risk. Things that may increase the chance of a spinous process fracture are: These fractures can happen at any place in the spinal column

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