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  2. Even though you will be displaying a copy, a good print will look virtually the same as the original. When displaying, mount in a window mat. The mat and mount should be a good, museum-quality mat board (most frame shops will have this type of mat board). The glass should be UV coated to protect the copy and give it a longer life
  3. g Art, Documents, Letters, Photographs and Other Paper Items. The method used in fra
  4. Hang the frame in a spot that's out of direct sunlight. Properly store your documents. Store documents flat in a cool, dry, and dark area. Papers should always be stored in acid-free, alkaline materials (like boxes, folders, or mats) or in polyester film folders
  5. Dear Donia, How do I safely mount old documents for display? Q. Dear Donia, I have my grandfather's wedding certificate from the late 1800s as well as his college diplomas that I would like to frame for display. I have considered digitizing them, but one of the diplomas has a ribbon pasted to it that would be hard to replicate. I would like to float the documents on a backboard. How best can I.
  6. Each frame is custom constructed, using only proper museum archival materials. You benefit from our decades of experience in designing and creating beautiful, compelling, and protective framed historical documents. Prices range starting at $600. Materials include: The finest frames, tailored to match the document you have chosen

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  1. ation plastic for old documents, newspapers, photos, etc., does not preserve them. The best way to preserve them is to store them in a dark place after placing in acid-free Mylar film (not la
  2. The key to preserving your paper documents is to keep them in an acid-free, humidity-controlled environment. Your paper documents need protection from a variety of elements which contribute to their deterioration--namely: light, heat, humidity, acids in papers, plastics, and adhesives, other objects, pollutants, and pests
  3. When the dialog box appears, click Burn files to data disc. Name the disk, then click Next. Wait for an empty folder for the disc to appear. This means the disc is formatted and ready to copy files. Open the folder with the documents you want to archive and drag the files into the empty disc folder
  4. g or storage without professional de-acidification. (a generic term for a chemical treatment that neutralizes acid in paper or similar materials, often leaving an alkaline residue in the paper as a buffer against further acid conta
  5. g, your document or photograph can still be damaged based on where you display it. Framed items should be kept away from extreme elements, such as direct sunlight or high humidity

Sally says that the process is also safe with documents, not just photos. Museums and archives create a similar humidification chamber when working with old documents. You don't need any fancy equipment, just a few household items and a bit of common sense about working with your family keepsakes Light. It is a crucial part of life itself, and the very essence of art in general and photography in particular. Yet too much light—or the wrong kind of light—will result in light damage that will hasten the fading, discoloration or even the destruction of practically ALL artworks, photographs, works on paper, books, fabrics, documents, and just about any other item you have in your. Handcrafted in the USA, our high-quality frames offer unrivaled value. Frames are already custom-sized for your school or organization, allowing you to quickly and easily insert your diploma or certificate. There's no need to send us your valuable document Either scan and print your clipping or newspaper page, or make a color photocopy of it to preserve the tonalities of the original. Frame your reproduction using high quality archival matboard, framing supplies, and UV-filtering glass or acrylic (such as Plexiglas). Check out our framing supplies or work with a reputable frame shop in your area A tracking number for your order will be sent when your order is shipped. Additional questions can be answered by our staff during the hours of 7:30 am to 4:30 pm EST, Monday-Friday via email at mail@archivalmethods.com or by calling us at 866-877-7050

Golden State Art, 11x14 Document Photo Wood Frame for 8.5x11 Document & Certificates, Real Glass (Black with White Over Black Double Mat, Set of 1) . Free 5-8 day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25.00 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 **Respect Your Important Possessions With Custom Framing Done By A Professional** Ankeny Custom Framing services are available by appointment Call 515-963-8894 or email ankenycustomframing@gmail.com Walk-ins are also welcome! Ankeny Custom Framing, in Ankeny, IA, is the area's leading sole proprietor framing business since 2000 Museum-Quality Document Protection The quality of the materials used in your frame affect both its appearance and the longevity of your valuable document. For this reason, all of our frames feature acid-free matting and backing materials Light framing is used in barracks, bathhouses, and administration buildings. Figure 6-2, page 6-3, shows some details of a 20-foot wide building (such as ground level, window openings, braces, and splices) and labels the framing parts. Much of light framing can be done in staging areas while staking out, squaring, and floor framing is being done Always presume that the textile is unique, irreplaceable, and fragile. A large textile is not necessarily stronger than a small one, but it is often more cumbersome! Don't touch the textile until you know precisely what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Get all equipment ready and.

Call: 703-299-0100. preservation. diploma. corporate. framing disasters. Prev Next. Since 1989, Museum Framing has served our client's framing needs. Rick has over 40 years experience in the care and handling of art and artifacts. From college diplomas to rare manuscripts, we use the finest materials to protect and preserve them; and, at a. Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Antique frame repair, repairing missing pieces, re-gilding the frame, refinishing and staining frames Printing & Digital Restoration Services Scanning and printing photographs, letters, documents, and duplicate of personal artwork on an assortment of heavy weight, high quality papers

Houston's largest dealer of original rare old maps, botanical engravings, documents, photographs, and more. We offer fine custom picture framing with bespoke elements. We handcraft timeless framing using only archival materials and technique for generations of enjoyment ACA Paper Restoration's document repair, document conservation and document restoration services include deacidifying, patching, pressing, mold remediation, archival mounting and encapsulation (protecting a piece in a custom made clear polyester sleeve). We also remove backings, mats, tape, labels and other materials detrimental to a work on paper

Angular distortions in the paper are known as wrinkles. Bulges. When humidity gets into paper, from humid environments, floods, hurricanes, and more, it can create convex distortion in it called bulges. Accordion Pleats. When paper has jammed during a mechanical process, it can jam into a sequence of zig-zagged folds Sometimes the safest place for a document you want to preserve is in clear view. At least the old out of sight, out of mind adage won't apply. If you decide, for example, to hang on your wall the weathered playbill of your great aunt's first -- and only -- theatre appearance, enlist the aid of a professional framer the rabbet of the frame to separate the glass from the mounted textile. Spacers can be constructed of acid -free mat board or one of the commercially available frame spacers made of polypropylene or polyethylene. Frame & Hardwar e Choice When choosing a frame, take into consideration the depth of the rabbet, which is the inside edge frame molding

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  1. black document frame, 13 x 15.5 with 8.5 x 11 double mat by studio décor®. $54.99. Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU. ★★★★★ ★★★★★. 4.3 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Black Document Frame, 13 x 15.5 With 8.5 x 11 Double Mat by Studio Décor®. (17
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  3. Footnotes: The Illinois cottage was a site-built stick framed demonstration house displayed at the Paris Exhibition of 1867 as a display of American technological prowess that revolutionized housing construction throughout the world with some help from Mrs. O'Leary's cow and a century later with help from the NAHB. Mrs. O'Leary's cow razed a city and the NAHB helped build a nation
  4. Achieve your creative vision down to the smallest detail with Gaylord's complete line of exhibit cases, display cases, supplies and accessories can help you show off your collections in their best light, while keeping them safe, preserved and protected. Find everything you need to create the perfect exhibit or display with options that fit your space and budget
  5. g4Yourself, we are dedicated to making shopping for picture frame moulding accessible to everyone and unique to every project. That's why we offer the option to select and cut wooden picture frames to join yourself. In choosing your own finish and length, you have complete control over the.
  6. g of a modest-size house in this video series from the Fine Homebuilding archives. Larry produced this video in 1992 with the Taunton Press and Fine Homebuilding Magazine as a companion to his book The Very Efficient Carpenter.Some of the details and tools have changed over the years, but there's still plenty to learn from Larry as he walks.

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  1. g lumber at the time the build-ing is enclosed with sheathing and interior finish, is as close as possible to the condition it will reach in service. Grading rules which conform with American Soft-wood Lumber Standard, PS 20, provide for fra
  2. g terms are related to the parts of a triangle. Roof Features associated with basic roof fra
  3. Preserve your books, documents, photos, artifacts and collectibles with the standard in high-quality archival supplies from Gaylord. Our selection includes acid-free, lignin-free, pH-neutral boxes, folders, tissues and more, so you can ensure the safest storage possible for your most valued items
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  5. Archival Supplies - Light Impressions offers a wide selection of archival supplies to help archive and preserve your photos and documents. Choose your archival supplies on our website today
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Custom framing made ridiculously easy. For a third of the price in half the time. Starting at $39 with FREE SHIPPING From oil paintings and photographs, to documents and rare books, our professional staff are here to provide expertise in restoring your priceless works of art. Our skilled conservators also repair works on paper, objects, antiques and fine furniture, as well as picture frames, gold leaf, sculptures, and textiles

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  1. ACA Paper Restoration. For over 30 years, ACA Paper Restoration has been handling both the restoration and conservation of works on paper for a national client base. We restore brittle, acid burned, faded, torn and stained works on paper. From antique to modern pieces, our services extend to prints, watercolors, pastels, drawings, photographs.
  2. Abstract Green Paper Frame Word Template. By PoweredTemplate. 4.6 of 5 ( 311) 424. Save. Similar
  3. g. For example, you might opt for a black frame to complement a black-and-white picture, or a wooden frame for a colored photo. Also, choose a large frame if you want the photo to stand out, or a smaller frame if you want the picture to be more subtle
  4. g, shadow boxes, dry mounting, canvas stretching, archival fra
  5. Scribus is free, professional desktop publishing software similar to Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and can be downloaded..
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Small Antique Gilt Gesso Oval Wood Picture Frame with Glass fits 4-1/4 x 5-1/2. $75.50. $10.10 shipping Old Photo Specialist was founded in Greensboro, N.C. 1971 by William Heroy, a biomedical engineering graduate of Duke University. We had been at our location on Elm St since 1977 operating first as a photo restoration studio, second as a commercial and portrait studio, and last as a vendor and restorer of antique frames Step 1 - Upload your photo . Step 2 - Choose a mat . Step 3 - Design your frame. Step 4 - Glazing & Backing. Get a Custom Quote. Receive a custom volume quote within 8 business hours! Click Here. Frame USA is your one-stop online framing shop for ready-made and custom picture frames. For over 35 years, Frame USA has been delivering.

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WOOD-FRAME HOUSE CONSTRUCTION By L. O. ANDERSON, Engineer Forest Products Laboratory — Forest Service U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Agriculture Handbook No. 73 • Revised July 1970 Slightly revised April 1975 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washincfton, D.C. 20402 Price: $2.6 Step 7: Collect Civil Documents. After you complete your DS-260 (s), you and each family member immigrating with you MUST collect the civil documents required to support your visa application. Your civil documents MUST be issued by the official issuing authority in your country. Please refer to the Document Finder to learn about the civil. Purpose. The primary purpose of glazing in art framing is to clearly exhibit the work while physically protecting it from damaging factors such as light humidity, heat, and soiling. Laminated glass and some acrylic may be used to protect against physical damage from glass breakage and to offer protection from a malicious attack. Regular glass as well as some glass surface treatments can also. New Black Wood Document Frame - 11 x 8 1/2 price $34.99 Quick view. New Pink & White Marble Frame - 4 x 6 price $17.99 Quick view. New Black & Gold Crown Wood Wall Clip Frame price $6.99 Quick view. New Friends Wood Frame - 4 x 6 price $15.99 Quick view. New Roomies Geometric Wood Photo Clip price $7.99 Quick view Helping you set the stage for your art, photos, memories and creative magic is what keeps us going. Thanks for showing us your work Pamela! Make sure ya'll check out her page for more and pay us a visit to get your next project going. #framingjoy. 06/09/2021. @framingjoy

Share this product on Twitter. Description. Description. This totally acid-free tape is perfect for mending and repairing pictures, documents and memorabilia. Independently laboratory-tested to be safe for use on photos. Details: 1/2 width. 300 length. 1 roll in dispenser Professional tradesmen use Rafter and Framing Squares to save time on roof construction projects. All of the necessary cuts for a particular rafter can be laid out with these two squares. This reference guide will provide a basic knowledge of rafters and the rafter square to help you determine what scale and number on th Hold on to loan documents until the loan is paid off. That will often be for more than a year. If you own a car, hold on to the title until you sell it. If you have investments in stocks, bonds. MCS Float Frames are ideal for creating dramatic effects when displaying photos or other artwork on a wall or tabletop. Perfect for non standard-size documents or photos, the frames include a clear glass face, a clear styrene back, and a snap-in easel for table, bookcase, or desk display Here are a few of our favorite photo scanning apps that are free to download: Pic Scanner — Photo specific and gives you the ability to batch scan. Google Photo Scan — Detects the edges of your photo and automatically removes glare. Photomyne — Allows you to store multiple images in one go. iPhone Native Notes App — Simply start a new.

Document frames: Document frames are a great way to easily and professionally showcase your achievements and display diplomas or awards in an office or home. Many styles come with decorative mats and can accommodate a variety of documents, such as diplomas, degrees, credentials or certificates All wood, including framing, used in places with serious termite problems, such as in Hawaii, must be treated. The functional unit of comparison for BEES framing alternatives is 0.09 m2 (1 ft2) of load-bearing exterior wall. The wood-framed wall consists of wood studs placed 41 cm (16 in) on center, and has a service life of 75 years Newspaper preservation is a challenge because newsprint is an inherently unstable paper. Formulated to be inexpensive and expendable, newsprint is manufactured with large percentages of unpurified wood pulp which contains impurities that remain in the paper after processing. These impurities, when exposed to light, high humidity and atmospheric pollutants, promote discoloration and acidic.

Lineco Frame Backing Paper is also available and has become a standard for conservation framing.They preserve and protect photographs and negatives, as well as prints, in our Photo Storage Boxes. Damaged or fragile paper can be repaired using document repair tape or mending tissue Store old letters well using archival acid free products such as envelopes, archival pages, albums and boxe Our frame shop has been in business for over 35 years, providing quality custom picture framing. The Framery frame shop is located in Fresno CA, and also serves surrounding areas with quality, professional framing. Our shop prides itself on personalized service and unique designs to enhance and protect your piece. Call us today at 559-439-5220. From old master drawings to contemporary prints, the paper is fundamentally made of cellulose in the form of finely broken down plant fibres. In its purest framing materials, just as they can by amateur restoration and the use of inappropriate techniques in handling, storage and display

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Newspapers, as important historical documents, are favorites of both amateur and professional preservationists. Whether kept for personal reasons or to reflect monumental events - newspapers falsely declaring Truman's defeat by Dewey in 1948, for example, are valuable collector's items - they require great care and proper equipment in order to survive the test of time Murillo Fine Art Restoration and Framing can clean, restore or frame any fine art including but not limited to paintings, photographs, sculptures, figurines, porcelain, documents, parchments, maps or textile works like petit point or tapestry. We can re-glue and restore art works that are chipped, damaged, or broken into pieces Wall Sheathing. Roof Sheathing. Expert diagrams of the two major types of wood-frame construction for house walls and roofs. Two basic methods are used for framing a house: platform and balloon-frame construction. Platform construction is much more common than balloon framing, though balloon framing was employed in many two-story houses before.

The old-growth trees in these forests ranged from 100 to 500 years old. Old-growth wood is structurally stronger and more rot-resistant than today's lumber. As a tree gets older, it becomes hardier and its growth rings become tighter. The density of old-growth forests allowed the trees to grow more slowly, making these older trees even sturdier Lot of 17 Old Vintage 1904 - WELLS FARGO EXPRESS Documents - Brooklyn / NY City. $4.99. 2 bids. $3.57 shipping. Ending Thursday at 11:30AM PDT. 14h 47m Aug 28, 2018 - Explore Framerica's board Unique Framing Ideas, followed by 505 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about unique framing, home diy, decor Depending on your documents surface, use acrylic or glass. Acrylic can produce static electricity. This means that acrylic should not be used on certain media that is powdery. Both florescent and UV light harms documents and photos. Use a glaze that has UV filtering. 2. Framing and Matting for Photos or Documents

120 days old, or 180 days old for new construction, unless a different time frame is specified in this handbook or in other applicable HUD instructions, or the nature of the documents is such that their validity for underwriting purposes is not affected by the prescribed time frame, such as divorce decrees, or tax returns Mar 13, 2018 - Explore Michelle Sedgwick's board Framing Newspaper Articles, followed by 164 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about newspaper article, newspaper, newspaper article display At or above 5,000 ft. elevation roof framing members shall stack over studs that stack over floor joist and studs below etc, unless engineer provides a detail allowing an offset. 48. Floor sheathing at tub drain is fireblocked. CRC §R302.11 #4. 49. Pocket door frames are in place. 50

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6x6 Frame, Picture Frame 6x6, Unfinished Wood Frame 6x6, Pine Frame. NJFrames. 4 out of 5 stars. (5) $16.39. Add to Favorites. More colors. Black & White Contemporary Picture Frame - 5x7 8x8 8x10 8.5x11 9x9 10x10 12x14 20x20 and more sizes! -Modern, Minimalist, Wood, Home Decor 7 Days: (10am - 6pm) Phone: 818-557-6755 ART & FRAMING GALLERY 381 N WESTERN AVE, LOS ANGELES CA 90004 Chapter 5 - Design of Light-Wood Framing inches by 9.25 inches, and a 1x4 is 3/4-inch by 3.5 inches. This guide uses nominal member size, but it is important to note that the designer must apply th

A truss-frame consists of a roof truss and a floor truss joined by exterior wall studs. The wide variety of possible roof and floor truss designs and combinations is illustrated by figure 1. End walls may be truss-framed with field-assembled stud infill, prefabricated in. Apply your liquid nails or glue to the back of the board but make sure to leave an inch or so at the top of the board so you won't see the glue reflected in the mirror. I used tape to hold it in place while it dried. Here's one of the corners - don't be afraid if they don't match up perfectly. Nothing that a bit of caulk can't fix In other words, frame_1.html must be styled by CSS rules contained within frame_1.html or within a stylesheet linked to frame_1.html. Styling Frame Source Documents. Just as with any webpage, the contents of each frame can be styled with CSS. In order to style the contents of each frame, the styles must be added to the source document itself. Reuse your old frames and get them used for customized photo prints. You can use the old frames for new prints like this one to give your living room a new and refreshed look. This will save you a lot of money while making your photo prints look more beautiful Documents - Meaning of Dream. Various documents that you see in a dream symbolize the trouble and vanity. If the official papers are unkempt, the dreamer awake will encounter failures in affairs. This dream can also warn about cheating partners, whose cooperation will cause your problems, and will end up in complicated investigation

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The Care, Storage and Handling of. Artifacts. The long term preservation of historic artifacts requires attention to the use of proper storage, display and conservation techniques as well as careful handling. The staff at the Henry Ford have compiled these documents and videos to help you to care for your collections Eco-Friendly Wood. Traditional. 1. 2. Details. Our wood picture frames come in many different standard sizes and styles. All of which are completely made in America! We take pride in both our affordable prices and high quality standards. We also offer custom sizes of our wood frames for those special projects Framing Britney Spears skips the more obvious title, Free Britney, the name of a fan-driven movement that's ultimately the primary focus of this latest The New York Times Presents documentary Framing Your Old Photos . When framing, use acid-free mats to keep photos from touching the glass and acid-free backboards to avoid deterioration of the image. If you are having a photograph professionally framed, be sure to tell the framer you want acid-free materials. These will be a bit more expensive, so a framer may not use them automatically The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears premiered on Friday, January 5, on the FX channel and FX on Hulu.To tune in, you'll need either a valid Hulu subscription, or you can stream it.

Frame definition is - the physical makeup of an animal and especially a human body : physique, figure. How to use frame in a sentence Framing Britney Spears recycles much of the paper's reporting and documents one of the only times Spears has spoken about the conservatorship, even as it condemns the old ones,. 12,242 Free images of Frame. Related Images: border decorative design floral wall picture frame mockup art vintage frame. 849 1326 167. Blank Desk Frame. 670 910 187. Frame Leaves Watercolor. 421 624 188. Wreath Frame Floral. 345 651 42 Joseph Lstiburek. September 15, 2010. It's pretty easy to deal with new basements. They are not hard to insulate. The majority of them do not leak or smell and the buildings on top of them are generally not rotting. 1 If you want a challenge try dealing with century old houses sitting on top of rubble foundations 8 x 10 Picture Frame with Removable Mat, for Tabletop or Wall - Black. More Color & Media Size Options Available! $18.99. 8 x 10 Sign Holder, Wall Mount or Tabletop Use, Hinged Snap Open, Aluminum - Silver. More Media Size & Color Options Available! $5.37. 8.5 x 11 Document Frame for Tabletop or Wall, Wood - Brown

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Cheap Picture Frames We have a large selection of excellent quality cheap picture frames. These affordable picture frames are great for displaying and protecting photos, posters, signs, documents etc. Choose below from a variety of low cost picture frame sizes, finish colors, and styles Use our PDF Editor to customize documents your way with our easy-to-use editing tools. Modify the pages, layout and content of your PDF online. Try it today

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FRAME PI6.tform Frame BRACED FRAME (OLD) North America BRACED FRAME (MODERN) North America PLATFORM FRAME (WESTERN) United States WOOD FRAMED HOUSE Type of Construction Traditional form of construction 1950. Two Storey close stud frame. Studs continuous through both storeys Aug 11, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Tennille Sawyer. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Browse 18,228 incredible Text Frame vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy JPEG or JPG (/ ˈ dʒ eɪ p ɛ ɡ / JAY-peg) is a commonly used method of lossy compression for digital images, particularly for those images produced by digital photography.The degree of compression can be adjusted, allowing a selectable trade-off between storage size and image quality.JPEG typically achieves 10:1 compression with little perceptible loss in image quality

3,020 Free images of Frames Borders. Related Images: frame border decorative floral ornamental flourish abstract art vintage design. 422 560 103. Frame Leaves Watercolor. 315 481 150. Wreath Frame Floral. 289 465 8. Watercolour Flowers. 165 181 52 A lucky bargain hunter became a millionaire after finding an original print of the Declaration of Independence in the frame of an old painting. the painting housed a rare and valuable document

Border frames can allow you to boldly contrast between image subject and frame. Shadow frames can create a 3D effect for your image. Vintage frame will give your picture a retro effect transforming your image into old time. Start adding photo frames online with Fotor today Ariaa Picture Frame. by Latitude Run®. from $12.68 $13.99. 224. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 224 total votes. Our picture frames are versatile and can be used for many room types and occasions. They make the gift, home decor, and accent, personal use, and more. Each frame is carefully assembled with quality materials White Picture Frames. Gold Picture Frames. Gray Picture Frames. Brown Picture Frames. Picture Frame Sets. Picture Frames Under $15. Target Photo. buy online & pick up in stores shipping same day delivery include out of stock 2 x 3 Inches 2.5 x 3.5 Inches 3 x 3 Inches 3 x 4 Inches 3.25 x 4.5 Inches 3.5 x 3.5 Inches 3.5 x 5 Inches 4 x 4 Inches 4. Preserve all your life's important moments with custom frames online with Art To Frame's great collection of online frames. Call us today at 718-788-6200 Parts and Documentation We've Got Your Back. BOSTITCH Factory Service provides fast, professional tool repair when you need it. Our service network is unmatched in the industry so you have absolute confidence knowing that you, and the job, will not be let down

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