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The Pakistan Penal Code, the main criminal code of Pakistan, punishes blasphemy (Urdu: قانون توہین رسالت ‎) against any recognized religion, providing penalties ranging from a fine to death Pakistan's blasphemy laws carry a potential death sentence for anyone who insults Islam. Critics say they have been used to persecute minority faiths and unfairly target minorities. When do the.. 0 Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan A Historical Overview Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), Islamabad House#36-B, Street#30, F-8/1 Tel: 051-8314801-03, Fax: 051-831480 Pakistan Amid wider sectarian and interreligious tension, Pakistan's harsh blasphemy laws are a serious threat to peace and social stability. Blasphemy is punishable by death under law, and accusations often followed by mob brutality with fatal consequences. The constitution establishes Islam as the state religion Rallies supporting blasphemy laws and protesting related acquittals are common in Pakistan [File: R] Islamabad, Pakistan - Bishop John Joseph, 65, one of Pakistan's most prominent human..

Humans have been persecuted for the crime of blasphemy since biblical times. Today, about one quarter of the world's countries and territories, most of them Muslim-majority nations, still have anti-blasphemy laws. Pakistan is among the countries where blasphemy is punishable by death blasphemy laws. Pakistan rejected recommendations 122.30, which called for the derogation of the law on blasphemy to guarantee in practice the right to freedom of religion. Pakistan noted a number of recommendations including recommendation 122.28, which asked the Government to ensure that blasphemy laws and their implementation are i 5. <ul><li>The Pakistan Penal Code prohibits blasphemy against any recognized religion, providing penalties ranging from a fine to death According to the Constitution of Pakistan, any person who is accused of issuing abusive remarks about the sacred personalities of any religion will have to face trial, under blasphemy law. This act is not only imposed on non-Muslims or minorities but it is also implemented on all the Muslims in Pakistan Pakistan's blasphemy laws are often used against religious minorities and others who are the target of false accusations, while emboldening vigilantes prepared to threaten or kill the accused, a new Amnesty International report says today

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Pakistan (MNN) — In April, the European Parliament adopted a motion against Pakistan's strict blasphemy laws. The laws are responsible for the imprisonment of many innocent Pakistani Christians, including Shagufta Kauser and Shafqat Emmanuel, a Pakistani Christian married couple who were held on death row for years Student's lynching sparks rare uproar in Pakistan over blasphemy killings. Mashal Khan was shot dead by a mob after a heated discussion about Abdul Wali Khan university, and activists are pointing.

An 'untouchable' law. Pakistan's right-wing groups have strongly criticized the EU Parliament's resolution and vowed to safeguard the country's blasphemy laws. They said the West would not be. Unreported World is in Pakistan, investigating the country's blasphemy laws. They meet the lawyers following up blasphemy allegations and prosecute the accus.. While 'blasphemy' laws are used in all regions of Pakistan, 'blasphemy' laws are predominantly used in Punjab. 'Blasphemy' is punishable by death under the law. However, those accused of 'blasphemy' may face vigilante justice before reaching a court In Pakistan, blasphemy laws have often been used by groups of mobs to exact extrajudicial justice.Reports suggest that, since 1990, at least 80 people have been killed in Pakistan over claims of.

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Blasphemy law was not born with Pakistan, in fact, Pakistan inherited it along with the rest of the country from the subcontinent. British rulers introduced this law in 1860 to satisfy fights between Hindus and Muslims at the time. Violent, satisfying and vengeful, case closed. Even so it was a rarely used solution Rights group says Pakistan's blasphemy laws are too broad, vague, and coercive and enable abuse. They are also said to violate Pakistan's international legal obligations to respect and protect human rights, including freedom of religion

The Pakistan Penal Code prohibited blasphemy against any recognized religion, providing penalties ranging from a fine to death. Over 50 people accused of blasphemy have been murdered before their respective trials were over, and prominent figures who opposed blasphemy laws (Salman Taseer, the former governor of Punjab, and Shahbaz Bhatti, the. False accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan, mainly targeting Christians and other minority faiths, are widespread and often fueled by religious hatred or personal vendettas. Under Pakistan's blasphemy laws, people accused of insulting Islam or its prophet Muhammad can face life in prison, a death sentence or vigilante violence and threats from.

Since Pakistan added Section 295-B and 295-C to the country's blasphemy laws in 1987, the number of blasphemy accusations have skyrocketed. Between 1987 and 2017, 1,534 individuals in Pakistan have been accused of blasphemy. Out of that 1,534, 829 accusations (54%), were made against religious minorities The resolution, not surprisingly, focusses on the blasphemy law which has held millions of minorities in Pakistan hostage to militant mullahs and their cronies. The law has been exploited by all and sundry, not without the direct and implicit support of the state, as personal and communal vendetta against minorities and anyone who raised voice. W. whereas the continued use of the blasphemy law in Pakistan is taking place amid a global rise in restrictions on freedom of religion and freedom of expression related to religion and belief; whereas in March 2019 the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief cited the case of Asia Bibi as one of the examples of a revival of anti.

At this week's World Religions Café, Jiou Park, a second year master of theological studies candidate and a CSWR resident, presented an overview of blasphemy laws in Pakistan. For her presentation, Jiou first emphasized that despite the disparate importance given to control of religious speech in Muslim majority countries, regulation of religious speech is far from a uniquely Islamic. Ironically, the blasphemy law has been used in Pakistan as a systematic tool of discrimination and abuse against religious minorities, and for ethnic cleansing. Although religious minorities form only 3 percent of Pakistan's population of almost 167 million, nearly half the victims were Ahmadis, the others Christians and Hindus and today the Shias blasphemy law in pakistan 1. submmited by: gulshan gloria masters in global development and social justice st.john's universit

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The blasphemy laws were introduced through Sections 295-B and 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code during the dictatorial regime of General Ziaul Haq. 9. Blasphemy Law was meant to prevent religious violence. The law enacted by the British made it a crime to disturb a religious assembly, trespass on burial grounds, insult religious beliefs and. Pakistan's blasphemy laws are often used against religious minorities and others who are the target of false accusations, while emboldening vigilantes prepared to threaten or kill the accused, a new Amnesty International report says today. There is overwhelming evidence that Pakistan's blasphemy laws violate human rights and encourage people to take the law into their own hands Pakistan inheritance of Blasphemy Laws. After the Partition of Undivided India on August 14th, 1947, Pakistan came into existence. Pakistan inherited these laws but under the military government of General Zia-ul Haq, between 1980 and 1986, several clauses were added to the laws

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  1. The blasphemy law codified in Pakistan in Chapter 15 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) containing section 295 B and C and 298 A, B and C impose a variety of penalties for different forms of blasphemy.
  2. Under Pakistan's blasphemy laws, anyone accused of insulting Islam can be sentenced to death if convicted. Just the mere accusation of blasphemy can cause riots and incite mobs to violence and.
  3. Nurse Mariam Lal and student nurse Navish Arooj were charged under Section 295-B of Pakistan's blasphemy statutes against defiling the Koran after an Islamist mob demanded death to blasphemers inside Civil Hospital, their attorney said. Conviction under Section 295-B is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and/or a fine
  4. 1. the evolution of pakistan's blasphemy laws 16 1.1 amendments to existing law and introduction of new legislation since the 1980s 17 1.2 section 295-c and the federal shariat court ruling 18 1.3 application of blasphemy laws 18 2. the broad scope for allegations 21 2.1 blasphemy accusations inspired by ulterior motives 2

Blasphemy laws in Pakistan arguably exist in a more problematic and controversial form than in other countries and are therefore denounced by Pakistani civil society activists, international human rights organizations and members of the judiciary and the government who have all observed how Pakistan's offences against religion violate its. Blasphemy law in Pakistan, the license to kill. While many countries, across the world, do have a specified blasphemy law to deal with blasphemers' but the severity with which it is used in Pakistan is unseen and unheard of. More than safeguarding sanctity of religion, the infamous law is mostly misused to settle personal scores and target.

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Blasphemy cases are commonplace in Pakistan. Most worrying is that censorship under Islamic blasphemy laws in Pakistan is no longer only confined to that country alone. It is now being exported globally. The Sharia values of Pakistan are corrupting free societies via relentless efforts by Islamic supremacists and the passive acceptance by. In Pakistan—one of three countries where blasphemy is punishable by death— these laws are widely abused to settle personal scores and incite religious hatred. Due to widespread reli­gious intolerance and bias, members of Pakistan's religious minority communities are disproportionately accused and punished under the country's blasphemy. blasphemy defendants in the Pakistani criminal justice system.This is as a result of, in part, the politically sensitive nature of all investigation of blasphemy cases in Pakistan, as SPECIAL ARTICLES Husain Blasphemy laws and mental illness in Pakistan Psychiatric Bulletin (2014) 38,40-44, doi: 10.1192/pb.bp.112.04257 Pakistan has some of the roughest blasphemy laws in the world. People found guilty of defiling the Quran get life in prison. Those convicted of maligning Prophet Muhammad are sentenced to death Photo courtesy of Kaufdex from Pixabay. In April, the European Parliament adopted a motion against Pakistan's strict blasphemy laws.The laws are responsible for the imprisonment of many innocent Pakistani Christians, including Shagufta Kauser and Shafqat Emmanuel, a Pakistani Christian married couple who were held on death row for years

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Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan: Make them better if not Change. By Amer Nadeem, Attorney at Law. Blasphemy in Modern World. The concept of blasphemous legislation is not novel in the modern world. In a number of countries the blasphemy acts or omissions as offences can be traced out. Ireland may be the most recent example In the spirit of World Day Of Social Justice we have a 3-part series examining various social justice issues across India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In this instalment, we take a closer look at how blasphemy laws in Pakistan are being used as a weapon to silence religious minorities in that country In Pakistan, the merciless assassin: The blasphemy law. According to human rights groups, from 1987 to 2017, 1,549 blasphemy cases have been filed. Angry Pakistani demonstrators torch a Christian. blasphemy cases that did not meet the requirements of Pakistan's evidentiary rules. While the Supreme Court highlighted institutional biases faced by minorities accused of blasphemy, the decision justified and defended Pakistan's blasphemy laws. Further, despite being acquitted by the Supreme Court, Asia Bibi lost nearly a decad However, in Pakistan it is about Islam, Islamic Sharia law, and discriminating against non-Muslim minorities. It appears that the blasphemy law is more important for the Islamic leadership in Pakistan because the majority say little about honor killings and instead of supporting democracy they want Islam to be central to all institutions

Ten Years After Shahbaz Bhatti Slaying, Pakistan Blasphemy Laws Remain. March 2 marks 10 years since the brutal assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian Pakistani activist who fought for religious minorities in the country and against Pakistan's severe blasphemy laws. The laws allow for the death sentence to be brought against anyone who. The blasphemy law has since mutated into an Islamist tool in the Pakistan Penal Code with the addition of the Islam-specific 295-B and 295-C in 1987. These clauses establish death for blasphemy. Pakistan's blasphemy laws, both in content and application, are contrary to Pakistan's human rights obligations to respect and protect the right to life, freedom of thought, conscience and.

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Pakistan attempts to prosecute Ahmadi US citizens for digital blasphemy In 2016, Pakistan enacted digital regulations that allow authorities to block online content in the 'interest of the glory. In late January, Pakistan's Senate officially took up the issue of the law's potential misuse for the first time in 24 years. Blasphemy is a very controversial law in Pakistan because. Blasphemy has become a License to kill innocents. Lahore -Pakistan : Day after the brunt of Christian couple alive for committing Blasphemy against Islam in Kasur, a Pakistani policeman used an axe to kill a man arrested for allegedly committing blasphemy, today on 6th of Nov,2014 . A 50 years old Tufail Haider, a member of minority Shia sect. Pakistan's blasphemy laws, both in content and application, are contrary to Pakistan's human rights obligations to respect and protect the right to life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief, freedom of opinion and expression, equality before the law, prohibition of discrimination and the right to life

Pakistan's blasphemy laws are notoriously strict. Code 295 of the penal law contains three amendments — A, B, and C. Amendment A prohibits anyone from speaking badly about Islam and is punishable by a year in prison. Amendment B makes it a crime to desecrate the Quran and carries a sentence of life in prison Under Pakistan's harsh blasphemy laws, anyone accused of insulting Islam or its prophet can be sentenced to death. Although no one has ever been executed for it, dozens of people have been killed. Unfortunately, the blasphemy laws of Pakistan are notoriously broad, vague and coercive, and establish the automatic and mandatory imposition of the death penalty. These laws violate the State's human rights obligations, inter alia, to respect and fulfil the right to life, equality before the law, prohibition of discrimination. Pakistan is one of 12 Muslim countries where blasphemy is still punishable by death. These blasphemy codes emanate from Islamic sharia, and are unlike blasphemy laws in other parts of the world, which either tend to be largely redundant or apply to all religions Pakistan's penal code considers blasphemy a serious crime punishable by death. Although no one has been executed for blasphemy in Pakistan, those accused are often killed by vigilantes

Court delays prevent acquittal of Nabeel Masih who was 16 when imprisoned for blasphemy. Nabeel Masih (now 20 yrs) Pakistan's youngest ever blasphemy victim was released from prison through the work of British Asian Christian Association on 18th of March. By this time he had already spent more than fours years of his life in Kasur District Jail Pakistan's Blasphemy law stems from section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code (6 October 1860) XLV of 1860. It states that whoever defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine

Pakistan's blasphemy laws date back to the military dictatorship of Gen. Muhammad Zia ul Haq. In 1980, making a derogatory remark against any Islamic personage was defined as a crime under. Pakistan decries EU parliament's move on blasphemy laws. ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan on Friday decried a move by the European Parliament, which a day earlier adopted a resolution demanding Islamabad allow freedom for religious minorities and asked the EU to reconsider the South Asian country's preferential trade status Hundreds of people including Muslims and Christians are languishing in jails in Pakistan facing blasphemy charges. A similar case was of Aasia Bibi, a 48-year-old mother of four, who was convicted in 2010 after being accused of insulting Islam in a row with her neighbours. She maintained her innocence but spent eight years in solitary confinement

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By Reza Sayah, CNN. Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) - It has been more than a month since a teenage Christian girl was charged in Pakistan under the country's blasphemy laws .Her accusers say she burned pages from the Quran, Islam's holy book. Amid twists in her case, including changed statements by witnesses, she is facing life in prison.. On Monday, CNN reported that three witnesses whose. By Mohammad Hafeez On May 1, 2021. Brussels: The European Parliament on Friday adopted a resolution on Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan, calling on the Islamic Republic to defend its people against the violence perpetrated by Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakisitan (TLP). It also called on the Pakistani authorities to put an end to human rights violations, honor. Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan are derived from Holy Book of Muslims Quran and Hadith but several Muslim schools of thought and scholars do not agree on the content as they think that these quotes or even verses are misinterpreted by the dominant Muslim sect of Pakistan, and with support from establishment they are using Blasphemy Laws as a tool to. 1. What is the current law? Pakistan inherited its substantive criminal law, including certain blasphemy provisions, from the British colonial government through the Indian Penal Code, 1860.Historians maintain that the British colonial administrators enacted these provisions in order to preserve order and harmony in British India's religiously heterogeneous society Speaking from her home in Canada, Bibi addressed part of her remarks to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying, Abolish the blasphemy law or prevent its abuse.. Bibi also asked the.

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  1. Human rights experts and scholars of anti-blasphemy laws in Pakistan warned that, while in several countries politicians had mobilized for Asia Bibi, and rightly so, they might have overlooked hundreds of less publicized cases. From 1987, when the blasphemy law was made stricter, more than 1,500 people faced a blasphemy accusation in Pakistan
  2. The blasphemy law in Pakistan is just like a witch-hunt on many levels starting with vigilantes, moral panic, mass hysteria and lynching. In more then ninety percent cases the true reason for persecution under all of these allegations has hardly ever been religion itself, since instigating blind rage and hatred is easy when religion is involved.
  3. The US rights commission has recommended the US government, repeal the blasphemy and anti-Ahmadiyya laws in Pakistan. Until the law is repealed, Pakistan must enact reforms to make blasphemy a bailable offence, require evidence by accusers, ensure proper investigation by senior police officials, allow authorities to dismiss unfounded.
  4. EU leaders urged Pakistan to repeal its anti-blasphemy laws, which are often used to settle the score in personal vendettas, rather than to prevent actual blasphemy

Indeed, should a global blasphemy law be implemented, Pakistan would be among the worst culprits of sacrilege against all beliefs contradicting orthodox Islam, along with its existing status as a. Christians in Pakistan - Hostages of Blasphemy Law. Pakistani Christians who represent 1.6% of the total population face persecution in many different forms every single day. Mostly it costs them their lives. The Muslim extremists are always looking for ways to discriminate them, put them down or constantly force and threaten them to accept. Human Rights groups in Pakistan have long been pressing the governments in Pakistan for reform or repeal blasphemy laws. A debate on blasphemy law needs to start. People should be told laws.

Blasphemy as political or personal protest seems somewhat far-fetched in Pakistan's current climate, but proponents of Pakistan's blasphemy laws often cite this episode in response to the question of why someone would deliberately insult the majority religion Pakistan on Friday blocked off roads into Islamabad, the capital, as an Islamist party that backs strict blasphemy laws staged a sit-in on a key highway, demanding the resignation of a minister it.

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  1. Pakistan's blasphemy law is used to target the Christian community with impunity Before India's love jihad, Pakistan found its way to getting rid of its Christians. Blasphemy was pinned on them with the confidence that no judge would let them off the hook, with pious crowds demanding death outside his court
  2. Most significantly, Pakistan's blasphemy laws, which have been widely condemned both domestically and internationally, epitomize legislation that is tainted by absence of democratic credibility, that suffers from several design and drafting defects, and that has caused several miscarriages of justice over the past two decades
  3. Blasphemy law: An untold story of Pakistan. Pakistan police on Thursday arrested a religious teacher and his student on blasphemy charges. According to FIR, the complainant, Muhammad Imtiaz, of Marali Ottar village, Kot Radha Kishan, alleged he saw a local teenager burning some torn pages of the Holy Quran in a street
  4. Blasphemy law is repealed in Ireland, enforced in Pakistan - and a problem in many Christian and Muslim countries November 8, 2018 6.49am EST Steve Pinkerton , Case Western Reserve Universit
  5. imize the risk of rights violations and illustrate the dangers faced by the country's religious
  6. orities from abuses by non-state actors.

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  1. Last modified on Thu 30 Jul 2020 05.53 EDT. A Pakistani man on trial for blasphemy has been shot dead in a courtroom, in the latest violent incident connected with the country's blasphemy laws.
  2. Speaking to the Pakistan Christian Post, Nasir Saeed, of the UK-based Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement, said that the country's blasphemy law was being abused constantly. In the past we have seen how people use this law to settle their personal grudges or punish their rivals
  3. Under Pakistan's blasphemy laws, anyone accused of insulting Islam or other religious figures can be sentenced to death if found guilty. While Pakistan has yet to carry out a death sentence for blasphemy, just the accusation of blasphemy can incite riots and lynching
  4. Pakistan's controversial blasphemy laws in their present form have been in place since 1986, punishing blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad with death or life imprisonment. The members of the European Parliament called for Masih's immediate release and compensation on account of undue harassment and detention

Pakistan PM Cites Noam Chomsky, Demands Global Blasphemy Laws at U.N. Islamist Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the United Nations to support the universal outlaw [ing] of criticism, mockery, or other expression deemed offensive to Muslims in his address to the General Assembly Friday. Like fellow Islamist President Recep Tayyip. A law prohibiting blasphemy is called a blasphemy law. Blasphemy offence originated in Christian Theocracy. However, it has now mainly become a problem of Islamic countries. Recently, the whole of Pakistan erupted in massive protests after Asia Bibi was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Pakistan enraged over EU parliamentary resolution calling for its repeal of blasphemy laws. The European Union appears to be irrational. On one hand, EU Parliament rebukes Pakistan for its human rights-abusing blasphemy laws, and calls for religious freedom. But on the other hand, EU authorities are infamous for passively accepting assaults by. Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) A United States citizen on trial for blasphemy in Pakistan has been shot dead while appearing in court, in the latest act of violence connected to the controversial. LAHORE, Pakistan — Harsh laws forbidding blasphemy against Islam are dividing Pakistani society and driving a deeper wedge between Islamabad and Washington during a bitter feud over the war in.

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