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Oriental Magpie Robin (Mannathi Pullu) October 27, 2013. June 16, 2016. • BUTTERFLIES OF TIME. This was snapped at Pazhakulam Kerala 2 years back. Discovered it in my poetry blog today. Mannathi pullu as it is called in Malayalam is a common bird in Kerala backyards. Oriental magpie Robin Table of bird names in Malayalam with English and scientific names. Search this site. MALAYALAM NAMES OF BIRDS OF KERALA. Malayalam Names of Birds of Kerala Kal Mannathi . Virayan Pullu Oriental Magpie Robin is a trim black-and-white bird, having the size of a bulbul,with cocked tail. One of the more familiar birds about our towns and villag..

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Bird Names in Malayala

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Dhahichu valanja Mannathi pullu pakshi/Thirsty Oriental magpie-robin

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